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RuneScape Farming Gold: Necromancy Runecrafting Making GP Guides

In this guide, we will delve into the world of Necromancy Runecrafting, exploring the best runes to craft for profit and providing tips to maximize your earnings. Please keep in mind that rune and essence prices can be highly volatile, so it's essential to stay updated on current prices before embarking on this venture.

RuneScape Farming Gold: Necromancy Runecrafting Making GP Guides


Understanding the Runes

Within the realm of Necromancy Runecrafting, four distinct types of runes await your crafting prowess: Spirit Rune, Bone Rune, Flesh Rune, and Myasma Rune. Each rune type offers its own unique benefits and profit margins. The Spirit Rune, akin to the air rune, boasts a level one multiplier, potentially yielding a substantial 13.2k Essence per rune. The Bone Rune, employed in upgrades, presents a promising option with its 14.7k Essence per rune. The Flesh Rune, offering 12k Essence per rune, is another viable choice. Lastly, the Myasma Rune, used for both Herblore and Necromancy potions, offers a whopping 13k Essence per rune.


Disclaimer: Price Fluctuations

Before we jump into the details, it's important to note that rune and essence prices can change rapidly. Always check the current prices before crafting to ensure you're making informed decisions. Additionally, avoid crafting large quantities without selling them promptly, as prices can shift unexpectedly.


Essential Preparations: Diaries and Gear

To set yourself up for success in Necromancy Runecrafting, complete the city Diaries to unlock the Tome of Frost. Having access to this teleport is essential for efficient runs. Aim for the medium Diary completion for unlimited teleports, although the easy Diary offers 10 teleports per day.


Rune and Essence Prices

As of the time this guide was written, the essence required for Necromancy Runecrafting (Chaos Rune) costs around 5,000 GP. However, keep in mind that prices fluctuate.

Four rune types are crafted through Necromancy Runecrafting:

  • Spirit Rune: This rune, similar to the Air Rune, offers a high multiplier at level 99 Runecrafting. It yields 13.2k per essence.
  • Bone Rune: Used in upgrades and potentially a better-priced rune. It is currently buying for 4.9k GP.
  • Flesh Rune: Buying at around 6k GP, this rune could be an option depending on market trends.
  • Myasma Rune: The highest-priced rune without a multiplier, used for Necromancer potions and Herbal ingredients. It's currently valued at 13k GP.


Crafting Strategy and Gear

At level 99 Runecrafting, you can craft 10 Spirit Runes, 3 Bone Runes, and 3 Myasma Runes per essence. 

Here's a breakdown of potential profits at these levels:

Rune Type Multiplier Profit per Essence
Spirit Rune 10x 132,000 GP
Bone Rune 3x 14,700 GP
Flesh Rune 3x 18,000 GP
Myasma Rune 3x 39,000 GP


Enhancements and Runecrafting Process

Enhancements like the Sorcery Potion and Power Burst can significantly boost your profits. The Sorcery Potion doubles your runes, while Power Burst enhances your speed for a short time. To use Power Burst effectively, ensure you have the medium Diary's Tome of Frost teleport.


Crafting Runes

  • Set up your inventory and pouches.
  • Operate the teleport on the Tome of Frost to get close to the altar.
  • Utilize Power Burst for speed and increased rune production.
  • Craft your chosen runes.


Banking and Selling

You can bank with Kelly to have unlimited access to the teleport, or use a different method of your choice. After each run, sell your runes promptly to avoid potential price drops. Using the Power Burst with a short cooldown ensures you can teleport and craft frequently.


Profit Calculation

The potential profits from Necromancy Runecrafting are tantalizing. For instance, crafting Bone Runes can yield a substantial 28.5 million Runescape GP profit per hour, factoring in essence costs and market fluctuations. The key to success lies in meticulous attention to detail, adapting to price changes, and regular selling to capitalize on the market's volatility.



Necromancy Runecrafting offers a lucrative opportunity for RuneScape players to earn substantial profits. With careful consideration of essence and rune prices, coupled with the use of enhancements like Power Burst and the Sorcery Potion, you can maximize your earnings. Remember that staying updated on prices and adapting to market changes are crucial for success in this ever-changing market. 

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