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How to Build a Powerful MagPlar in ESO Necrom PVP, 2023?

The MagPlar, a potent PvP build in The Elder Scrolls Online, has reached new heights of strength with the Necrom Chapter update. This guide will delve into the mechanics and strategies of the powerful MagPlar build in the ESO PvP scene, featuring the latest optimizations and gear choices from the Necrom Chapter. Whether you're a seasoned ESO player or a newcomer, this guide will help you harness the MagPlar's crazy strength on the battlefield.


How to Build a Powerful MagPlar in ESO Necrom PVP, 2023?


Building Your Champion

The ESO PvP MagPlar guide presented here focuses on maximizing tankiness, healing, and damage to create an unstoppable force on the battlegrounds.

Race and Attributes Begin your journey by selecting the Breton race. Allocate 26 points into Magicka and 38 points into Health, resulting in a maximum Health pool of 32.2k and a maximum Stamina pool of 16k.
Champion Points Strategically invest your Champion Points to amplify your performance. Prioritize Backstabber, Master-at-Arms, Fighting Finesse, and Focus Mending in the blue tree. In the red tree, distribute points to Celerity, Fortified, Pain's Refuge, and Sustained by Suffering. In the green tree, focus on Breakfall, Fashioner, and Liquid Efficiency.
Food and Vampire Stage Jewels of Misrule is the chosen food, bolstering Stamina and Magicka recovery by 315 while enhancing Max Health by 3400. Embrace Vampire Stage 3 for increased tankiness at lower health levels.


Dominating with Gear

The gear selection for the MagPlar build is a key factor in its formidable strength.

  • Monster Set - Ro'Zajha: Opt for the Ro'Zajha set, comprising a heavily reinforced helmet and a medium well-fitted shoulder. This set grants increased Stamina, Magicka, and Health recovery over time in combat, bolstering your overall sustain.
  • Chest and Legs - Mechanical Acuity: Adorn yourself with the Mechanical Acuity set, wearing a heavily reinforced chest and heavy legs. This set enhances Stamina, Magicka, weapon, and spell damage. It also rewards you with a stacking damage bonus upon dealing non-critical damage.
  • Hands-Bracers of the Trainee: Equip the Bracers of the Trainee in medium divines to further amplify your effectiveness.


Empowering Skills and Combos

The MagPlar's prowess lies in its skill selection and the synergy between them.


Spammable: Puncturing Sweeps:

Puncturing Sweeps remains the main source of damage. With Mechanical Acuity, your critical Sweeps will unleash immense damage.


Support Skills:

  • Degeneration: Provide major brutality and sorcery while dealing damage over time.
  • Toppling Charge: Control your opponents with crowd control while gaining major protection, reducing damage taken.
  • Power of the Light: Inflict non-critical damage to stack Mechanical Acuity and trigger a burst of damage.


Execute: Radiant Oppression:

Finish off weakened foes with this potent execute ability.


Ultimate Abilities:

  • Crescent Sweep: A low-cost ultimate that deals significant area damage.
  • Temporal Guard: Gain minor protection and reduce incoming damage while conserving resources.


Defensive Skills:

  • Channel Focus: Attain major resolve, enhancing resistance and receiving minor healing.
  • Race Against Time: Obtain major expedition for increased mobility and snare removal.



The ESO PvP MagPlar build, amplified by the Necrom Chapter, stands as an extraordinary force on the battlefield. With careful gear selection, skill synergy, and masterful execution of combos, the MagPlar becomes an unstoppable juggernaut, blending tankiness, healing, and damage. 

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