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Diablo 4 Season 1 Ultimate Speed Farming Gold and Items Rogue Build

It's been almost a month since we delved into the Rogue leveling Diablo 4 build for season one, and now it's time to unveil the crown jewel of our strategies: the ultimate speed farming Gold and Items Rogue build. This setup boasts incredible speed, massive AoE damage, and a synergy that will have you mowing through enemies with ease. Join me as we dive into the intricacies of this build, from skill choices to gear recommendations.


Diablo 4 Season 1 Ultimate Speed Farming Gold and Items Rogue Build


Buld Planner


Skill Tree and Points Allocation

Skill Points Enhancements Description
Puncture   Enhanced Puncture, Fundamental Puncture Throws three frontal blades that slow enemies and regenerate energy on crowd control.
Twisting Blades 5 Ranks Enhanced Twisting Blades, Improved Twisting Blades Main damage-dealing skill that synergizes perfectly with the build's mechanics.
Sturdy 3 Ranks   Enhances your toughness by providing damage reduction.
Shadow Step   Enhanced Shadow Step, Disciplined Shadow Step Grants mobility, increased crit chance, and cooldown reduction.
Dash   Enhanced Dash, Methodical Dash Provides mobility and a crit damage multiplier.
Weapon Mastery 3 Ranks   Boosts damage depending on your weapon type. Daggers are ideal due to synergies with the Barber's Heart.
Concussive 3 Ranks   Increases critical chance against knocked back or knocked down enemies.
Trick Attacks     Amplifies crit damage against dazed enemies.
Smoke Grenade 5 Ranks Enhanced Smoke Grenade, Countering Smoke Grenade Central part of the AoE damage output and crowd control strategy.


Subterfuge Cluster

  • Frigid Finesse (3 Ranks): Increases damage against chilled and frozen enemies.
  • Malice (3 Ranks): Boosts vulnerable damage.
  • Exploit (3 Ranks): Enhances damage against healthy and injured enemies.


Imbuement Skill Node Cluster

  • Shadow Imbuement (5 Ranks) (Enhanced Shadow Imbuement): Applies a shadow effect to enemies for bonus damage and synergy triggers.
  • Consuming Shadows (3 Ranks): Provides energy regeneration on shadow damage kills.


Ultimate Skill Node Cluster

  • Momentum: Accumulate stacks for damage reduction, energy regen, and movement speed increase.
  • Combo Points Specialization: Increases combo point generation, especially useful for single-target encounters.


Gear Recommendations

  • Penitent Greaves: Bonus damage against chilled enemies and applying chill on movement.
  • Blade Dancer's Aspect: Doubles the effectiveness of your ranged weapon slot.
  • Corruption Aspect Amulet: Increases imbuement potency against vulnerable enemies.
  • Expectant Aspect Gloves: Boosts core skill damage for each basic skill cast.
  • Unique Daggers (Condemnation or Sierra's Conjure): Enhances combo point generation and attack speed.
  • Revenge Heart: Provides damage reduction and occasional damage pops.
  • The Barber's Heart: Generates powerful chain explosions on crits.
  • Ravenous Aspect Ring: Rapid energy regeneration after killing vulnerable enemies.
  • Umbral Aspect Ring: Energy returned on applying crowd control to enemies.
  • Cheats Aspect Pants: Offers damage reduction from crowd-controlled enemies.


Paragon Board Setup

  • Eldritch Bounty: Amplifies damage against crowd control targets.
  • No Witnesses: Provides bonus damage with Cutthroat skills.
  • Control Glyph: Boosts damage against chilled or slowed enemies.
  • Exploit Glyph: Increases damage against vulnerable enemies.
  • Combat Glyph: Enhances crit damage for Cutthroat skills.
  • Turbo Glyph: Augments damage against close enemies.
  • Turf Glyph: Offers bonus damage against close enemies.
  • Exploit Weakness Node: Improves damage against enemies with vulnerabilities.
  • Combination Glyph: Increases crit chance and reduces the cooldown of Smoke Grenade.


Playstyle and Tips

  • Approach groups of enemies, throw a Smoke Grenade, and use Twisting Blades to deal AoE damage.
  • Keep moving to maximize Twisting Blades' damage output.
  • Utilize Dash and Shadow Step for mobility and crit chance increases.
  • Apply vulnerable to enemies using Puncture or Twisting Blades.
  • Trigger synergies: daze enemies with Puncture, crit against dazed foes, and knock them down for increased crit chance.
  • Use Shadow Imbuement whenever possible to apply shadow effect to enemies.
  • Prioritize energy management and keep your skills on cooldown.
  • Make the most of Barber's Heart chain explosions for high AoE damage.
  • Maintain Momentum stacks for damage reduction and energy regen.
  • Adapt your playstyle for boss fights, focusing on single-target combos.



And there you have it, fellow adventurers, the ultimate speed farming Rogue build that will have you slicing through enemies with unparalleled speed and devastation. With carefully chosen skills, gear, and a keen understanding of how to trigger synergies, you'll be on your way to becoming an unstoppable force in the world of Diablo 4. 

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