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Old School RuneScape Forestry Update: New Skills, Events, and Rewards

Old School RuneScape received a monumental expansion for woodcutting enthusiasts – the Forestry Update. This expansion brought with it a plethora of new features, events, and items, and even introduced a brand-new currency called Anima-Infused Spark. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the highlights of the Forestry Update, detailing the exciting events, rewards, and opportunities it offers to players. Additionally, we will address some of the concerns and controversies surrounding this update.



Old School RuneScape Forestry Update: New Skills, Events, and Rewards


New Events: Engaging Challenges Await!

The heart of the Forestry Update lies in its captivating events, designed to provide both enjoyment and valuable Items And OSRS Gold rewards.

Players now have the chance to partake in a variety of events, each offering its own unique experience and benefits.

  • Fox Hunt: Equipped with the Foresteric Kit, players must thwart poachers attempting to capture foxes around the trees. Successfully disarming traps may yield a coveted Fox Whistle, which can be utilized to transform your beaver pet into an adorable fox companion.
  • Pheasant Control: A skill-based challenge where players must locate and retrieve eggs from pheasant nests while avoiding vigilant pheasants. Collect Golden Pheasant Eggs to transform your beaver pet into a charismatic pheasant.
  • Friendly Ents (Free-to-Play): In this simple yet engaging event, players can trim the foliage of Ents around the trees, earning Anima and Field Spark rewards.
  • Beehives: Fulfill the Beekeeper's task by constructing temporary bee boxes around trees to gather valuable rewards, including parts of the B-Box. Assemble all parts to add the bee box to your player-owned house.
  • Enchantment Ritual: Stand on specific ritual spots as a Triad calls out, contributing to the event's completion. Receive rewards based on your contribution and enjoy the acquired Anima and Field Spark.


Balancing Act: 200 Axes and Rewards

The Forestry Update introduces sought-after rewards that can significantly impact your woodcutting endeavors.

  • Two-Handed Axes (200 Axes): Players can acquire ax handles from the Forestry Shop and combine them with their existing axes. While the 200 Axes provide a modest experience boost, they yield fewer logs per tree. However, the convenience of extra AFK time and the ability to use Forester Rations or energy potions to restore run energy is a game-changer.
  • Sawmill Vouchers: A boon for players, these tradable vouchers grant two free planks at the Sawmill, eliminating the need for costly plank conversion.
  • Twitcher's Gloves: Enhance your bird nest collection with these gloves, allowing you to select desired types of nests while chopping trees.
  • Bonfires: The long-awaited bonfires, inspired by their RuneScape 3 counterparts, make their appearance. Simplifying the process of burning logs, bonfires offer a communal space for players to train and socialize. Resting near other players' campfires is purely cosmetic for now.



The Forestry Update marks a significant expansion for woodcutting enthusiasts in Old School RuneScape. With a collection of engaging events, enticing rewards, and the introduction of the Anima-Infused Spark currency, players can look forward to revitalized woodcutting experiences. While concerns about clutter and potential complications are present, the update's simplicity in events and mechanics may prove to strike a balance. The eagerly anticipated bonfires add a touch of nostalgia, inviting social interaction and AFK training. As you embark on this woodcutting adventure, be sure to embrace the opportunities, challenges, and camaraderie that the Forestry Update brings to the game.

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