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RuneScape 3 Necromancy Skill AFK Training Guides

Welcome to this quick and efficient guide on how to achieve up to 120 or even 200 million experience in Necromancy with minimal effort. This method requires careful setup but can provide impressive experience rates, reaching around 1.2 million XP per hour at higher levels. So, without further ado, let's dive into the details.



RuneScape 3 Necromancy Skill AFK Training Guides


Step 1: Obtain a Platypus Pet

To begin, you'll need a Platypus pet, which will serve as a lure to protect you during your AFK training session. Obtain one by acquiring a couple of Lavender. You can find Lavender around Oo'glog. Head to the south of the area where Platypuses spawn and light the Lavender. The Platypus will follow you, allowing you to set up box traps. Set a few traps and lure the Platypuses into them. It might take a few attempts, but once you succeed, you'll have your Platypus companion.


Step 2: Ability Bar, Inventory, and Gear Setup

Prepare your character for efficient training by configuring your ability bar, inventory, and gear.


- Ability Bar:

  • Spectral Scythe (for massive AOE damage)
  • Death's Swiftness
  • Soul Strike
  • Soul Split
  • Touch of Death


- Inventory:

  • Overloads (for extended training sessions)
  • Platypus pet (to block enemies)
  • Fishing Bait (to feed your pet)
  • Food (in case of emergencies)
  • Incense sticks or Toast (for additional prayer points)
  • Excalibur (for healing)
  • Prayer potions (to sustain prayer)
  • Gear-switching items (such as Silverhawk Boots and a Ring of Death)


- Gear Setup:

Ideally, you want tier 90 power gear, but a combination of tier 90 tank armor and tier 70 power gear can also work. Use gear that maximizes your damage output and defense. You can experiment with gear choices based on your preferences and available items.

Set up your gear with the following perks:

  • Armor: Biting, Impatient, Crackling (Crackling for undead Slayer creatures)
  • Weapon: Precise 6 Equilibrium 4 (P6E4)

For your relics, use the "Through the Small" and "Death Ward" relics for optimal effectiveness.


Training Location and Approach

Armored Phantoms can be found north of Fort Phynaster within the Wilderness Crypt. While entering the Crypt, be prepared to take some damage while setting up your position. You might need to run back and forth to correctly position your Platypus to block enemy attacks.

Once you're in a secure spot with your Platypus properly placed, activate Soul Split and your appropriate prayers. Depending on your gear and setup, you can expect to gain around 1 million to 1.1 million experience per hour.


Step 3: Accessing Armored Phantoms

To access the Armored Phantoms, use your Slayer cape to teleport to the Raptor at Fort through. Head north past players killing bound skeletons and enter the Crypt.


Step 4: Setting Up the Lure

Inside the Crypt, run to the west to find a suitable spot for setting up the lure. While running, pray Mage for additional protection. The key to this method is using your Platypus pet to block enemies. Position yourself near the southern wall and halfway up the area. Then, call your Platypus pet to the south of you. This setup will allow your pet to block all the creatures, leaving you to face only one Armored Phantom at a time.


Step 5: Engaging in AFK Training

With your lure in place, start attacking the Armored Phantoms using your AOE abilities. Overload, consume your incense sticks or toast for additional prayer points, and keep an eye on your health and prayer levels. Your platypus will provide protection, and you can easily manage your aggression. Maintain your rotations and use your abilities wisely.


Step 6: Enjoy the AFK Gains

Now you're all set! Enjoy the relatively AFK experience while watching TV, playing on another account, or engaging in any other activity of your choice. The experience rates might not be as high as some other methods, but the stress-free nature of this method makes it a popular choice for many players looking to train Necromancy.


Step 7: Wrapping Up

In this guide, we've covered an efficient and mostly AFK method for training Necromancy in RuneScape. With the right setup, you can achieve significant XP gains with minimal effort. Feel free to tweak the strategy based on your gear and preferences. If you found this guide helpful or have additional tips to share, drop a like and a comment to help out your fellow players. Happy AFK training and good luck on your journey to 120 or even 200 million XP in Necromancy!


Extra Tips

To make your training even more AFK, consider using a Potion Reservoir if you meet the invention requirements. Alternatively, extend your potion duration with Lantadyme Incense Sticks.

While you could potentially use a cannon to speed up aggro, it's not recommended due to the need to constantly maintain and repair it.

If you're looking for an affordable way to enhance your abilities, consider purchasing Greater Sonic Wave, which is currently more accessible due to the popularity of this training method.

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