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New World Rafflebones Events Guide: Rewards, Transmog, and More Details

Are you diving into the latest New World update 2.03 and curious about the new Rafflebones event? Look no further! In this guide, we'll break down all the details you need to know about this event, its rewards, transmog options, and other changes that have been implemented. From event mechanics to loot possibilities, we've got you covered.


New World Rafflebones Events Guide: Rewards, Transmog, and More Details


Event Overview

With the release of update 2.03, the highlight is the Rafflebones event, alongside some bug fixes. Rafflebones is a simple, single-player event available across high-level zones. No need to group up – you can complete it on your own terms.


Event Mechanics

  • Portal Activation: In high-level zones, you'll find portals that lead to the Rafflebones encounter. Interact with the portal to spawn Rafflebones.
  • Defeating Rafflebones: Engage and defeat Rafflebones. Even if others contribute to the fight, you'll still receive rewards as long as you're part of the event.
  • Daily Limit: Keep in mind that you can only complete this event three times per day. Once you hit this cap, you won't receive further rewards from Rafflebones encounters.



Now, let's delve into the rewards you can earn from the Rafflebones event:


Guaranteed Rewards

  • 500 Amulets of the Ascendant: Each Rafflebones encounter grants you 500 Amulets of the Ascendant, which can be used for various purposes.
  • Named World Drop BOE Items: You'll receive a single named world drop Bind-On-Equip (BOE) item from each encounter. This can include various items that Rafflebones can drop.


Fortune Hunter Sets

  • PvE Sets: Introducing the Fortune Hunter PvE sets. These sets are available as rewards from the Rafflebones event and consist of armor pieces with Constitution locked in. The perk pools include a range of PvE-related attributes and perks. The PvE gear might be particularly appealing if you're a transmog enthusiast or looking for a quick way to get dungeon-style armor without running the full dungeons.
  • PvP Sets: Similar to the PvE sets, there are Fortune Hunter PvP sets. These sets cater to the PvP crowd, also featuring Constitution-locked stats and perks. If you're focused on player-versus-player combat, these sets might catch your interest.


Transmog Considerations

One of the standout reasons to participate in the Rafflebones event is the transmog potential. If you're hunting for unique appearance options without committing to full dungeon runs, the event's Fortune Hunter sets offer a convenient way to acquire them. Keep in mind that while the drops are random, you have a good chance of getting the desired pieces if you participate daily throughout the event's duration.


Changes and Other Notes

Apart from the Rafflebones event, update 2.03 brings a few additional changes:

  • Resource Spawn Changes: Resource spawns in First Light have been shifted. Bluefish, clams, frogfish, and saltfish now populate Everfrost Salt Water. Nutmeg has moved from Great Cliff and First Light to Windward and Reekwater, aiming to balance resource availability.
  • Gypsum Craft Changes: Legendary Gypsum crafts no longer grant seasonal experience. Make sure to adjust your crafting strategy accordingly.


Is It Worth Farming?

The ultimate question remains: Is the Rafflebones event worth your time and effort? Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons:


Pros Quick and Easy The event is a breeze to complete, taking around five minutes or less per encounter. You don't need a group to participate.
Transmog Options If you're interested in transmogging your character's appearance with unique armor sets, this event offers a chance to obtain dungeon-style looks without the full dungeon commitment.
Guaranteed Rewards Each encounter guarantees rewards such as Amulets of the Ascendant and a named world drop BOE item.
Cons Randomness The drop rates are random, which means you might not get the specific pieces you want, especially if you're aiming for a complete set.
Limited Value for Experienced Players If you're already well-equipped and experienced, the rewards might only hold a little value for you, except for transmog purposes.
Event Duration

The event has a daily limit of three encounters. Once you hit this limit, further participation won't yield rewards.


Final Verdict

In the grand scheme of New World content, the Rafflebones event appears to be more of a filler event geared toward players who enjoy collecting transmog pieces and casual engagement. It's a quick and easy way to acquire unique armor appearances without committing to lengthy dungeon runs. However, for more seasoned players with well-established gear, the event's rewards might hold little value beyond aesthetics.


With that said, if you're interested in transmog options and have some spare time, participating in the Rafflebones event could be a fun and worthwhile endeavor. Just remember to consider your personal priorities and in-game goals before diving in.

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