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Runescape 3 Gold Guide: Making Profit with Guthix Rest Potions

In this guide, we'll explore a lucrative Gold-making opportunity in RuneScape by crafting and selling Guthix Rest potions. These potions have gained popularity due to their healing properties that don't affect adrenaline, making them ideal for high-intensity battles like the Necromancer boss fight. By following the steps outlined below, you can capitalize on the demand for these potions and turn a tidy profit.


Runescape 3 Gold Guide: Making Profit with Guthix Rest Potions


Ingredients and Demand

Guthix Rest potions are in high demand due to their unique healing properties. The fact that they don't impact adrenaline makes them incredibly valuable for efficient combat, especially in battles like the Necromancer boss fight. This high demand has led to a surge in the price of Guthix Rest potions, making them an attractive item to craft and sell.


Ingredients Needed

  • Highlander Finished: The essential ingredient for crafting Guthix Rest potions. While the price may be high, the potential profits make it a worthwhile investment.
  • Clean Marrentill: This herb is used in combination with the Highlander Finished to create the Guthix Rest potion.


Crafting the Potions

  • Mixing the Ingredients: Combine a Highlander Finished with a Clean Marrentill to create a Guthix Rest potion.
  • Flasks: To maximize your profits, turn the Guthix Rest potions into flasks. Each flask holds six doses of the potion.


Profit Calculation

  • Potion Costs: The Highlander Finished and Clean Marrentill have costs associated with them. However, the Guthix Rest potion's selling price more than compensates for these costs.
  • Flask Costs: Flasks are also required, but their cost is relatively low compared to the potential profit.
  • Selling Price: Guthix Rest potions are currently selling for a high price due to their demand for boss fights and high-level combat scenarios.


Maximizing Profit

To maximize your profits when crafting Guthix Rest potions, consider the following:

  • Botanist's Amulet: Use the Botanist's Amulet for additional herb yield when cleaning herbs, potentially saving you Rs Gold.
  • Portable Well: Set up a portable well when crafting potions to receive additional experience and save resources.
  • Botanist's Mask: The Botanist's Mask can increase herb yield further, making your crafting process more efficient.
  • Flash Powder Factory Outfit: If you have the Flash Powder Factory outfit, wear it for extra experience and increased herb yields.
  • Efficiency Scroll: If you have the Scroll of Efficiency from Dungeoneering, it will help you save herbs during the crafting process.



Runescape Guthix Rest potions offer an excellent opportunity for profit due to their high demand in combat scenarios. By crafting and selling these potions, you can take advantage of the current market trends and generate substantial income. Remember to use the various bonuses and efficiency-boosting items available to further enhance your profits. As RuneScape's economy evolves, staying informed and adaptable will ensure you continue to thrive in the world of Gold-making.

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