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How to obtain Transmog Tokens more effectively and easily in New World, 2023?

Transmog has arrived in New World, bringing with it a slew of exciting features and opportunities. In this guide, we will explore a more accessible method for obtaining Transmog Tokens, offer a variety of tips and tricks related to transmogrification, and delve into the new in-game features that enhance your customization experience. From learning about unexpected sources of Transmog Tokens to mastering the new skin system and making the most of the transmogrification process, this guide will help you navigate the world of New World fashion with ease.



How to obtain Transmog Tokens more effectively and easily in New World, 2023?


Farming Transmog Tokens

Now, we'll uncover a previously undisclosed method for acquiring Transmog Tokens and highlight the advantages it brings to players.


Discovering Transmog Token Sources:

  • The Elite chests were initially thought to be the sole source of Transmog Tokens.
  • Recent findings reveal that players can also obtain these tokens from supply stockpiles found in Expeditions.
  • Players engaged in PvE content now have a reliable and consistent way to collect Transmog Tokens.


Exploring Expedition Opportunities:

  • The supply stockpiles in Expeditions, including lower-level ones like Emerine Level 20, contribute to the pool of sources for Transmog Tokens.
  • This dispels the notion that only level 60 Expeditions or mutations are eligible sources for tokens.
  • The viability of obtaining tokens from low-level Expeditions makes token farming more convenient for players of various levels.


Multi-Character Token Farming:

  • Insights suggest that players with multiple characters may have the opportunity to farm additional tokens.
  • While requiring considerable effort across characters, it provides a chance to gather more tokens.
  • This approach requires balancing the investment of time with the rewards gained.


Mastering the New Skin System

Next, we will delve into the revamped skin system and its various features, helping players make the most of their transmogrification experience.


Effortless Skin Selection:

  • The new skin system facilitates a quick and easy selection of skins for different equipment pieces.
  • Players can preview individual skins and complete sets effortlessly, enhancing the customization experience.


Dyeing Skins:

One of the most exciting features of the transmog system is the ability to dye your skins, allowing for even greater customization:

  • Accessing the Dye Menu: To dye a skin, click on any equipment piece in your inventory or the transmog menu. Select the "Dye" option to enter the dye menu.
  • Dye Sections: Different gear pieces have various dyeable sections—primary, secondary, accent, and tint. Click on the section you want to dye and choose from your available dyes.
  • Confirming Dyes: Once you've applied your desired colours, confirm your choices. This locks in your dye selections, giving your equipment a unique and personalized appearance.
  • Previewing Dyes: To avoid making mistakes, use the preview feature to see how different dyes complement each other on a specific piece of equipment.


Streamlined Transmog Application:

  • The transmog system no longer replaces entire sets of gear when applying skins.
  • Players can equip different gear while retaining the same transmog, enhancing customization and convenience.
  • Applying and switching between transmogs is more intuitive and user-friendly.


Optimizing the Transmogrification Process

Last, we cover tips for utilizing the Transmogrify Station and navigating the process more efficiently.


Ensuring Successful Previews:

  • To prevent issues with gear not displaying correctly, wait a moment before clicking the preview button.
  • Rapid clicking may cause visual glitches, so exercise patience when previewing skins.


Using Search for Accuracy:

  • When searching for specific gear, use the search function to input the exact name of the item.
  • This helps avoid issues with delayed or incorrect skin application.


Leveraging External Resources:

  • The New World database offers valuable information about alternative ways to obtain specific gear looks.
  • Use the database to find crafting recipes or farming locations for desired looks.


Earning Transmog Tokens Other Methods

The new transmog system in New World has players eager to obtain tokens for customizing their character's appearance. Below are detailed instructions for other methods of acquiring valuable tokens:


Purchase from the Store If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get transmog tokens, you can purchase them directly from the in-game store using real money. Each token costs 2,500 Marks of Fortune or 2,000 Marks of Fortune if you buy a bundle of five. This option allows you to unlock tokens without any in-game effort.
Season Pass The free version of the season pass rewards you with three tokens at levels 15, 50, and 100. Opting for the premium version grants you an additional five tokens at levels 7, 18, 65, 75, and 85. The premium season pass costs 20,000 Marks of Grace.
Elite Chests Transmog tokens can be earned by looting Elite chests in the open world, including both regular and mutated Expedition chests. These chests have a one percent drop rate for transmog tokens, but you can only obtain one token per week using this method.



Transmog Tokens are more accessible than anticipated, and the new skin system revolutionizes customization in New World. By taking advantage of the unexpected sources of tokens and mastering the skin system, you can effortlessly customize your character's appearance. Optimizing the transmogrification process ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience as you explore the world of fashion in the New World. With these tips and tricks, you'll be well-equipped to showcase your unique style and stand out in Aeternum.

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