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Runescape 3 Greater Bone Shield: Enhancing Barricade Duration Guides

In this guide, we will explore how to extend the duration of your Barricade ability using the Greater Bone Shield, a unique item in RuneScape. A longer Barricade duration can significantly enhance your survivability if you find yourself in boss battles or challenging encounters. We'll also discuss a strategy involving Farming and Animal Breeding to boost your Greater Bone Shield's effectiveness.


Understanding the Basics: Greater Bone Shield and Barricade Duration

The Greater Bone Shield is an item in RuneScape that affects the duration of your Barricade ability.

Barricade is a defensive ability that blocks all incoming damage for a certain period, allowing you to mitigate damage during tough fights.

The duration of Barricade is influenced by your Shield level, which, in turn, is linked to your Necromancy level.

  • Each 10 levels of Necromancy increase Barricade's duration by one game tick.
  • At level 1 Necromancy, your Barricade duration is 4.8 seconds.
  • At level 90 Necromancy, your Barricade duration reaches 10.2 seconds.

However, the Bone Shield only grants you 50% of your Necromancy level as Shield level.

This means, without enhancement, the maximum Shield level is capped at 60, giving a Barricade duration of about 7.8 seconds, which might not be optimal for challenging encounters.


Enhancing Barricade with Greater Bone Shield

The Greater Bone Shield can be improved to increase its effectiveness.

This enhancement requires a Farming level of 117 and involves breeding specific animals in the Ranch Out of Time area.

Set up two large pens with the necessary animals (e.g., male malotops) that trigger Farm Totems upon reaching the Elder stage.

These Farm Totems grant specific perks based on the animals present.

In this case, the perk from male malotops increases Barricade duration by 1.8 seconds, which doubles to 3.6 seconds if you have two malotops triggering the perk.


The Process of Enhancing Greater Bone Shield

Follow these steps to effectively enhance your Greater Bone Shield using the Ranch Out of Time method:

  • Animal Breeding: Place two male malotops in separate large pens and ensure they reach the Elder stage.
  • Farm Totem Activation: When malotops become Elder, Farm Totems activate, granting you Barricade duration enhancements.
  • Enhanced Barricade: With a single male malotops, your Barricade duration increases by 1.8 seconds, and with two, it boosts to 3.6 seconds.
  • Overall Effect: Even if your Shield level is only 50 or 60, you can achieve Barricade durations comparable to higher Shield levels, such as 10.8 to 11.4 seconds, or even up to 12 seconds if you have a high-level necromancy skill.


Important Considerations

  • Farming Requirement: Achieving this enhancement requires a Farming level of 117. If you don't have this level, consider alternative methods to train your Farming skill.
  • Farming Method: While the Ranch Out of Time method is effective, remember that it takes around 10 days and 10 hours for the animals to reach the Elder stage and activate the Farm Totems.
  • Deciding on Perks: Using the enhanced Bone Shield might prompt a decision about whether to use a slot for the "Turtling" perk on your armor or to opt for other perks.



Enhancing your Runescape Greater Bone Shield's effectiveness through animal breeding and the Ranch Out of Time method can significantly extend your Barricade duration. This strategy is particularly useful for boss battles and challenging encounters where survival is crucial. Keep in mind the Farming level requirement and the time it takes for the animals to reach the Elder stage.

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