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ESO Necrom Dragonknight PVP Build: High Burst Damage, Versatile Playstyle

Hey everyone, welcome to this detailed guide on the Dragonknight PvP build that's designed to counter the tank meta in Elder Scrolls Online. If you're tired of facing tanky opponents in PvP, this build is for you. It's a high-burst damage Dragonknight build that can delete enemies with less than 40K Health. In this guide, we'll cover everything from the skills and sets to the playstyle and strategy. Let's dive in!


ESO Necrom Dragonknight PVP Build: High Burst Damage, Versatile Playstyle


Build Overview

If you're frustrated with the prevalence of tanky opponents in ESO's PvP, this Dragonknight build is here to offer a solution. This build focuses on maximum Critical Strike damage and the chance to burst down opponents. The primary strategy revolves around combining the Mechanical Acuity set with the Corrosive ability, allowing you to bypass the tank meta and eliminate most opponents with less than 40K Health.


Stats and Race

Aim for 30K Health as a minimum for solo play.

  • Recommended race: Khajiit for the best critical damage potential. Other races can work, too, but might have slightly lower damage output.
  • Food: Jewels of Misrule for cheaper recovery option due to changes in the combustion passive.


Gear Sets

Mechanical Acuity Set (5-Piece) Craftable set that boosts weapon and spell damage. The 5-piece bonus provides an increased Critical Strike chance upon dealing non-critical damage, leading up to 100% Critical Strike chance for a short time.
Blood Spawn Set (2-piece) Boosts ultimate generation stamina recovery and provides additional resistance. Contributes to overall tankiness and ultimate availability.
Sload's Semblance Set (5-Piece) This is an unexpected choice that enhances your critical damage. The 5-piece bonus grants Major Force, increasing your Critical Strike damage by 20%.
Sea Serpent's Coil (Mythic Item) Offers Major Courage and Major Berserk, amplifying both damage dealt and received.


Armor Weight Distribution

3 Medium (including Blood Spawn), 3 Heavy (including Sload's Semblance), and 1 Light (optional) for maximum Undaunted Mettle bonuses.



  • Infused with Weapon/Spell Damage on jewellery and Infused with Stamina Recovery on one piece.
  • On the weapons, use a Shock Glyph on the main hand and a Flame Damage Enchantment on the off-hand.



Front Bar Back Bar
  • Deep Breath: Deals AOE damage and provides healing during your burst.
  • Shattering Rocks: Offers AOE pressure and healing.
  • Flames of Oblivion: Primary spammable attack that also provides Major Prophecy.
  • Molten Whip: Your main damaging ability.
  • Whirling Blades: Deals high AOE damage and capitalizes on low-health enemies.
  • Igneous Weapons: Improves resource generation and provides a damage buff.
  • Coagulating Blood: Burst heal and Ultimate generation.
  • Heroic Slash: Inflicts minor maim and provides a Minor Heroism buff.
  • Resolving Vigor: Self-heal and group healing over time.
  • Corrosive Armor (Ultimate): The key to your burst damage, providing Major Resolve and Major Ward.


Combo and Burst Rotation

  • Begin by popping Corrosive Armor to initiate the burst phase.
  • Apply Deep Breath, Shattering Rocks, Flames of Oblivion, and Molten Whip to accumulate damage.
  • Use Whirling Blades to hit enemies and weaken them further.
  • As your Corrosive Armor is about to end (usually at 3-4 seconds remaining), unleash your full burst combo: Deep Breath, Flames of Oblivion, Molten Whip, and Whirling Blades.


Champion Points

  • Prioritize the Thaumaturge, Deadly Aim, and Master-at-Arms constellations for increased damage.
  • Invest in defensive constellations like Ironclad, Thick Skinned, and Resilience for survivability.



That's the core of the Dragonknight PvP build that's tailored to destroy the tank meta in Elder Scrolls Online. With this build, you'll have the tools to burst down opponents efficiently, even those who are heavily armoured. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take the time to familiarize yourself with the rotation and adapt it to different situations on the battlefield. Good luck, and have fun dominating your opponents!

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