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SWTOR Class Story Tier List and Ranking: Worst To Best | 2023

Welcome to the definitive ranking of SWTOR class stories, from worst to best, in this 2023 edition. In this guide, we delve into the highs and lows of each class's journey, exploring the Good, the Bad, and the Dastardly aspects of these immersive tales. Whether you're a lightsider like Nixium or embracing the dark side with Ranger, get ready for a galactic adventure through the diverse narratives that make SWTOR a gaming masterpiece.


SWTOR Class Story Tier List and Ranking: Worst To Best | 2023


Jedi Consular

As a Jedi Consular, you'll step into the shoes of a scholarly and knowledgeable Jedi. You'll interact with the Jedi Council, rise through the ranks, and combat the dark side in a literal sense by dealing with a dark side plague unleashed by the Sith Lord Vivicar. You'll even face the children of the Emperor himself. This story is perfect if you're a fan of studying the Force and using diplomacy to build relations within the Republic against the Empire.

  • Good: Strong focus on diplomacy and Force knowledge, intricate interactions with the Jedi Council, combatting dark side plague.
  • Bad: Poor writing, lack of meaningful Dark Side options, unenjoyable companions, missed opportunities with the Children of the Emperor subplot, wooden character dialogue.



Live out your Han Solo fantasy as a Smuggler, experiencing the thrill of crime, treasure hunting, and revenge. This story is a lot of fun, especially in the early game. However, it has its shortcomings. The standout character is Skavik, the one who steals your ship at the beginning – his adventure could have been more engaging. The story feels trapped by its Han Solo narrative, limiting player agency.

  • Good: Han Solo-like adventure, witty one-liners, treasure hunting.
  • Bad: Lack of player agency, focus on Republic Politics, missed potential in character development.


Sith Inquisitor

Embrace your Dark Side witch fantasy as a Sith Inquisitor, delving into Sith magic, artifacts, and power. Scheme your way through Sith politics, uncover your family legacy, and enjoy your Sith master's mentorship. However, this story needs more than overly tropey antagonists and forgettable enemies. Light Side options are also less engaging, and some companions fall short.

  • Good: Dark Side power fantasy, intriguing family history, Sith politics.
  • Bad: Tropes in antagonist design, less engaging light side options, hit-or-miss companions.


Jedi Knight

Experience Star Wars nostalgia with the Jedi Knight story, reminiscent of the original trilogy's hero's journey. Interact with a solid group of companions and engage with the overarching story, particularly the battle against the Emperor. Both light and dark side options are well integrated. However, the story plays it safe, lacking unexpected twists, and has a portion that feels skipped over.

  • Good: Nostalgic hero's journey, strong ties to the overarching story, balanced light and dark side options.
  • Bad: Lack of surprises, missed potential in Act 2, standard hero's journey structure.


Imperial Agent

The Imperial Agent boasts well-written dialogue, intriguing antagonists, and inventive mission design. Disguises, accents, and espionage enhance the gameplay. However, the story needs to reach its full potential in terms of player agency. James Bond-esque tropes can feel limiting, and some companions could be more enjoyable.

  • Good: Well-written dialogue, inventive mission design, compelling antagonists.
  • Bad: Missed potential in player agency, reliance on Bond-esque tropes, and hit-or-miss companions.



The Trooper story offers a military sci-fi adventure with compelling dark operation themes. The companions are engaging, and the narrative progression through the rank system is satisfying. Light and dark side choices make sense for the story, but mission design and narrative payoff leave something to be desired.

  • Good: Military sci-fi adventure, engaging companions, solid narrative progression.
  • Bad: Uninspired mission design, lack of narrative payoff, underdeveloped antagonists.


Bounty Hunter

Live the bounty hunter fantasy, complete with well-landed jokes and an interplay between greed and honour. The narrative payoff is strong, and the one-liners are iconic. However, the story forces you into the same structure as the Smuggler and some mission designs lack innovation. The Mandalorian culture could have been further explored.

  • Good: Well-landed jokes, compelling themes, strong narrative payoff.
  • Bad: Shared story structure with Smuggler, uninspired mission design, missed potential in Mandalorian culture.


Sith Warrior

At the pinnacle is the Sith Warrior story, featuring Darth Baras as an excellent antagonist. The story thrives on the hatred for this character, creating an authentic Sith experience. You'll claw your way through the Sith Empire, avoiding politics and becoming a front-line Aegis in the war against the Republic. However, the story excels in contrast to the others, avoiding significant pitfalls.

  • Good: Authentic Sith experience, memorable antagonist, engaging crew, freedom from politics.
  • Bad: There are a few shortcomings in comparison to other stories.



Remember, opinions may vary, but this ranking provides a comprehensive overview of each class story. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! Enjoy your journey through the captivating universe of SWTOR. And if you want more quirky tales, check out Nixium's odd Colton Sword tour worshipping root beer as a galactic deity in the linked video. May the Force be with you!

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