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Diablo 4 Uldur's Cave Guides: Brand-new Items and Gold Farming Strategy

Welcome to our comprehensive Diablo 4 guide, where we're diving into the upcoming Patch 1.1.3 and revealing a brand-new loot farming strategy in Uldur's Cave. From improved crowd control to efficient loot collection, we'll cover it all.



Patch 1.1.3: Gameplay Updates

The awaited Patch 1.1.3 is just around the corner, bringing a host of exciting changes to Diablo 4's gameplay. One of the most significant improvements is the revamp to crowd control mechanics, designed to provide players with more recovery time and reduce the frustration of being constantly immobilized by enemies.

Here's a quick rundown of the changes:

  • Cold Enchanted Elites: Cold Enchanted Elites like ghost archers and snake roots will no longer trigger the cold enchantment on every hit. This means you won't find yourself frozen at every turn.
  • Chilling Wind Walls: Overlapping walls from Chilling Wind will occur less frequently, making navigating dungeons less of a chilly challenge.
  • Cannibal Gorger Stun: The stun ability of the Cannibal Gorger will be easier to avoid.
  • Cold Goatman Ice Pillars: The cooldown on the cold Goatman's ice pillars has been increased, giving you more room to maneuver.
  • Cold Spider Attack: The chill applied from the cold spider's attack has been reduced.
  • Nagari Snake Eyes: The stun duration from Nagari Snake Eyes has been decreased from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds.
  • Crowd Control Frequency: Changes have been made to how often the player can be targeted by crowd control, allowing for more recovery time, particularly at higher World tiers.

These updates collectively aim to enhance the gameplay experience, making your journey through dungeons and encounters smoother and less frustrating.


Uldur's Cave: The Ultimate Loot Farming Spot

Diablo 4 Uldur

Are you on the hunt for powerful legendaries and unique items? Look no further than Uldur's Cave!

This hidden gem provides an optimal farming spot due to its densely packed enemies and elite mobs.

Here's a step-by-step guide on maximizing your loot gains:

  • Craft Sigils: Begin by visiting the occultists and crafting sigils. If you have unwanted items, scrap them to gain resources for crafting.
  • Enter Uldur's Cave: Head towards the left side and locate Uldur's Cave. Enter the cave and brace yourself for action.
  • Loot and Combat: As you progress through the cave, watch out for shrines that may activate events and attract enemies. Engage and defeat the numerous elites and enemies present – the dense population increases your chances of legendary drops.
  • Utilize Seasonal Blessings: If you're in the latest season, use the appropriate seasonal blessings to boost your experience gain or Diablo 4 Gold acquisition. This amplifies your loot farming efforts.
  • Collect Yellow Rare Items: Don't disregard yellow rare items. Collect them to trade them in for gold, which plays a crucial role in re-rolling and upgrading gear.
  • Resetting Nightmare Dungeon: If you want to reset Uldur's Cave for more farming, ensure you don't complete the final objective. Exit the dungeon and wait for about three minutes before re-entering. This allows for a proper reset.


With this strategy, you can amass legendaries, unique items, and even the elusive malignant hearts, while also gaining experience and Gold to further empower your character.



Diablo 4's Patch 1.1.3 promises to elevate your gameplay experience with enhanced crowd control mechanics and various other improvements. Additionally, with our Uldur's Cave loot farming guide, you're equipped to dive into the depths and emerge victorious with an abundance of treasures. Whether you're in pursuit of powerful gear, experience, or Gold, these strategies have you covered. So gear up and get ready to conquer the world of Diablo 4 like never before!

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