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Blizzard Cinematic and Upcoming Patch 10.1.7: Key Elements, Characters and Future Patches

Welcome to this guide that aims to break down and analyze the recent cinematic released by Blizzard, which is a precursor to the upcoming patch 10.1.7. The cinematic features Farak and Veranoth and sheds light on their motivations and the unfolding story. This guide will provide a detailed explanation of the key elements and characters in the cinematic, helping you make sense of the complex narrative and speculate about the direction the story might take in the upcoming patches.



Blizzard Cinematic and Upcoming Patch 10.1.7: Key Elements, Characters and Future Patches


Summary of the Cinematic

The cinematic opens with the return of Farak and Veranoth. It's evident that Blizzard has strategically released this cinematic just before patch 10.1.7 to build early excitement and anticipation. In this guide, we'll dissect the cinematic's content, and you'll discover that there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. The overarching plot revolves around Farak's desire to obtain a world tree from the Emerald Dream and his intent to employ enhanced interrogation techniques for this purpose. Veranoth, however, disagrees with his methods, leading to a confrontation between the two. Eventually, Farak agrees to explore alternative options.


Exploring the Key Details

  • The Elf - Griffius: The elf featured in the cinematic is Griffius, who is Merithra's son. Merithra is the current leader of the Green Flight. This connects to the ongoing storyline involving the Green Flight and their role in the broader narrative.
  • Yazara's Return: Patch 10.0 introduced Yazara's return, though she still needs to retake her position as an Aspect. This hints at the evolving dynamics of the dragonflights and their interactions with the other characters.
  • The Burning of Teldrassil: The cinematic references the catastrophic event of Teldrassil's burning and Tyrande's quest for vengeance. This is crucial background information for understanding the motives of key characters.
  • The Tear of Elune: The cinematic introduces the concept of the Tear of Elune, which is related to the World Tree. The connection between Elune, the Titans, and the World Tree plays a significant role in the unfolding narrative.
  • Azeroth's Liberation from the Titans: The narrative involves freeing Azeroth from the influence of the Titans. This ties into the overall storyline and the motivations of certain characters.
  • Shadow Flame and Farak's Descent: Fyrakk's quest for power leads him to experiment with Shadow Flame, a volatile mix of fire and void magic. This experimentation causes him to become more unhinged and volatile.
  • Veranoth's Motivations: Veranoth's character development is explored in the cinematic. Her relationship with Farak and her changing motivations are central to the story.


Connecting the Dots

  • Elune and the Titans: The guide proposes a connection between Elune and the Titans based on the Tear of Elune and the broader lore. This connection implies that Elune and the Titans were allies in the past, potentially playing a role in shaping the Emerald Dream.
  • Farak's True Intentions: The analysis delves into Farak's desire to acquire the Sisters' Tear and its significance. It's suggested that his goal is to weaken the Titans' hold on the world, which aligns with the broader narrative of liberating Azeroth.
  • Veranoth's Alignment: Veranoth's allegiance appears to shift throughout the cinematic. Her motivations are analyzed, suggesting that she may eventually align with the player characters and oppose Farak.
  • The Corruption of Shadow Flame: The guide examines the effects of Shadow Flame on individuals, drawing parallels to Neltharion's transformation into Deathwing. This hints at Farak's deteriorating mental state.


Anticipating Future Patches

  • Patch 10.1.7: The cinematic serves as a prelude to patch 10.1.7. It's implied that this patch will delve deeper into the connection between Elune, the Titans, and the Emerald Dream.
  • Patch 10.2: The guide speculates about the direction of patch 10.2, suggesting that Farak might be the main antagonist. Veranoth's role is discussed, with the possibility of her shifting allegiances.


Character Interaction and Development

  • Compelling Villains: The guide acknowledges the improvement in Blizzard's portrayal of villains, highlighting the complexity and depth of characters like Farak and Veranoth.
  • Veranoth's Transformation: Veranoth's character development is tracked, from her initial desire for vengeance to her evolving motivations and potential alignment with the player characters.
  • Farak's Corruption: Farak's descent into madness is attributed to his experimentation with Shadow Flame, which amplifies his existing personality traits.



This guide dissects the recent cinematic from Blizzard, providing detailed explanations of the key elements, character motivations, and potential narrative directions. By delving into the relationships between characters, the significance of artifacts like the Tear of Elune, and the overarching goal of freeing Azeroth from the Titans' grasp, this guide aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the evolving storyline. As the guide suggests, patches 10.1.7 and 10.2 are likely to shed more light on the intricate connections between Elune, the Titans, and the Emerald Dream.

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