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Runescape Most Notorious Hackers: Fail Fishes Tactics, Operations, and Disappearance

RuneScape, a popular online multiplayer role-playing game, has had its fair share of intriguing stories and legends within its community. One of the most infamous figures was Fail Fishes, a hacker who rose to prominence by exploiting the trust of RuneScape players and making a fortune through illicit means. This article delves into the rise and fall of Fail Fishes, exploring his tactics, operations, and eventual disappearance that marked the end of his notorious hacking spree.


Runescape Most Notorious Hackers: Fail Fishes Tactics, Operations, and Disappearance


The Rise of Fail Fishes

  • From Regular Player to Hacker: Fail Fishes, also known as Ryan, started his journey as an ordinary RuneScape player. Spending time at the Bounty Hunter Crater and engaging with friends on Ventrilo, Ryan enjoyed the game's social aspects.
  • Entering the Hacking Scene: A fellow player proposed an alluring offer: give him 20 million gold, and Ryan would receive a fishing website that tricked unsuspecting players into revealing their account details. Ryan initially declined but reconsidered after seeing his friend's wealth grow.


The Art of Phishing

  • Crafting the Perfect Scheme: Ryan designed a phishing website that closely mimicked the RuneScape forums, exploiting players' trust. Unsuspecting victims would log in, unknowingly revealing their credentials.
  • Gaining Momentum: Ryan targeted RuneScape players seeking clans, using the game's friends chat system to recruit them into his fake clan, all the while gaining access to their accounts.


Expanding the Operation:

  • Enter YouTube: Ryan began creating videos showcasing his exploits, amassing a fan base eager to learn his techniques.
  • Guides for Sale: Ryan monetized his fame, selling guides on hacking for RuneScape gold. He even offered to sell subdomains that looked like the official RuneScape website.


Evading Trade Restrictions

  • The Wilderness Dilemma: When RuneScape introduced restrictions on trading and made the Wilderness safe, the in-game economy faced a challenge.
  • Creative Solutions: Players developed methods like junk trading and Dragonstone trading to bypass trade restrictions. Ryan adapted his tactics accordingly.


Transition to Ratting

  • The Rating Phenomenon: Ryan's attention shifted to a new technique: remote access Trojans (RATs). Rating involved infecting players' computers to gain control over their accounts.
  • Silent Drive-By Attacks: Ryan developed "silent drive-by" attacks, exploiting Java pop-ups to infect users' computers without their knowledge automatically.


Darker Times and Disruption

  • Heightened Infamy: Fail Fishes' reputation grew, and players increasingly suspected him of being behind hacking incidents.
  • Run-ins with Authorities: Law enforcement worldwide started cracking down on hackers, resulting in arrests and investigations targeting the RATting community.


The Turning Point

  • Personal Fallout: Ryan faced personal challenges, including threats from victims and a falling out with a co-worker who introduced him to ratting.
  • The Decision to Quit: Amid increasing risks and challenges, Ryan decided to leave the hacking scene behind and discontinue his operations.


Legacy and Lessons

  • Post-Hacking RuneScape: While Ryan left the hacking scene, his legacy continues to linger, with other hackers taking inspiration from his methods.
  • Persistent Threats: Even today, social engineering tactics and cyberattacks remain a significant threat to online gaming communities and individuals.



Fail Fishes' rise and fall serve as a cautionary tale of exploiting trust, technological vulnerabilities, and the dark side of gaming. His actions shed light on the need for constant vigilance in the ever-evolving landscape of online gaming and cybersecurity. As the RuneScape community continues to thrive, it's essential to stay informed and stay safe against potential threats.

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