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World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.7: Everything You Need To Know

Welcome to a comprehensive guide to all the exciting content and changes coming in Patch 10.1.7, titled Fury and Khanan in the Dragonflight expansion. In this video, we'll dive deep into everything this patch has to offer, from new features to story content, achievements, and more. Patch 10.1.7 is a significant update that introduces several exciting additions to the game, so let's get started.


World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.7: Everything You Need To Know


Release Dates

Patch 10.1.7 is set to release on September 5th for NA servers and September 6th for EU servers. While it may not seem like a massive content patch, it introduces a lot of engaging elements, including story content that was encrypted during PTR testing.


Dream Surges

One of the central features of Patch 10.1.7 is the introduction of Dream Surges, a new public event that occurs on the Dragon Isles. Here's what you need to know about Dream Surges:

  • Dream Surges are weekly events, with one of the Dragon Isles zones being affected each week.
  • The affected zone is marked on the map with an icon.
  • During Dream Surges, various events occur in the specific zone.
  • A Waking Portal spawns every 30 minutes in the zone, offering an event where players fill a bar and defeat a boss, rewarding loot.
  • Small portals scattered throughout the zone spawn continuously, allowing solo adventures to engage in battles for loot.
  • The zone's rares become empowered during Dream Surges, making them harder to defeat and dropping new Dream Surge loot.
  • Players can vote on a zone buff every 30 minutes after defeating the major Waking Portal event. Buff options include increased XP and more.
  • The affected zone grants a 25% experience buff, making it an ideal time for leveling alts.


Dream Surges offers two main currencies: Dream Surge Coalescence, obtained from various activities, and Dream Surge Chrysalis, a weekly quest reward (bind on pickup).



  • Item level 402 gear, upgradable to 424 using the veteran gear track.
  • Item level 415 gear, upgradable to 437 via the champion gear track.
  • Battle pets, including Cheddar and the Crimson Swagler.
  • Mounts, such as Duskwing Ohana and the Renewed Mag Mammoth.
  • There is no new transmog gear, but the gear is a recolour of existing sets.


Night Elf and Undead Heritage Armors

Patch 10.1.7 brings Night Elf and Undead Heritage Armors along with their respective questlines. These unique armour sets are available for characters level 50 and above, and while specific story details remain encrypted, the armor themselves have been officially previewed and are highly anticipated.


Race Customizations

Three races receive new customization options in this patch:

Night Elves
  • Male Night Elves can choose separate body and face tattoos.
  • A new face-marking option is available.
  • Female Night Elves see improved face markings.
  • Female Night Elves get body tattoos with customizable colors.
Undead Five new skin colors are introduced, offering a range from light to dark.
  • Regular Draenei (not Lightforged) receive Monari customizations.
  • Two new skin colors are added: red and dark red.
  • Three new hair colors are introduced.
  • Six eye colors are included, offering various choices.


Dawn of the Infinite (Heroic Dungeon)

Dawn of the Infinite, the mega-dungeon from Patch 10.1, becomes available in heroic difficulty. It is split into two wings, each with four bosses. The minimum item level to queue for this dungeon is 372, and it drops item level 402 veteran gear, upgradable to 424. Players have a chance to obtain the Reins of the Quantum Corsair Mount.


Holiday Updates

Hallow's End and Brewfest receive updates in Patch 10.1.7:


Hallow's End

  • A new introductory questline is added.
  • The Headless Horseman encounter receives significant revamps, including new mechanics and a hard mode with an achievement.
  • The Headless Horseman Mount might have a higher drop chance.
  • A new pumpkin offhand transmog is introduced.
  • New Candy buckets are scattered around the Dragon Isles, with an associated achievement.



  • Specific Brewfest updates are mentioned, including a new shield transmog and possibly more.
  • Dragon riding customizations are added, featuring themed body armor for different Drakes.


Story Content

Patch 10.1.7 brings substantial story content to the game:

  • Green Dragon Story: Preparing for Patch 10.2 this story is related to the Emerald Dream.
  • Velen Story: Unlocks Monari customizations.
  • Night Elf and Undead Heritage Armor Questlines.
  • Reforging of Tier Storyline continues.


Eastern Kingdoms Cup

A time-limited Dragon Riding event, the Eastern Kingdoms Cup, runs from October 4th to October 17th. It features 14 races across the Eastern Kingdoms, including advanced and reverse modes. Rewards include Riders of Azeroth badges and new customizations for the Winding Soar Drake.


Challenge Mode Races

All races around the Dragon Isles, including Cavern races, receive a new Challenge Mode. These advanced races exclude green Vigor power-ups, offering a higher level of difficulty. Completing Challenge Mode races grants achievements, with the possibility of earning a new toy and title.


Time Walking Level Changes

Time Walking minimum level requirements receive updates:

  • Level 30+ can queue for Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Time Walking content.
  • Level 35+ can also queue for Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Time Walking.
  • Level 40+ can access Warlords of Draenor Time Walking.
  • Level 45+ can participate in Legion Time Walking.


Legacy Profession Achievements

Patch 10.1.7 adds numerous achievements for legacy professions, covering each expansion. These retroactive achievements offer rewards for those who've engaged in these professions over the years.


Sell Junk Button

Finally, the official "Sell Junk" button is introduced, making it easier for players to sell their unwanted items to vendors. This feature will be available on all vendor interfaces by default.


With this comprehensive guide, you're now prepared to dive into the exciting world of Patch 10.1.7 and experience all the new content and features it has to offer in Dragonflight. Enjoy your adventures in the Dragon Isles!

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