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Diablo 4 Season 1 Sever Necromancer Build Guide

Welcome to this Diablo 4 Sever Necromancer Build Guide! In this guide, we'll explore an exciting Sever build for the Necromancer class. Sever is a unique skill that can unleash tremendous power, and we'll walk you through the essentials of this build, its progression, and even some end-game possibilities. Whether you're new to the Necromancer class or a seasoned player looking for a fresh experience, this guide has something to offer.


Sever - A Brief Overview

Sever is a powerful skill that brings immense devastation to your enemies. This build focuses on maximizing Sever's potential, allowing you to efficiently eliminate foes while maintaining resource generation. Our primary goal is to create a build that is both powerful and fun to play.


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Early Impressions

Before diving into the details, let's take a moment to appreciate Sever's potential. In early testing, Sever proved to be a formidable choice, offering a high level of damage output. Even without a fully optimized seasonal setup, this build excels in melting through higher-level monsters with ease. Its resource generation capabilities make it possible to spam Sever repeatedly, delivering swift destruction.


Resource Generation and Optimization

Resource generation is at the heart of this Sever build. To optimize your gameplay, focus on enhancing resource regeneration and ensuring that you can use Sever whenever needed. One key item to consider is the "Ring of the Umbral," which boosts resource generation when crowd-controlling enemies. Since this build incorporates several crowd-control abilities, it synergizes well with the Ring of the Umbral.


Seasonal and Non-Seasonal Variations

This build can be tailored to both seasonal and non-seasonal gameplay. Depending on your preference, you can choose different item setups and skills. For example, in seasonal play, you can leverage the automatic corpse skills and the Barber's automatic aura. This approach offers added convenience and potentially better resource management.


High Damage Output

This build is designed to deliver consistent damage output, making it particularly effective against bosses. By optimizing your damage, you can aim to defeat bosses with just one or two Sever attacks. This ensures that you can take down challenging adversaries swiftly.


The Sever Necromancer Skill Tree

Here's an overview of the key skills and abilities you'll want to invest in for your Sever build:

  • Darkness Skills: Prioritize skills that enhance Sever's damage, such as the Sever skill itself and any related passives.
  • Curses: Allocate points into curses, including Decrepify and Cursed Skills, which synergize well with your crowd-control abilities.
  • Corpse Skills: Maximize your Corpse Skills for added resource generation and damage output.
  • Resource Management: Consider skills like "Grim Harvest" to enhance your resource regeneration, ensuring you can use Sever consistently.


Paragon Points and Glyphs

For your Paragon Points and Glyphs, focus on optimizing your damage output, crowd control, and resource management. Key choices include "Scent of Death" for extra damage and "Flash Ether" for more uptime on your crowd-control skills.


Defense and Survivability

While this build leans heavily on offense, you can bolster your survivability with gear that offers damage reduction and increased health. Look for chest and pants items with damage reduction rolls to increase your toughness.


End-Game and High-Level Pushing

For those interested in pushing higher-tier content, you can experiment with the "Lodestone Wall" set-up, which incorporates the Bone Storm skill. While powerful, this build can be a bit clunky, so consider your playstyle preferences when deciding if it's the right choice for you.



The Sever Necromancer build offers an exhilarating gameplay experience, combining resource generation, crowd control, and high damage output. Whether you're looking to farm efficiently or tackle end-game challenges, this build has the potential to shine. Remember that it's a work in progress, and feel free to adapt it to your playstyle and preferences. Stay tuned for updates, and enjoy the destructive power of Sever in Diablo 4!

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