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ESO Crown Store Gifting Shutdown: What are the short-term and long-term implications?

In a surprising turn of events, The Elder Scrolls Online recently announced the suspension of in-game gifting via the Crown Store indefinitely due to ongoing fraudulent activity and disruptive behaviour. This decision has raised many questions and concerns within the ESO community, as it has significant implications for players, guilds, and the in-game economy. In this guide article, we will delve into the details of this announcement and explore the potential short-term and long-term Implications.


ESO Crown Store Gifting Shutdown: What are the short-term and long-term implications?


The Timeline of Crown Store Gifting Issues

To fully grasp the gravity of the situation, let's first review the timeline of events leading up to this decision:

  • Quarter One PCNA and PC EU Gifting Disabled: The issues with Crown Store gifting began when gifting for Crown crates was disabled on PC North America (PCNA) and PC European Union (PC EU) servers. Speculation arose about the reasons behind this, including the introduction of the polymorph bundle with Crown crates.
  • Investigation by Kevin, the Former Foreign Manager: Kevin, who was the former foreign manager and is now a community manager, confirmed that this action was taken due to fraudulent activity rather than a bug. This revelation sparked further discussions and theories regarding the nature of this fraudulent activity.
  • Console Gifting Discontinued: Subsequently, gifting for Crown crates on console platforms was also disabled, leaving players unable to send any items from the Crown Store to their friends.
  • Customer Support for Crown Crate Gifting: In an attempt to address the issue, customer support was set up to handle Crown Crate gifting, but this process was met with mixed results and confusion, including instances of terms of service violations.
  • Complete Shutdown of Gifting: The most recent development is the complete shutdown of in-game gifting from the Crown Store for all players, both PC and console.


Short-Term Implications

The immediate aftermath of this decision is expected to bring chaos and disruption to various aspects of the game:


Community Shake-Up Entire communities, Discord servers, and guild functions that revolve around Crown store gifting will experience disruptions and may need help to adapt to the changes.
Player Economy Fluctuations The in-game player economy, particularly related to the Crown Store items, will likely see fluctuations. Prices may initially rise due to reduced supply, but over time, they stabilize or even decrease.
Loss of Player Interest Veteran players who relied on Crown store gifting as a way to spend their in-game gold may find themselves with limited incentives to continue playing, which could lead to a temporary decline in player engagement.


Long-Term Implications

While the long-term effects are uncertain, several potential outcomes could emerge:


Stabilized Economy Over time, the in-game economy may stabilize, potentially leading to more reasonable prices for Crown Store items, making them more accessible to all players.
Impact on Player Base The decision to suspend gifting might affect ESO's player base, especially as 2023 is expected to be a competitive year in the gaming industry. Some players might choose to explore other games during this hiatus.
Relevance in the MMO Space ESO's decision to disable Crown Store gifting could impact its relevance within the MMO space, potentially alienating both new and existing players.
Official Crown Trading System ESO might implement an official Crown trading system, reducing the need for trust-based transactions and mitigating fraudulent activity.



The unexpected shutdown of Crown Store gifting in The Elder Scrolls Online has left the community in shock and raised numerous questions about the severity of the fraudulent activity prompting this action. The short-term consequences are likely to be chaotic, affecting player communities and the in-game economy. In the long term, the game's relevance within the MMO space and its player base may be impacted. As players wait for further updates and resolutions from ESO's development team, it remains to be seen how these changes will shape the future of the game. Share your thoughts and opinions on this matter within the ESO community, and keep an eye on official announcements for updates on the situation.

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