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Old School RuneScape Gold Framming with Magic: The Whisperer Challenge

In the world of Old School RuneScape, rebuilding your bank from scratch can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. In this guide, we will explore a unique approach to rebuilding your wealth using the magic combat style, specifically focusing on the Whisperer challenge. Magic is often considered one of the more expensive combat styles to rebuild with due to the high costs associated with magical staves and spells. However, we'll show you how to take on one of RuneScape's newest and most profitable Gold-making methods: the Whisperer, even with just a modest 100K OSRS Gold initial budget.


Old School RuneScape Gold Framming with Magic: The Whisperer Challenge


Getting Started


- Choosing the Right Equipment

  • To tackle the Whisperer, we'll rely on the Trident of the Seas, an affordable and effective magical staff.
  • Our initial gear setup includes a Monk's Robe, an Amulet of Magic, Adamant Gloves, and a God Cape.


Ancient Brews

We'll also use Ancient Brews, which not only boost our magic level but also restore prayer, making them cost-effective alternatives to prayer potions.


- Ice Barrage Runes

Having some Ice Barrage runes can help freeze the Whisperer during the fight, making it more manageable.


- The Challenges

  • Rebuilding with magic can be tough in the beginning due to limited funds and gear.
  • The Whisperer has a unique drop table with a mix of valuable and less valuable items.
  • The Whisperer's enrage phase requires careful management of resources and skills.
  • Perfect kills are ideal but difficult to achieve due to the extended kill times.


Rebuilding Progress


- First Attempt

  • Purchased the uncharged Trident of the Seas.
  • Acquired the Ancient Brews.
  • Focused on prayer preservation and gained some initial experience.


- Second Attempt

  • Acquired more charges for the Trident.
  • Upgraded to Mithril Gloves.
  • Obtained extra items for survival and utility.


- Third Attempt

  • Refined the gear setup with Mystic equipment.
  • Tried to achieve a perfect kill but fell short.
  • Restarted with 100K cash for another attempt.


- Fourth Attempt

  • Improved gear setup, including a Mystic hat.
  • Achieved a smoother fight but not a perfect kill.
  • Repeated attempts to secure a successful kill.


- Fifth Attempt

  • Continued building charges for the Trident.
  • Enhanced gear with Rune Gloves and Mystic Boots.
  • Acquired the forgotten Brew for magic level boosts.


The Turning Point

Finally secured a successful Whisperer kill with the improved gear setup.


The Orb Hunt Begins

  • Continued grinding Whisperer kills for valuable drops.
  • Reinvested the profits into gear upgrades and supplies.


Special Upgrades

  • Acquired the Occult Necklace for additional magic damage.
  • Added the Toxic Trident for improved accuracy and damage.
  • Used the Saturated Heart for consistent damage boosts.
  • Upgraded to a Cursed Scepter to lower the Whisperer's magic defense.
  • Obtained the Light Bearer for more frequent special attacks.


The Bellator Ring Surprise

Received the Bellator Vestige drop, an unexpected high-value item.


Final Push for the Alidness Ward

  • Obtained an Alidness Ward to boost magic damage and accuracy.
  • Completed the gear setup for optimal efficiency.


Rebuilding Success

  • Achieved sub-three-minute kill times with a powerful gear setup.
  • Successfully rebuilt an account with a wealth of 170 million gold.



Rebuilding your OSRS Gold bank with magic and taking on the Whisperer challenge is a rewarding journey filled with challenges and surprises. With dedication and smart gear choices, you can turn a modest budget into a formidable bank and enjoy the lucrative rewards of the Whisperer. Remember that patience and persistence are key when rebuilding your wealth in the world of Old School RuneScape.

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