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Diablo 4 Season 1 Uber Lilith One-Shot Sorcerer Build

In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of an uber-challenging Diablo 4 build designed to annihilate Uber Lilith in a single shot. This build is not for the faint of heart, as it demands precise timing, top-tier gear, and a deep understanding of the mechanics. While it may not be the easiest path to victory, mastering this build can offer an exhilarating experience for those seeking the ultimate challenge.


Diablo 4 Season 1 Uber Lilith One-Shot Sorcerer Build


Build Planner


Phase One - Staggering Uber Lilith

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's break down the key strategies for taking down Uber Lilith in phase one. Remember, we want to stagger Uber Lilith as quickly as possible without triggering the first mechanic.

  • Equipment Setup: Start by equipping your wand, focus, and Fist of Fate for crowd control and lucky hit effects.
  • Staggering Uber Lilith: Focus on staggering Uber Lilith in this phase using the Convulsion passive and the lucky hit effects from Fist of Fate. Ensure Uber Lilith doesn't reach the health percentage threshold that triggers the first mechanic.
  • Phase Transition: When Uber Lilith' stagger bar is almost full, switch to your 200 gear and gloves.
  • Ice Blades Strategy: Execute the following moves in quick succession: Ice Blades -> Jump on top of Uber Lilith -> Frost Nova -> Force nuke down.


Phase Two - Staying Alive and Dealing Damage

Phase two is where the real challenge begins. This phase demands precise timing, quick thinking, and impeccable execution.

1. Health Orbs and Crackling Energy: Collect all health orbs and crackling energy as the phase transitions.

2. Equipment Swap: Switch back to your wand, focus, and Rainment of the Infinite.

3. Stagger Uber Lilith (Phase Two): A detailed breakdown of the actions in phase two:

  • Just before Uber Lilith spawns, cast Ice Blades.
  • Hold the Shift key.
  • As soon as the health bar appears, begin using Chain Lightning.
  • Cast Frost Nova a moment later.
  • As Uber Lilith' stagger bar fills up, activate Flame Shield.
  • Switch back to your 200 gear and gloves.
  • Use Frost Nova immediately.
  • Follow up with Unstable Currents and nuke down Uber Lilith.
  • After approximately 4 seconds, use your second Frost Nova to maintain the vulnerable status.



If you don't manage to one-shot Uber Lilith in phase two, you'll need to navigate a series of mechanics:

  • Position yourself to the left of the top platform initially.
  • Run clockwise around the large circle to avoid Uber Lilith' attacks.
  • For the second round, start slightly to the right of the circle and continue running.
  • On the third platform, run in a circle, enter the platform when Uber Lilith appears, activate Flame Shield, and exit.
  • Ensure you don't use Flame Shield on the second platform to have it available for the third, which is the most challenging.


Build Overview

Now that we've covered the strategy, let's delve into the skill build and equipment choices for this challenging build.


Skill Build

This build focuses primarily on maximizing damage output, as it's designed for those seeking to one-shot Uber Lilith.


- Offensive Skills

  • Max out Chain Lightning with Enhanced Chain Lightning and Destructive Chain Lightning.
  • Max out Devastation and Elemental Dominance.
  • Invest in Fireball for access to core skills.


- Defensive Skills

  • Put one point into Flame Shield and Enhanced Flame Shield.
  • Allocate points to Teleport and Frost Nova with Enhanced Frost Nova and Mystical Frost Nova.


- Passives

  • Prioritize Glass Cannon, Elemental Attunement, and Elemental Mastery.
  • Invest in skills like Inner Flame, Devouring Blaze, and Permafrost.
  • Max out Unstable Currents, Cing Currents, Conduction, and Convulsions.


- Ultimate Passive

Select the Asus ultimate passive and use Unstable Currents for maximum attack speed.


Legendary Aspects

Your legendary aspects should focus on enhancing your Chain Lightning damage.


- Weapons

  • Aspect of Unbroken Tether (Two-Handed Weapon): Maximizes Chain Lightning bounces.
  • Aspect of Control (Amulet): Provides the highest damage increase against staggered targets.


- Secondary Weapon

  • Aspect of Charging (One-Handed Weapon): Regenerates Mana effectively.
  • Aspect of Ancient Flame (Chest Armor): Boosts Asus ferocity for a significant attack speed increase.
  • Aspect of Frost Blitz (Gloves): Enhances Frost Nova and provides vulnerability.


- Accessories

  • Aspect of the Exploiters (Accessory): Enhances crowd control duration for more stagger.
  • Aspect of the Elementalist (Gloves): Increases Critical Strike chance and attack speed.


- Pants

Aspect of Disobedience (Pants): Focuses on damage reduction.


- Boots

Prioritize maximum movement speed and Asus Boots for additional Critical Strike chance.


Gear and Stat Priorities

Optimize your gear for maximum offensive power.

  • 1. 200 Gear: Aim for viable damage, Critical Strike damage, lightning Critical Strike damage, and intelligence.
  • 2. Amulet: Prioritize movement speed, intelligence, Devouring Blaze ranks, and a damage stat.
  • 3. Rings: Look for vulnerable damage, Critical Strike damage, lightning Critical Strike damage, and Critical Strike chance.
  • 4. Helmet: Maximize your Mana pool, Hydra ranks, all stats, and main stat.
  • 5. Primary Armor: Focus on damage reduction for Phase One survivability.
  • 6. Gloves: Optimize Critical Strike chance, attack speed, main stat, and Chain Lightning rank.
  • 7. Pants: Emphasize damage reduction or other relevant stats, as damage reduction from distant is less effective against Uber Lilith.
  • 8. Asus Boots: Prioritize maximum movement speed and unique passive percentage.
  • 9. Supplemental Gear: Seek equipment with main stats and high Lucky Hit stats to enhance your build.


Paragon Board

Create a specialized Paragon board focused solely on damage output. Prioritize nodes that increase damage, critical strike chance, and critical strike damage.



For maximum efficiency, use the Elixir of Resourcefulness during serious attempts to maximize your Mana pool. During practice runs, consider the Heavy Assault Elixir for a balance between damage and Mana.



This Diablo 4 Uber Lilith One-Shot Build Guide is designed for those seeking the ultimate challenge and are willing to put in the effort to master it. Remember, it's a demanding build that requires precise timing and top-tier gear. While there are easier builds available, mastering this one can provide a truly rewarding experience. 

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