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How to increase Tank DPS damage in Elder Scrolls Online, 2023?

Welcome to this guide on how to maximize your damage output as a tank in Elder Scrolls Online. While tanking is traditionally about protecting your group and soaking up damage, there are situations where tanks can also contribute significantly to the group's overall damage. In this guide, we'll explore the thought process behind building a tank for DPS and share insights on gear, skills, and strategies for some of ESO's toughest boss encounters.



How to increase Tank DPS damage in Elder Scrolls Online, 2023?


Note: This guide will focus on the thought process behind the build rather than providing specific build templates since tank DPS builds can vary greatly depending on factors like class, content type, and group composition.


Why Consider Tank DPS?

Before diving into the details, let's address the question: Why should you consider DPS as a tank?

  • Utility: Tanks can bring additional utility to the group, such as providing important buffs or debuffs and even healing in some cases.
  • Faster Clears: In certain situations, higher DPS from a tank can help clear content faster, which can be especially beneficial for time-sensitive encounters or speed runs.
  • Flexibility: Being able to adapt your tank to a more DPS-oriented role allows you to adjust to the needs of your group or the specific encounter.


Now, let's break down the key aspects of building a tank for DPS.


Class Choice: Sorcerer's Advantage

In this guide, we'll focus on the Sorcerer class for several reasons:

  • AoE Damage: Sorcerers excel at dealing with area-of-effect (AoE) damage, making them valuable for clearing trash mobs quickly.
  • Buffing Group: Sorcerers can provide the Minor Prophecy buff, essential for boosting the group's critical chance, which is crucial for DPS.
  • Ultimate Synergy: Sorcerers can use the Atro's Energy ultimate, providing Major Berserk to the group for increased damage. Combined with other buffs, this can significantly boost group DPS.
  • Survivability: The Boundless Ages ability offers extra block mitigation, making it easier for Sorcerers to focus on damage without sacrificing survivability.


Core Aspects of Your Build

  • Race and Attributes: Race choice can affect your build. For versatility, consider a Dark Elf for weapon damage and stat boosts. For more survivability, Nord is an option. Attribute points can be distributed primarily into stamina, as you'll need it for both damage and blocking. Consider allocating all 64 points into stamina for optimal DPS output.
  • Mundus Stone: The Thief Mundus stone is recommended for its increased critical chance, which complements your DPS build.
  • Food and Potions: Use food that provides both Max Health and Max Stamina for a balance between survivability and DPS. Harrowstorm or Tristat potions are good options, offering stamina recovery, major brutality, and major sorcery.
  • Armor Sets: Your gear may change between bosses, but some sets remain constant. These include:
    • Nazarai: Extends debuffs, especially Major Brittle, for increased group damage.
    • War Machine: Provides bonus penetration, boosting group DPS.
  • Armor Types and Traits: Aim to wear at least two heavy armor pieces for added protection. The rest can be medium for higher damage output. Use the Divines trait on your armor for increased critical damage.
  • Jewelry: Jewellery traits should focus on weapon damage or stamina recovery to boost your DPS.
  • Weapons and Traits:Use dual daggers on your front bar for maximum damage potential. Consider an infused bow on your back bar to optimize your DPS rotations.


Boss-Specific Insights

Zajastha, The Forgotten:

The fight doesn't require much tanking, so focus on DPS.

Food Sticky Pork and Radish Noodles for Max Health and Max Stamina.
Item Sets Nazarai, Pearlescent, and Alcosh.
Traits Use Divines on body pieces and Stamina traits on your jewellery.
Skills Include Inner Beast, Crystal Frags, Daedric Prey, Rapid Strikes, Quick Cloak, Flawless Dawnbreaker, and Hurricane.
Champion Points Prioritize Mastered Arms, Fighting Finesse, Deadly Aim, and Exploiter in your setup.


Twins, Arx Corinium

Gear changes are necessary, but keep War Machine and Nazarai.

Food Sticky Pork and Radish Noodles.
Item Sets Nazarai, Sac Steel, and War Machine.
Traits Reinforced on heavy armor pieces, Divines on others.
Skills Adjust skills based on whether it's a single-target or AoE phase.
Champion Points Shift towards AoE damage abilities and consider biting Aura for additional DPS.


Rakat, The Rat Whisperer:

Prioritize survivability for this fight due to Dark Barrage.

Food Orzoga's Smoke-Bear Haunch for added Health, Stamina recovery, and Magicka recovery.
Item Sets Nazarai, Pearlescent, and War Machine.
Traits Precise on your lightning staff.
Skills Opt for Destructive Reach, Silver Shards, Bonded Aegis, Revealing Flare, Critical Surge, and Call Drops.
Champion Points Adjust for survivability with Bracing Anchor and Light Attack damage with Piercing, Thaumaturge, and Mighty.


Pre-Buffing Strategies:

  • Utilize pre-buffing time before boss fights to maximize your DPS.
  • Cast abilities that have delayed damage or effects right before the boss spawns for optimal damage output.



Maximizing your tank's DPS potential in ESO requires careful consideration of your class, gear, attributes, skills, and boss-specific strategies. While it may be a complex subject, understanding the thought process behind building a DPS tank will enable you to tailor your setup to suit your group's needs and conquer challenging content more efficiently. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask in the comments or consult with fellow players in the ESO community. Good luck, and may your tanking adventures be both sturdy and damaging!

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