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RuneScape 3 Necromancy Rune Crafting Guide: Maximize GP and XP

Welcome, RuneScape enthusiasts! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate world of Necromancy Rune Crafting, exploring the methods that can make you the most Runescape Gold or help you achieve the highest Runecrafting XP rates in the game. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to RuneScape, you're about to discover the secrets to optimizing your Rune Crafting endeavors. So, let's get started.


RuneScape 3 Necromancy Rune Crafting Guide: Maximize GP and XP


The Basics of Necromancy Rune Crafting

Necromancy Rune Crafting introduces a unique twist to traditional rune crafting. Instead of using conventional runes, you'll work with Necromancy Runes, obtained by utilizing Impure Essence from rituals. These runes come in various types, including Spirit Runes, Bone Runes, Flesh Runes, and Miyas Maroons. Depending on your goals, you can earn over 50 million GP per hour or gain more than 600,000 XP per hour without any boosts. Before we delve into the methods, let's take a look at the setup you'll need:


Gear Setup

  • Infinity Ethereal Outfit: This Runecrafting outfit allows you to carry an additional 12 Impure Essence, boosting your efficiency.
  • Wilderness Sword: Perked with the Wise 4 perk, it grants you extra XP for free and provides teleportation benefits.
  • Enhanced Caliber: This weapon, with the Mobile perk, is essential for efficient Rune Crafting. If you don't have Invention unlocked, you can use the Shadows Grace Relic obtained at level 67 Archaeology.
  • Tome of Um 2: This reward from completing the medium City of Um achievements will aid in teleportation.



  • Rune Pouches: One of each Rune Pouch to store runes efficiently.
  • Power Burst of Sorcery Potion: Used every fourth trip to double the runes you create.
  • Decorated Runecrafting Urns: Stack these along with an active one and an urn enhancer for an additional 20 XP per rune crafted.
  • Impure Essence: Fill your inventory with this unless you're focused solely on GP.



  • Pouch Protector: Essential for all methods.
  • Nexus Mode Relic: Required for the XP method.
  • Shadow Grace Relic: Useful if you lack the Mobile perk on your weapon.



Abyssal Titan: Enables you to carry more Essence on each trip.

Now that you have your gear and inventory set up, let's explore the three primary Necromancy Rune Crafting methods:


Method 1: Optimizing GP per Hour

  • Bank as previously described.
  • Head toward the altars, using Search and Blade Dive for efficiency.
  • After reaching a certain point, click toward the portal, then use Search again as your character turns.
  • Run toward the portal and use Search once more to reach the altar quickly.
  • Utilize your Power Burst potion whenever available to create more runes.
  • Spam your Tome of Um to teleport back to the bank.
  • Repeat the cycle.

With practice, you can achieve up to 135 runs per hour, yielding around 50 million GP per hour (assuming you craft Spirit Runes, the most valuable at the moment). Different rune types may offer varying GP rates.


Method 2: Maximizing XP per Hour

  • Start at Edgeville bank and bank your items.
  • Head north into the Wilderness towards the Abyss Wizard.
  • Teleport through the Abyss and enter any Rune portal.
  • Spam click your Tome of Um to quickly get to the altar.
  • Craft your runes and use the Tome of Um to teleport back.
  • This method takes advantage of the Abyss buff, which boosts your XP by 250% for a minute. It's essential to use Mobile and Double Search to maximize efficiency.
  • After three runs, the buff expires, and you can get a maximum of about 100 runs to the altar.

This method can yield over 600,000 XP per hour, particularly when crafting Miyas Maroons, which offer the highest XP rates.


Method 3: Ironman Rune Crafting

  • This method is ideal for Ironman accounts aiming to maximize XP while obtaining all rune types.
  • Choose the highest XP rate rune you still need and the lowest XP rate rune you need.
  • Focus on crafting the high XP rune while using the Abyss method.
  • When your Power Burst potion is off cooldown, switch to crafting the low XP rune.

This method optimizes XP gained from Impure Essence while ensuring you obtain all rune types.


By following these methods, you can tailor your Necromancy Rune Crafting experience to your specific goals, whether it's amassing wealth, gaining XP, or efficiently collecting all rune types. Practice and dedication will help you master these methods and become a RuneScape Rune Crafting expert.

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