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How to Get RuneScape Unique Boss Pet The Kalphite Queen?

In this guide, we'll delve into a boss pet that has become much more accessible thanks to the release of necromancy in RuneScape. The Kalphite Queen, once a tedious and annoying boss to conquer, is now a breeze with the new combat style. If you want to complete your boss log and snag a unique pet, this is the perfect opportunity. Let's get started!


How to Get RuneScape Unique Boss Pet The Kalphite Queen?



For your gear setup, it's all about necromancy. Standard power armor works well, but if you have tier 90 power armor, even better for faster DPS.

Consider using a cape like the Kiln Cape for its death school benefits.

Your two weapons should suffice, and a god book can come in handy.

Don't worry too much about taking damage; you can teleport and return quickly if needed.



  • Basic overloads
  • Exoplasm (optional)
  • Some food (Sharks or better)
  • A Bunyip pouch (optional)


The Kalphite Queen

The Kalphite Queen has been a challenge in the past due to her two forms of prayer.

However, with necromancy, she doesn't pray anymore, making kills quick and straightforward.

There's an exiled version of the Kalphite Queen, but there's no significant benefit in terms of pet rates or ease of obtaining it.


Combat Strategy

  • The Kalphite Queen prays against Ranged and Magic in her first phase.
  • In the final form, she prays against Melee.
  • Use necromancy to take her down quickly.


The Drops

The Kalphite Queen's drop table is relatively basic, so don't expect hefty rewards.

You're mainly here for four key drops:

  • Jar of sand (used to unlock the pet)
  • Dragon chainbody
  • Dragon 2h sword
  • Kalphite Queen head

Once you've obtained all four of these items, you'll earn the prestigious "Queen Slayer" title.


Respawn Rate

With the quickest respawn rate, you can expect around 60 kills per hour.

There might be some downtime while waiting for the Kalphite Queen to respawn, but it's not a significant issue.



If you're looking for more protection, consider using Devotion or other defensive abilities.

You can incorporate Kalphite Queen kills into your Slayer tasks for efficiency.

Penance aura or prayer flicking can help sustain your health.


Additional Loot

Apart from the key drops, the Kalphite Queen might also provide:

  • Potato cacti
  • Amulets (potentially valuable)
  • Blood runes (up to 150 per drop)
  • Clue Scrolls (1 in 128 for hard, 1 in 240 for elite)
  • Kalphite Queen head (cosmetic)
  • Jar of sand (pet)



While the Kalphite Queen may not be the most profitable boss, it offers an opportunity to obtain a unique and cool pet. With the introduction of necromancy, the once-annoying boss has become an AFKable task, making it an ideal choice for those looking to complete their boss log and collect a rare pet. Enjoy your adventures in RuneScape, and may the Kalphite Queen's pet be yours soon!

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