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New World Flail Ability Update: Chain Heal and Focus Scaling System

Ahoy, adventurers! In an exciting twist, New World has unveiled a treasure trove of information about the Flail, introducing a plethora of mechanics we've yet to explore. This weapon, previously shrouded in mystery, is now revealed to be a unique blend of tank and healer capabilities akin to a Paladin playstyle. While it boasts low raw damage, it compensates with high survivability, support, and utility, thanks to its combination of physical and magical damage.


New World Flail Ability Update: Chain Heal and Focus Scaling System


Unique Scaling System

The most intriguing aspect is Flail's unique scaling system. It scales with both Strength and Focus, with a 90 Strength scaling and a 65 Focus scaling, setting it apart from most other weapons. This dual scaling suggests that the Flail can deal different types of damage, aligning with the various abilities it offers. But that's not all; some buffs on the Flail will scale with Focus, influencing their duration or power and expanding the role of Focus beyond healing.


Flail and Shields

Unlike many other weapons that merely offer the option of using an offhand shield, the Flail is described as a one-handed weapon with the option for an offhand shield. This distinction hints at a shift in shield mechanics. While the Flail doesn't require a shield for any of its abilities, the shield complements its performance, granting three extra perks. This might suggest that perks are being phased out from shields entirely.


Flail Mechanics

Here's a closer look at some key Flail mechanics:

  • Attack Speed: The Flail features a medium attack speed, similar to the Great Axe or War Hammer, though specifics remain undisclosed.
  • Extended Melee Range: The Flail boasts an extended melee range, offering a unique advantage in terms of engagement distance.
  • Debuffs and Buffs: All Flail attacks, be they swipe, thrusts, or magical AoEs, come with buffs and debuffs, emphasizing their utility and support role.


Strengths and Weaknesses

The Flail's strengths lie in its survivability, utility, versatility, support, and defense capabilities. On the flip side, it struggles in terms of raw damage and may need to excel in one-on-one combat scenarios.


Unique Mechanics

  • Flare Tip: The Flare Tip extends during attacks, providing additional reach.
  • Impairment: Inflicts a status effect combining overtime damage and weakening enemies.


Skill Trees

The Flail offers two skill trees:

  • Cleric Tree (Left Tree): Focused on healing and support, buffing and debuffing allies.
  • Bastion Tree (Right Tree): Concentrated on defense and tanking, boosting ally defense and enhancing self-survivability.


Shield Combinations

Notably, the Flail's passive abilities change based on the type of shield used:

  • Round Shield: Provides increased damage.
  • Tower Shield: Offers defense or grit.
  • Kite Shield: Introduces a stagger effect, making it a viable choice.


Suggested Weapon Pairings

Flail + Life Staff Ideal for focus and support-based playstyles, emphasizing healing, group survival, and general support.
Flail + Void Gauntlet Combining the healing and support aspect with the Void Gauntlet's damage abilities for a versatile mix of damage and support.
Flail + Sword and Shield Designed for tank and support roles, drawing aggro, supporting teammates, and enhancing overall team survivability.
Flail + Strength Scaling Weapons Suitable for off-tank or DPS roles, adding survivability, buffs, and support to damage-focused builds.



While some Flail abilities were previously detailed, recent updates provide additional information:

  • Arcane Smite: A magical ground slam with impairment and upgrades, including buffs, lifesteal, and likely cooldown reduction.
  • Vortex: A spinning attack that empowers allies with healing and cleansing abilities, along with potential buffs.
  • Eruption: A ground slam that applies impairment and follows up with a melee attack, featuring small self-healing and stronger chain heal upgrades.
  • Warning Bludgeon (Bastion Capstone): Provides fortify to nearby allies and links to an ally, sharing damage absorption and damage increase when linked.


Passive Abilities

Several notable passive abilities include:

  • Leader of the Pack: Increases your damage when no allies are nearby and boosts allies' damage when they are nearby.
  • Vital Suppressant: Reduces damage taken while above 50% health and decreases block stamina damage taken below 50% health.



The Flail introduces exciting new dynamics to New World's combat system, emphasizing teamwork, versatility, and unique scaling mechanics. Players will undoubtedly uncover countless strategies and synergies with this intriguing weapon. Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare to wield the Flail as a formidable adventurer in Aeternum!

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