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RuneScape 3 AFK Gold Making Guide: Passive Income with Machines

In RuneScape 3, there exists a lesser-known yet highly effective method for passive Gold-making – the use of machines. These machines, introduced as part of the Invention skill, offer an opportunity to generate consistent income with minimal effort. In this guide, we will explore the various machines available, their upgrades, and the best strategies to make the most profit.


RuneScape 3 AFK Gold Making Guide: Passive Income with Machines


Getting Started

Machines become accessible at Invention level 60, and you can initially use Auto Disassemblers. As you progress, you can unlock better machines and upgrades, such as the Alchemizer, Partial Potion Producer, and Plank Maker. It's crucial to focus on leveling up your Invention skill to take full advantage of these Gold-making opportunities.


Understanding Machines

Machines are a fantastic way to make Gold in RuneScape 3, especially for players who don't have the time to actively play the game. 

They allow you to invest items and resources, and then, after a certain period, harvest the rewards without any further input. 

Machines are available at level 60 Invention and come in various types, each serving a unique purpose. 

Here are the key machine types:

  • Auto Disassembler: This machine disassembles items into Invention components, making it a favorite among Iron Men and those looking for quick components for Divine charges.
  • Alchemizer: The alchemizer turns items into coins, providing a steady income source. You can configure it to use nature runes for high alchemy.
  • Generator: Your machines need power to operate, and the generator supplies this power. Upgrading your generator increases the number of machines you can use simultaneously.
  • Mark II Machines: These are upgraded versions of the base machines, offering increased efficiency and output.
  • Partial Potion Producer: Automatically creates unfinished potions, making it a great choice for players looking to stockpile potions for bonus XP weekends.
  • High Alchemizer: A more advanced version of the alchemizer, offering even more profit potential.


Best Machines for Passive Income

Now that you know the types of machines available let's delve into which ones are the most profitable for passive income.

  • Alchemizer Machine: The alchemizer machine can yield approximately 8.1 million coins per week, translating to around 244,000 coins per hour. While this might not seem like much, remember that it operates 24/7, making it a reliable source of income.
  • Auto Disassembler: This machine, when set to disassemble valuable items like Onyx bolts (e), can generate around 10 million coins. It's a slow process but requires minimal interaction.
  • Partial Potion Producer: Use this machine strategically, especially before bonus XP weekends, to create unfinished potions. It's an excellent way to stock up on valuable items for later profit.


Maximizing Profits

Upgrade Your Machines: As you progress in Invention, aim to unlock higher-tier machines and upgrades.

A Large Generator, available at level 80, increases energy production, allowing you to run more machines simultaneously.

  • Consistency is Key: Harvest your machines every eight days and eight hours. Keep them running consistently to maximize your profits.
  • Diversify Your Inputs: Don't rely on a single item to generate income. Test different items and find those that offer the best return on investment.
  • Stockpile for Events: Use the Partial Potion Producer to create unfinished potions before Bonus XP weekends. This can help you save on costs during the event.



In RuneScape 3, machines offer an exceptional opportunity for passive income. Whether you aim to maintain a bond or accumulate gradual wealth, these machines are your ticket to effortless Gold-making. Start with Auto Disassemblers and Alchemizers, diversify your inputs, and level up your Invention skill to unlock better machines and maximize your profits. With dedication and consistency, you'll watch your wealth grow steadily, requiring minimal effort on your part. So, why not start your journey to passive riches with RuneScape 3 machines today?

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