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New World Named Item Guide: How to Master Game Changing Upgrade System?

In the world of New World, item upgrading has taken a new and powerful turn, and it's a game-changer. This enhancement feature applies exclusively to named items, which, fortunately, are now relatively common to find. Named items can be taken to new heights, greatly enhancing your character's power. In this guide, we'll explore the process of upgrading named items, the necessary resources, and how this can revolutionize your gameplay.



New World Named Item Guide: How to Master Game Changing Upgrade System?


The Gypsum Kiln

The upgrade process begins at the Gypsum Kiln, a location you might already be familiar with in New World. At first glance, the Kiln appears much like it used to, offering options to craft gypsum and infused items. However, the real game-changing feature lies at the bottom of the interface in the Named Item Crafting section.


This upgrade system works for both armor and weapons and potentially for jewelry as well (though this needs further confirmation). To begin, let's use an example: the Deepriver Void Gauntlet with a gear score of 661.


Required Materials

  • The named item itself (e.g., Deep River Void Gauntlet)
  • A Weapon Matrix (for weapons) or Armor Matrix (for armor)
  • Dark Matter
  • Gypsum Orb
  • A Craft Mod

The key highlight of this process is that, upon upgrading, your named item will reach the highest gear score possible, which is 700, and it will gain three perks, with the third perk being your choice.


Drop Rate of Named Items

Named items have become relatively common. They can drop from open-world bosses and are expected to drop in Expeditions as well. Any named item in the game that doesn't drop at a gear score of 700 can be upgraded, completely changing the dynamics of item progression.


Weapon and Armor Matrices

Before we delve further into the upgrade process, it's essential to understand the role of Weapon and Armor Matrices. Each Matrix requires specific resources, and here's what you need for each:


Weapon Matrix:

  • Enchanted Handle
  • Tempered Cast


Armor Matrix:

  • Prismatic Materials (2 of each type)
  • Gypsum Orb
  • Asmodeum

The crafting location for these materials may vary, but generally, the Weapon Matrix components can be found at a Forge, while the Armor Matrix materials are crafted at an Outfitter. Both matrices require two of each prismatic material and a Gypsum Orb.


For the Armor Matrix, you'll also need Bless Rivets and Reinforced Bracing, which are not crafted at the Outfitter.


Crafting these matrices requires specific professions, so you may need assistance from friends who possess the necessary crafting skills.


Acquiring Dark Matter

Dark Matter is the elusive resource needed for the upgrading process. While it may not be visible as an item in your inventory, it can be obtained from various sources:

  • Quest Rewards: Some quests offer Dark Matter as a reward.
  • Outpost Rush: Engaging in Outpost Rush activities can yield Dark Matter.
  • Siege of Sulfur Spoils: Participating in this event can grant you Dark Matter, especially the purple variant, which is valuable.
  • Hatchery Boxes: Some reports suggest that Hatchery Boxes may contain Dark Matter.

However, the primary source of Dark Matter is salvaging legendary items, particularly those that come from dungeons. When you salvage legendary items, you have a chance to obtain Dark Matter, making it a valuable resource.


The Upgrade Process

Now, let's walk through the process of upgrading your named item to legendary status with a gear score of 700:

  • Ensure you have the named item you want to upgrade: a Weapon/Armor Matrix, Dark Matter, a Gypsum Orb, and a Craft Mod.
  • Access the Named Item Crafting section at the Gypsum Kiln.
  • Select your named item and choose the third perk you desire.
  • Click the "Craft" button.

Upon completion, your item will be transformed into a legendary piece of gear with a gear score of 700 and three perks, one of which is your choice. This upgrade is a game-changer, as it significantly enhances your character's capabilities.


Additional Information

In addition to named items, you can also upgrade artifacts using a similar process. Head to the Gypsum Kiln and scroll down to find the section dedicated to artifacts. This allows you to change the fifth perk of your artifact, giving you more control over your character's build.


The artifact items upgrade process is slightly more resource-intensive, requiring 250 Dark Matter, a Gypsum Orb, and a Craft Mod. However, it's an excellent way to fine-tune your character's abilities and adapt to changing game dynamics.



The introduction of named item upgrading in New World has transformed the way players approach gear progression. With the ability to upgrade named items to legendary status and the flexibility to choose perks, players have gained a significant advantage in shaping their characters. Dark Matter, while mysterious, can be obtained from various sources, primarily through salvaging legendary items.

As you explore the world of Aeternum, keep an eye out for these named items and seize the opportunity to upgrade them. Whether it's enhancing your combat capabilities or fine-tuning your build with artifact upgrades, New World's gear progression system has truly evolved, offering players a thrilling and dynamic gaming experience.

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