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RuneScape 3 Best AFK Gold-Making Methods

In the world of RuneScape 3, every adventurer craves a bit of downtime, and what's better than making some AFK Runescape gold while you relax or multitask? We're here to unveil AFK methods that will help you earn GP effortlessly, either to advance your account or secure that bond. These methods cater to varying skill levels and requirements, making them accessible to all. So, let's dive into these Gold-making techniques!


RuneScape 3 Best AFK Gold-Making Methods


Woodcutting - Elder Logs

Elder logs have seen a resurgence in value after the release of the woodcutter's update. 

With their price on the rise, Elder logs have become a lucrative option for AFK Gold-making. 

Currently priced at around 9.3k each, these logs can bring in a tidy profit.


Tips for AFK Woodcutting

  • Utilize Elder wood Stone Spirits for double logs.
  • Consider using woodcutting potions to boost your levels.
  • Keep a rotation of woodcutting spots to maximize efficiency.
  • Unlock the woodcutting Sentinel outfit for better XP and teleports.
  • Aim for around 5 million GP per hour with this method.


Divination - Incandescent Energy

Divination has always been a reliable AFK Gold-making skill. Incandescent energy, in particular, offers good returns.

You can expect to make approximately 11.5 million GP per hour with the Divine conversion Relic (requires 98 Archaeology).


Tips for AFK Divination

  • Use the Divine conversion Relic for faster energy conversion.
  • Obtain the Divination outfit for additional bonuses.
  • Consider the Spirit Muspah pouch for more memory storage.
  • Earn GP while chilling out and harvesting memories.


Archaeology Materials - Hellfire Metal and Blood of Orcus

Archaeology materials such as Hellfire Metal and Blood of Orcus are in high demand due to their use in binding contracts and potions. 

Despite some fluctuations in prices, these materials can still net you a solid 5 to 6 million GP per hour when collected from concentrated areas.


Tips for AFK Archaeology Material Gathering

  • Focus on high-demand materials for maximum profit.
  • Utilize Grace of the Elves and portal charges for banking.
  • Watch out for competition in popular gathering spots.
  • These methods are slightly less AFK compared to others but offer great returns.



In RuneScape 3, making Gold doesn't always require your full attention. These AFK methods—woodcutting Elder logs, harvesting Divination energies, and gathering Archaeology materials—can help you earn GP while you relax, watch videos, or attend to other tasks. With a little effort, you can easily secure a bond or make steady progress on your account. So, whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting out, these methods are worth exploring.

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