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ESO Update 40 Endless Archive: New Features and Changes

The Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up for a massive update with Update 40, and it's packed with exciting new features and content. In a recent preview stream, developers showcased what players can expect from this update, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Here's a detailed guide to what was covered in the stream, including new crafting stations, jewelry crafting changes, the revamped group finder tool, and the highly anticipated Endless Archive, along with upcoming in-game events.



ESO Update 40 Endless Archive: New Features and Changes


Important Dates

  1. PC Release: October 30th
  2. Console Release: November 14th
  3. PTS (Public Test Server) for Update 40: Live on Monday, September 18th


Grand Master Crafting Stations

One of the long-awaited features, the Grand Master Crafting Stations (GMC), was revealed in concept art during the stream. These stations were created to solve the problem of limited furnishing slots in Guild and crafting halls. Previously, players needed four attunable station furnishings (Clothing, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Jewelry) for each craftable set. With the GMC stations, this issue is resolved, as each crafting skill line will have one unique GMC station. Players can feed attunable stations into their GMC stations, requiring only four GMC crafting stations instead of hundreds of attunables. The GMC stations visually upgrade themselves as more attunables are fed into them.


GMC stations can be purchased with Rip Vouchers, which is great news for Guild Masters, who were previously limited by the number of available furnishing slots.


Jewelry Crafting Rework

  • Goal: Initially, jewelry crafting was designed mainly for endgame players. The developers aim to make it more accessible to all players by rebalancing it.
  • Changes:
    • Grains are being removed entirely from the system.
    • Grains in your inventory will be converted to Ancient Grains.
    • Platings will be renamed to Ancient Platings.
    • A 1-to-1 conversion ratio for grains to platings.
    • A 1-to-10 conversion ratio for platings to ancient platings.
  • Upgrades: The cost of upgrading jewelry to eso gold is adjusted to be more in line with other crafting skill lines. For example, it will require eight chromium platings when all improvement perks are applied.
  • Red Jewelry Crafting: Red jewelry crafting items will be removed from the game.


Revamped Group Finder Tool

One of the most requested features by the player base is the revamped group finder tool. The new tool allows players to create or join listings for various content categories, including trials, PvP, zone content, or custom content like ERP. Players can apply to join these groups, and group leaders can accept invites. This change is expected to reduce the foot traffic in Craglorn, where many players previously AFK'd while looking for trial groups.


The Endless Archive

The Endless Archive is a systemically endless PvE Arena available to all ESO players who own the base game. It can be completed solo with a companion or with a friend.

Highlights The Endless Archive is the centerpiece of Update 40, featuring a procedurally generated PvE arena experience.
Objective Players are tasked with entering the archive to track down a powerful Daedra named Tho'at Replicanum, who is causing chaos by spawning various monsters.
Structure The archive consists of stages, cycles, and arcs. Completing stages and cycles leads to boss fights and unique class set item rewards.
Variety Over 60 different bosses from different aspects of the game, including story bosses, public dungeon champions, world bosses, and more, are featured.
Verses and Visions Buffs and bonuses known as verses and visions can be selected to enhance gameplay.
Rewards Players can earn archival fortunes, a unique currency, to purchase furnishings, gold materials, taut deck fragments, account unlocks, and curated or uncurated class sets.


Upcoming In-Game Events

  • Secrets of the Telvanni: A celebration event encouraging players to participate in Overland content in the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. Completing event objectives will earn event goodies and tickets.
  • Challenge Meter: A special daily event quest challenge meter will fill as players complete a specific quest, leading to rewards such as the ebony Scarab pet, nightmare Nest markings, and the Callison room home.
  • Witches Festival: October's event will feature town decorations and traditional holiday celebrations.
  • Gates of Oblivion Celebration: This November, players can look forward to a celebration related to the Gates of Oblivion storyline.
  • New Life Festival: The year concludes with the New Life Festival, bringing festivities to Tamriel.


Other events mentioned include the Gates of Oblivion celebration in November and the New Life Festival in December.



Update 40 is packed with exciting changes and content, from the convenience of GMC stations to the endless challenges of the Endless Archive. With these new features and events, ESO players have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

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