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The History of the Most Expensive Item in Old School RuneScape

In the vast and ever-evolving world of Old School RuneScape, players have always been on a quest to obtain the most coveted item in the game – the one that stands as a symbol of wealth and prestige. Over the years, this elusive prize has shifted and transformed, influenced by the game's dynamic economy and player preferences. In this article, we will take a journey through time to explore the history of the most expensive item in Old School RuneScape, tracing its evolution over the past decade.


The History of the Most Expensive Item in Old School RuneScape


The Early Days

Old School RuneScape made its debut on February 22nd, 2013, a fresh start for all players. In those nascent moments, there was hardly any gold in the game, reminiscent of the modern Deadman Mode server. Consequently, no specific item could claim the title of the most expensive. It's plausible that some players swapped RS3 gold to purchase rare items, but true rarity had yet to emerge.


The Rise of Expensive Items

As months passed and more gold flowed into the game, a few items began to stand out as the most prestigious and expensive. Surprisingly, the Dragon Full Helm, available from the beginning, gained considerable value, with rumors of it selling for 300 to 400 million gold. Additionally, the third age items, although introduced later, became highly sought after. In August 2013, the third age Mage Robe Top commanded prices around 300 million gold, while the third age Kite Shield was valued at 250 million gold – a significant sum in a game where gold was scarce.


The Treasure Trail Expansion

June 2014 marked a pivotal moment with the introduction of Elite Clue Scrolls, heralding the arrival of three of the most expensive items in the game – third age weapons. The third age long sword, wand, and bow quickly became the rarest and most expensive items in Old School RuneScape. Players were willing to pay hundreds of millions for these purely cosmetic items.


The Elysian Spirit Shield

In October 2014, the game saw the release of the Elysian Spirit Shield, an item that not only boasted rarity but also practicality. This shield quickly became the most expensive item, reaching 800 million gold in value. It was a departure from the purely cosmetic items that had held the title thus far.


The Rise and Fall of Third Age Items

By mid-2015, reports emerged of third age items experiencing rapid price increases. The third age long sword reached a peak of 4 billion gold, while other items like the third age bow, wand, and cloak also saw substantial price hikes. This surge was due to players buying up hyper-rare third age items on the Grand Exchange, creating scarcity and driving up prices.


The Master Clue Scroll Era

July 6th, 2016, marked a significant shift with the introduction of Master Clue Scrolls. These scrolls brought forth two new third age items: the third age axe and the third age pickaxe. These items, exclusive to Master Clues, were incredibly rare and valued between 300 and 500 million gold initially. However, their rarity would become more apparent over time.


The Twisted Bow Dominance

The Twisted Bow, introduced on January 5th, 2017, during the Chambers of Xeric raid, ushered in a new era for expensive items. Selling initially for Max Cash, it quickly became not only the most desirable but also the most expensive item in the game, remaining so throughout 2017.


God-Tier PvM Items

The trend continued with the introduction of powerful PvM items, such as the Scythe of Vitur in 2018. The Scythe's initial sale for 5 billion gold made it the most expensive item at the time. However, it ultimately fell in value, becoming less expensive than both the Twisted Bow and the Torn Tome.


Master Clue Third Age Items

In April 2019, Master Clue Scrolls added two new third age items: the third age druidic top, bottom, and cloak. These items reached Max Cash values, dominating the game's most expensive item list for the next few years.


The Rise of the Third Age Pickaxe

2020 saw a surge in third age item prices, likely influenced by the pandemic. Notably, the third age pickaxe reached Max Cash in June 2020 and has since continued to appreciate in value, rumored to be worth 6 to 8 billion gold in 2023.



Old School RuneScape's economy and the most expensive item within it have undergone significant transformations over the past decade. From purely cosmetic items to practical PvM gear, the game's most expensive items reflect its ever-evolving nature. As of 2023, the third age pickaxe reigns supreme, but only time will tell if it will follow the footsteps of the iconic Blue Party Hat's historic price surge.

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