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Diablo 4 Season 1 Barbarian Whirlwind Bleed Speed Farming Build

Welcome to the ultimate Barbarian Whirlwind and bleed build guide for Diablo 4 Season One. In this guide, we'll walk you through the best Barbarian build that can easily conquer tier 100 nightmare dungeons and take on the formidable Uber Lilith. This build is gear-dependent and designed for end-game content, but it offers incredible damage potential and speed. Stick with us from start to finish as we delve into the details of this build, its pros, cons, and strategies for defeating Uber Lilith.


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Diablo 4 Season 1 Barbarian Whirlwind Bleed Speed Farming Build


Build Overview

This Whirlwind and bleed build revolves around utilizing the Barbarian's abilities and gear to inflict massive damage on enemies. To get started, let's take a look at the essential gear and malignant hearts that make this build shine.


Pros and Cons



  • Exceptionally strong and can clear tier 100 nightmare dungeons quickly.
  • Easy to use, especially for clearing groups of enemies.
  • Offers high survivability and tankiness.
  • Fast clear times, typically under 5 minutes for nightmare dungeons.
  • Capable of defeating Uber Lilith with the right strategy.



  • Gear-dependent and expensive to optimize.
  • Tailored for end-game content, ideally at level 75+.
  • Reliability in one-shotting Uber Lilith depends on luck.
  • Other classes may have more reliable Uber Lilith strategies.


Malignant Hearts

  • Barbaric Raffle Malignant Heart: This is the best malignant heart for the Barbarian and offers incredible damage potential.
  • Calculated Malignant Heart: Grants your attacks the ability to stun enemies when your Whirlwind spends 150 to 200 resources.
  • Tempting Fate Malignant Heart: Significantly increases your Critical Strike damage.

Note: While leveling, you can use any malignant heart, but these three are crucial for tackling high-level nightmare dungeons.



  • Lunging Strike: Use this basic skill to generate Fury and critical strikes. It can grant you Berserking.
  • Whirlwind: Your main damage-dealing skill. It applies bleeding damage to enemies when you have a slashing weapon equipped.



  • Rallying Cry: Increases movement speed, resource regeneration, and grants Unstoppable.
  • War Cry: Greatly boosts damage and grants Berserking.
  • Challenging Shout: Enhances survivability and Fury generation.
  • Wrath of the Berserker: This ultimate skill extends your Berserking time, increases damage, and grants Unstoppable.



Choose the Two-Handed Axe expertise for increased Vulnerable damage and Critical Strike chance.


Skill Tree

We'll focus on enhancing key skills, such as Lunging Strike, Whirlwind, and Shouts, while also improving survivability and damage reduction. Prioritize the following:

  • Lunging Strike: Enhance it to generate Fury.
  • Whirlwind: Improve damage and add the Bleeding effect.
  • Shouts: Enhance Rallying Cry, War Cry, and Challenging Shout for utility and survivability.
  • Ultimate Skills: Enhance Wrath of the Berserker for maximum effectiveness.
  • Passives: Invest in Gushing Wounds for increased bleed damage.


Gear and Legendary Aspects

Gear optimization is crucial for this build. Look for specific stats on each gear piece, including cooldown reduction, armor, movement speed, and weapon bonuses like Vulnerable damage, Critical Strike damage, and Strength. A detailed gear and legendary aspect checklist can be found in the D4 build planner provided in the description.


Gems and Malignant Hearts

  • Sapphire Gems: Equip these in your armor slots for damage reduction while Fortify is active.
  • Emerald Gems: Use these in your weapon for increased Critical Strike damage to vulnerable enemies.
  • Malignant Hearts: Prioritize low cooldowns for the Barbaric Raffle Malignant Heart to maximize damage.


Paragon Board and Glyphs

A fully optimized Paragon board is essential for this build. Prioritize various glyphs that enhance your Barbarian's abilities, such as Critical Strike damage, bleeding damage, and damage to vulnerable enemies. Refer to the provided D4 build planner for the complete Paragon board layout.


Uber Lilith Fight Strategy

In phase one, aim to one-shot Uber Lilith. If you can't, focus on surviving her mechanics by staying at the edge of the circle during her summoning phase and dodging her waves.

In phase two, stack bleed damage with Whirlwind until you get the huge bleed and Barbaric Raffle Malignant Heart proc.

For the last mechanic, ensure you have maximum movement speed from your amulet and boots to dodge Fireballs.

Run in a circle to avoid them. Once successful, you'll defeat Uber Lilith.



This Barbarian Whirlwind and bleed build is a powerful choice for tackling high-level nightmare dungeons and even taking on Uber Lilith. While it requires specific gear and a bit of luck for Uber Lilith, the damage potential and speed make it a worthwhile investment. Make sure to follow the gear and Paragon board layouts provided in the D4 build planner to maximize the build's effectiveness. 

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