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RuneScape 3 Polypod Dungeon Gold-Making Guides

After all these years, RuneScape surprises players with fantastic updates and new areas. One such area is the Polypod Dungeon, home to the enigmatic Polypod creatures. While our primary reason for visiting this dungeon is to purchase some essential items, we'll explore an exciting Gold-making method in this guide.


RuneScape 3 Polypod Dungeon Gold-Making Guides


Step 1: Purchasing Poncho Webs and Leggings

Our first stop is the Polypod Dungeon's shop, where we can buy Poncho webs and leggings. These items are worth investing in for a unique profit opportunity. You can purchase up to 40 of each item daily. These items can also be listed on the Grand Exchange for potential profit.


Step 2: Understanding the Profit Mechanism

You might wonder why players buy bulk Poncho webs, leggings, and visor webs. The answer lies in the Ganodermic flakes and the mycelium rune crafting process.


Step 3: Obtaining Ganodermic Flakes

You'll need Ganodermic flakes to convert these items into profitable gear. These flakes can be purchased from the Polypod Dungeon's shop for 415 GP each and sold back for 398 GP. Although the profit per flake is modest, buying them in bulk can yield substantial gains.


Step 4: Crafting Visor Webs for Profit

Visor webs are the first piece of gear we'll craft. They require 500 Ganodermic flakes and a needle and thread. Since visor webs have a slow buy rate in the shop (only ten every four hours), leaving a buy offer on the Grand Exchange for an extended period is better. You can expect around 100,000 Runescape GP profit per visor web.


Step 5: Crafting Leggings for Additional Profit

Next up are the leggings, which require 1,500 Ganodermic flakes. Crafting these leggings can yield you around 200,000 GP profit per piece. Like visor webs, these also have a slow buy rate in the shop.


Step 6: The Potential of Poncho Webs

Poncho webs are a wildcard. Although their price in the shop is higher than other pieces, you can sell them on the Grand Exchange. We noticed a price discrepancy, suggesting they might be valuable in the future. You could stockpile them and wait for the price to rise.


Step 7: Consider Bonus XP Weekends

During Bonus XP Weekends, players often rush to level their invention. Ganodermic gear is an excellent choice for this purpose, making the pieces more valuable during such events. Keep an eye on the market and sell at the right time.


Step 8: Patience Is Key

The Ganodermic gear pieces may not sell quickly, but they will eventually find buyers with patience and proper pricing. Don't rush; let your offers sit on the Grand Exchange and maximize your profits.


Conclusion: A Long-Term Gold-Making Method

The Polypod Dungeon provides a unique Gold-making opportunity through the Ganodermic gear pieces. You can earn a substantial profit by purchasing Poncho webs, leggings, and visor webs from the dungeon's shop, collecting Ganodermic flakes, and crafting and selling the gear on the Grand Exchange. Remember to check the market trends, especially during Bonus XP Weekends, and be patient in your trading endeavours. This method is an excellent addition to your daily RuneScape routine for consistent, long-term profit.

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