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What are the key skills and perks for Flails in New World?

Flail is a formidable new weapon in the world of New World that wields the power of Arcane energy and delivers devastating blows to foes. In this in-depth exploration, we will dissect the Flail skill tree, unravelling its unique abilities, perks, and synergies. We delve into the Arcane Smite, Arcane Vortex, Arcane Eruption, Warding Bludgeon, Trip, and the various perks that can turn you into a formidable force on the battlefield. We'll also explore how the Flail can cater to different playstyles, be it a tank, support, or crowd-control role. 



What are the key skills and perks for Flails in New World?


Arcane Smite

Let's start with the Arcane Smite skill. This ability deals 130 weapon damage with Arcane damage and a small area-of-effect (AOE). It applies an essential debuff called Impairment that does 10 weapon damage per second for six seconds. Moreover, it inflicts Weaken for the same duration, reducing the target's base damage by 10 and stacking up to three times. Impairment is a crucial debuff for the Flail, as it synergizes with many other abilities.

  • Epic Flail: This upgrade reduces the cooldown by 5% per target hit, up to a maximum of 25%. With a base cooldown of 18 seconds, this reduction can be quite significant.
  • In-Class Superiority: Depending on your choice of shield (Round Shield, Kite Shield, or Tower Shield), this ability offers different effects. For instance, with a Round Shield, the damage increases by 20%. With a Kite Shield, you stagger targets but deal 90% of the weapon damage. Finally, a Tower Shield grants a 30-45 Fortify for six seconds, making it quite defensive.
  • Deflecting Frailty: Allies entering the hazardous area created by this ability gain Deflecting Clarity for three seconds, allowing them to apply up to five stacks of Weaken to enemies. Additionally, they gain 10% lifesteal during this time, which can be further increased with Focus.


Arcane Vortex

Next up is Arcane Vortex. This skill involves spinning the Flail overhead, delivering four rapid hits of 85 weapon damage in a 3-meter radius. Allies nearby receive a 10% Empower buff for five seconds, enhancing their damage output. It has a cooldown of 16 seconds, and its unique mechanics offer various strategic options.

  • Flailbert: Hitting an enemy four times with all spins will root them for one second, providing crowd control utility in addition to damage. Note that you can't use basic attacks while spinning.
  • Accelerated Advantage: This perk grants allies an immediate 25% Haste for five seconds upon hitting a target with Arcane Vortex. The stacking mechanic is replaced, ensuring consistent haste bonuses. The real highlight is the crowd control immunity effect.
  • Leader of the Pack: This perk boosts base damage for allies within 5 meters and empowers them by 5% when near one or more allies: straightforward damage and teamwork enhancement.
  • Better Together: This perk provides passive healing to you and allies within 4 meters, healing for 16 weapon damage every 2 seconds. It's ideal for group play, especially in PvP scenarios.


Arcane Eruption

Arcane Eruption is a skill where you drag the Flail head against the ground, causing an eruption of Arcane energy. It inflicts 125 weapon damage and two stacks of Impairment for six seconds on all targets hit. An automatic follow-up melee attack deals 160 strike damage.

  • Targeted Attack: Slows the target hit by 40%, reducing their movement speed for three seconds.
  • Supportive Blessing: The follow-up attack consumes one stack of Impairment on the target, creating a chain heal effect that grants 130% of its total damage as health to each ally it touches and 80% of its total damage to self. Scaling with Focus, this perk offers considerable healing potential.
  • Debilitating Extension: Extends the duration of all debilitate status effects (Rend, Weaken, Exhaust, and Disease) on the target by 30%. A valuable choice for maximizing damage output.


Warding Bludgeon

Warding Bludgeon is your primary AoE taunt ability, spinning, leaping, and striking targets for 100 weapon damage. During the leap, you gain a reinforced fortify effect for you and nearby allies, boosting armor by 50 for 8 seconds or until three hits are taken.

  • Stable Impairment: This perk reduces stamina damage taken by 25% for 0.5 seconds after activating the block. It may also apply a stack of Impairment upon blocking hits, enhancing your control and survivability.
  • Best Friends: Upon ability activation, you become linked to a nearby ally within six meters, sharing damage and granting damage absorption. This perk is particularly useful for coordinated group play.



Trip swings the Flail forward, latching onto a target, dealing 50 Arcane weapon damage and knocking them to the ground. With an 18-second cooldown, this skill can disrupt enemies and create opportunities for your team.

  • Flailing Duration: This upgrade applies a special debuff to the target, reducing the duration of all damage over time effects on your allies by 10% per hit. It's a niche choice, best suited for specific scenarios.
  • Rend and Fortify: The standout perk for Trip. Hitting weakened targets with Trip inflicts 15 Rend for 5 seconds on the target and grants you 15% Fortify for 5 seconds. This is a powerful debuff and defense combo that synergizes well with other Flail abilities.
  • Destabilize: The follow-up heavy attack deals 145 weapon damage and may utilize heavy attack effects such as Rend and Trench. It adds an extra layer of damage potential to your combo.


Cleric Perks

Perks for the Cleric class offer various benefits that can complement your Flail build. These perks cater to different playstyles and equipment choices. Consider these perks to fine-tune your character:

  • Weighted Superiority: Reduces cooldowns based on your equip load.
  • Oppressive Advantage: Grants benefits against low-health targets.
  • Heavy Flails: Reduces stamina regeneration after hitting a target with basic attacks within 3 seconds of using an ability.
  • Spiky Impairment: Inflicts impairment on attackers when hit above 90% Health.
  • Violent Raze: Grants lifesteal and extends damage over time effects.
  • Leader of the Pack: Boosts base damage and empowers nearby allies.
  • Better Together: Provides passive healing for you and allies within 4 meters.


Bastion & Barrage

Now, let's explore the other side of the equation – the Bastion and Barrage skills that can complement your tanking abilities:

  • Barrage: This skill combines a forward sprint, leap, and ground slam. It deals 30 weapon damage during the jump and 80 upon landing with a stagger effect. Character collision is disabled during the sprint.
  • Defensive Rush: Grounds the target upon hit and grants a 45 Fortify effect with a 2-second duration, which extends with additional hits.
  • Biting Superiority: Enhances Barrage based on your shield type, adding damage or slow effects.
  • Great Wall (Tower Shield): Blocks attacks while charging forward without stamina consumption and taunts enemies with a Carnelian Gem.
  • Failure to Launch: Adds an energy blast around the target hit, dealing damage to nearby foes and granting an armor Fortify to allies within the radius.


Other Perks

  • Vital Suppressant: Reduces damage taken and stamina damage when above or below 50% health.
  • Cured Flailment: Cleanses debuffs from self and inflicts Impairment on the target when hitting with a heavy attack after using an ability.
  • Mitigated Protection: Mitigates damage based on health percentage and equip load when blocking.
  • Flail Mary: Grounds stamina below 30% upon ability activation.
  • Reductive Superiority: Alters limited-duration buffs and debuffs based on your shield type.
  • Human Shield: Links you and an ally, causing both to share damage.



Finally, the Capstone perk Reinforced Vitality increases your max health by 25% of your physical armor when the Flail is equipped. While not game-changing, it provides some extra survivability for tank-focused builds. The Flail is a versatile weapon with a unique skill tree that offers crowd control, damage, and support capabilities. When used strategically and paired with the right perks, it can be a valuable asset to any group. Whether you're tanking, supporting, or disrupting enemies, the Flail has something to offer for every playstyle. So, experiment, adapt, and enjoy your adventures in the New World!

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