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ESO PVP Class Tier List (U39): The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Class

The Elder Scrolls Online has evolved over the years, and with each update, the balance of power among its seven classes can shift. In this guide, we'll break down the current state of PVP classes in ESO, focusing on the U39 update. We'll start with the D-tier and work our way up to the top-tier classes, discussing their strengths, weaknesses, and recommended playstyles.



ESO PVP Class Tier List (U39): The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Class


D-tier: Necromancer

  • Survivability: Decent, thanks to burst healing and damage reduction.
  • Damage: Lackluster in comparison to other classes.
  • Crowd Control: Limited options, relying on Agony Totem or Dawnbreaker.
  • Key Skills: Skeletal Grasp (Class Root), Agony Totem, Dawnbreaker.
  • Recommended Sets: Master Dual Wield, Protection, Ice Staff, Dragon's Appetite, Max Block, Sun.


Necromancer occupies the D-tier due to its subpar damage output and limited crowd control options. However, it compensates with decent survivability, making it a viable choice for players who prioritize staying alive over dealing massive damage.


C-Tier: Templar

  • Survivability: Good when holding ground.
  • Damage: Mediocre despite high spell damage stats.
  • Key Skills: Purifying Light, Power of the Light (Nerfed), Puncturing Sweeps.
  • Recommended Sets: Rallying Cry, Mechanical Acuity.


Templars offer decent healing and survivability, making them valuable in group contexts. However, their damage is lackluster, requiring burst setups to be effective. Three general specs exist: magicka-focused melee, hybrid melee, and ranged setups.


B-Tier: Sorcerer

  • Survivability: Varies by spec.
  • Damage: Solid with stamina and hybrid specs.
  • Mobility: High.
  • Key Skills: Class abilities for offense and defense.
  • Recommended Sets: Similar to Necromancer.


Sorcerers excel with stamina and hybrid builds, offering excellent pressure and mobility. They can be versatile and fun to play, but their survivability doesn't match that of higher-tier classes.


A-Tier: Warden

  • Survivability: High, especially with high-health builds.
  • Damage: Good burst potential.
  • Versatility: Unique playstyles like Frost damage builds.
  • Key Skills: Deep Fissure, Subterranean Assault, Warden abilities.
  • Recommended Sets: Dragon's Appetite, Max Health.


Wardens can excel defensively, making high-health builds forgiving for mistakes. Offensively, they offer some of the highest area-of-effect burst damage in the game, particularly with the right setups.


S-Tier: Dragon Knight

  • Survivability: Excellent, with good self-sustain.
  • Damage: High damage, both single-target and area-of-effect.
  • Ultimate Generation: Strong, with set bonuses.
  • Key Skills: Class abilities, corrosive armor, Molten Whip.
  • Recommended Sets: Potentially, Mechanical Acuity, Corrosive Armor, Molten Whip.


Dragon Knights are exceptional in every aspect, offering healing, resistance, sustain, and damage. They excel with various build setups and can sustain pressure while dealing substantial burst damage.


SS-Tier: Nightblade

  • Survivability: Solid when played skillfully.
  • Damage: Exceptional burst damage.
  • Versatility: Wide range of specs, from tanky to mobile.
  • Key Skills: Incapacitating Strike, Merciless Resolve, Concealed Weapon.
  • Recommended Sets: Brawler builds (tanky), Roll-ninja builds (mobile).


Nightblades shine as the top-tier class in ESO PVP. They have unmatched burst damage potential, making them a top choice for both single-target and area-of-effect situations. Nightblades offer a wide variety of specs, each with unique playstyles, making them a versatile and powerful class in the U39 update.



While ESO's PVP class tier list can change with each update, the current U39 meta sees Nightblade reigning supreme, followed closely by Dragon Knight. However, every class can be viable with the right build and playstyle, so choose the one that suits your preferences and master it on the battlefield. Good luck, adventurer!

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