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Runescape Gold Making Guide: Crafting Decorated Urns

Welcome to another Gold-making guide on my channel! In this guide, we'll explore a profitable method in the world of Runescape – crafting decorated urns. With the hype around necromancy fading, it's a great time to diversify your Gold-making strategies or recover your bank after investing in necromancy. Crafting decorated urns can be a lucrative option, offering both Crafting experience and potential profit. Let's delve into the details.


Runescape Gold Making Guide: Crafting Decorated Urns


The Importance of Urns

Urns play a vital role in Skilling by providing up to a 20% bonus to experience gain. They are particularly useful when training skills like Prayer. Due to their widespread use, the prices of urns have surged. Decorated urns, the ones we'll focus on, are currently priced between 8 and 10K gold pieces.


Selecting the Right Urn and Skill Level

To begin, we'll focus on crafting decorated urns, specifically for woodcutting, fishing, rune crafting, mining, hunting, smelting, cooking, and farming. Each urn has its associated crafting level requirement, with woodcutting being the most accessible at level 76, and farming being a higher requirement at level 84. Woodcutting and fishing urns are usually profitable and are a great starting point. However, you can adapt your choice to what makes the most Runescape Gold and suits your current levels.


Skill Required Level
Woodcutting Level 76
Fishing Level 76
Runecrafting Level 77
Mining Level 77
Hunter Level 77
Smelting Level 77
Cooking Level 81
Divination Level 81
Farming Level 84


Crafting and Firing Urns

You have a few options for crafting and firing urns. Utilizing a portable crafter allows for quick crafting in a bank setting, though it can be a bit fiddly. Alternatively, you can use the lunar spell (requires level 82 magic and lunar diplomacy completion) to cast the Venerate spell, which heats the clay. This significantly speeds up the firing process, making it an efficient choice.


Crafting at Phrinnes Kiln

Another viable option is using Phrinnes Kiln for crafting and firing urns. The crafting guild is a suitable location, especially if you have the required crafting level. Here, you use the potter's wheel to create the urns and then fire them in the pottery oven. This method is efficient, especially if you're close to a bank.


Maximizing Profits

To maximize profits, keep an eye on market demands and potential updates that might affect the demand for specific urns. Reacting to the game's evolution and adapting your strategy accordingly will help you make the most out of this Gold-making method.



Crafting decorated urns is a fantastic way to make Gold in Runescape. It offers decent profits, crafting experience, and can be tailored to your skill levels and goals. Make the most of this method by using the portable crafter and the Lunar spell for firing, and you'll see your bank account grow steadily.

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