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RuneScape 3 Making Gold Coins with Necromancy Runecrafting

In the ever-evolving world of RuneScape, players often seek out the most efficient and profitable methods to Making RS Gold Coins. One such method that has gained popularity is necromancy runecrafting. In this guide, we will delve into the details of necromancy runecrafting, its profitability, and whether it stands as the best choice for reaching 120/99 Runecrafting.


RuneScape 3 Making Gold Coins with Necromancy Runecrafting


Understanding the Essentials

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty details, let's establish the basics. Necromancy rune crafting revolves around crafting various runes using necroplasm and other resources. To determine if this method is profitable for you, we'll analyze key factors, including rune prices, multipliers, and your Runecrafting level.


Rune Prices

  • Impure Essence Price: 320 coins per unit.
  • Rune Types: Spirit Rune (230 coins), Bone Rune (price varies), and Miasma Rune (1.9k coins).



Runecrafting multipliers vary depending on your level and any Runecrafting potions you might use. Multipliers allow you to craft multiple runes at once, potentially making lower-tier runes more profitable than higher-tier ones.


Level Considerations

Analyze your level, multipliers, and the cost per rune to determine which rune is the most profitable for your specific situation.


Optimizing Your Setup

To maximize your profits with necromancy rune crafting, you'll need a well-organized setup.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll require:


- Equipment

  • The Abyssal outfit for holding additional runes.
  • The city's diaries for unlimited teleports to the Smithy.
  • An Abyssal Titan familiar for carrying extra essence.


- Consumables

  • Power Burst of Sorcery for crafting double runes.
  • Necromancer's Tome to increase your essence capacity.


Action Bar Setup

Set up your action bar to quickly fill your pouches and interact with the bank, streamlining your crafting process.

The Crafting Process:

Now, let's walk through the crafting process step by step:

  • Teleport to the Smithy using the city's diaries.
  • Drink a Power Burst of Sorcery to enable double rune crafting.
  • Craft runes at the Spirit Altar, maximizing your essence usage and multipliers.
  • When your Power Burst of Sorcery cooldown is up, craft more runes.
  • Keep your pouches filled with essence and maintain your rune production.
  • If your pouches degrade, use Lunas' spell to repair them quickly.


Profits and Rates

The profitability of necromancy rune crafting largely depends on your efficiency and the specific runes you craft. 

Assuming you can craft 80 runs per hour, here's a rough estimate of profits:

  • Spirit Runes: 27.6 million coins per hour.
  • Bone Runes: 24.7 million coins per hour.
  • Bless Runes: 22.6 million coins per hour.
  • Miasma Runes: 21.5 million coins per hour.

It's essential to note that all these methods yield consistent profits, with Spirit Runes leading the way.



In conclusion, Necromancy rune crafting is a viable and profitable method for leveling your Runecrafting skills in RuneScape. The choice of which rune to craft should be based on your level, multipliers, and market prices. With an efficient setup and a good grasp of the process, you can make substantial profits while gaining valuable Runecrafting experience.

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