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Where Can You Find the Elusive Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House in ESO?

In the world of Elder Scrolls Online, it's not uncommon for items to gain immense value due to their rarity and uniqueness. One such item that has recently captured the attention of ESO players is the Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House. This unassuming housing item has become the subject of fascination and intrigue in the ESO community due to its scarcity and the astronomical prices it commands in the player-to-player market. In this guide, we'll delve deep into the reasons behind the item's popularity, its potential sources, and strategies for farming it.





  • The Enigma of the MorrowindBanner:  The Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House has captured the attention of ESO players like never before. Despite not being a game-breaking weapon or a lavish housing item, its allure is undeniable. This guide aims to unravel the mysteries behind its sudden popularity and astronomical value.
  • The Allure of Rare Items: In a world where rarity often equates to value, the Morrowind Banner stands as a testament to the unique treasures hidden within ESO. We'll explore why rare items hold a special place in the hearts of gamers and collectors.
  • The Value of Nostalgia: The connection between the Morrowind Banner and the beloved Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind, adds another layer of significance. We'll delve into the nostalgia factor that fuels the item's desirability.


Why is the Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House So Valuable?

  • Nostalgia from Morrowind: The Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House holds significant sentimental value for ESO players who have fond memories of the classic Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind. This banner pays homage to Morrowind's unique culture and storyline, making it a sought-after item for longtime fans of the series. Morrowind, being one of the most beloved entries in the Elder Scrolls franchise, has left a lasting impact on ESO players.
  • Rarity Beyond Imagination: Perhaps the most compelling reason for this item's value is its extreme rarity. Reports suggest that only a handful of players on each console possess this item, making it exceedingly rare in the ESO universe. Whether this rarity is a result of intentional design by the developers or a typographical error in the drop rates remains a mystery. Regardless, this rarity has transformed the Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House into a virtual Holy Grail within ESO.
  • Lack of Awareness: The rarity of the Morrowind Banner is compounded by the fact that many players need to be made aware of its existence or potential drop locations. ESO's vast world offers countless items, and not all players actively seek out housing items. Consequently, the item is often overlooked by both casual and dedicated players who might be in the right place but not actively searching for it.


Where Can You Find the Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House?

The exact source of this prized item remains shrouded in mystery, with players speculating about various possibilities. While there is no definitive answer, here are some potential sources that players have explored:

  • Public Dungeons: The most popular theory is that the Morrowind Banner can be found within public dungeons, particularly the Forgotten Wastes. The logic behind this theory is that the dungeon features Sixth House-themed mobs and locations, aligning with the item's theme. The suggestion is to explore deeper areas, as the banner might be found amidst the unique landscape of lava and eerie creatures.
  • Urns and Lootable Objects: Some players believe that the banner could drop from urns and other lootable objects within the Forgotten Wastes. This theory is based on the idea that the item's drop rate might be intentionally rare, making it more likely to appear in less frequently looted containers.
  • Mobs and Backpacks: Another hypothesis suggests that the Morrowind Banner might drop from mobs or backpacks found within the dungeon. However, this theory remains speculative, and players have yet to be able to confirm it definitively.


Farming Strategies

If you're determined to acquire the Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House, here's a farming strategy you can try:

  • Visit the Forgotten Wastes: Head to the Forgotten Wastes, specifically the areas with Sixth House-themed mobs and locations. This is where you're most likely to encounter the banner.
  • Loot Everything: As you explore the dungeon, be thorough in your looting. Check urns, backpacks, chests, and mobs for a chance to obtain the banner. The banner's rarity could appear in any of these containers.
  • Use Companion: If you have a companion like Asander, summon them while farming. While it's uncertain whether companions increase the banner's drop rate, they can provide you with additional loot and resources.
  • Consider Multiple Characters: If you're dedicated to obtaining the banner, you could use multiple characters or accounts to increase your farming efficiency. Switching between characters can help you maximize your chances.


Final Thoughts

The Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House has become legendary items in the world of ESO due to its rarity and sentimental value. While the exact source of this item remains a mystery, dedicated players continue to hunt for it within the Forgotten Wastes of Vvardenfell. Whether you're a collector, a fan of Morrowind, or intrigued by ESO's rarest items, embarking on this quest could lead you to an unparalleled discovery. Remember, luck may be the key to obtaining this elusive treasure, but perseverance and exploration are your most reliable allies in the pursuit of the Morrowind Banner of the Sixth House. Good luck, adventurer!

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