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Diablo 4 Necromancer Bone Spear Build Guide for Lilith Boss Fight Guides

In Diablo 4, the battle against Lilith can be daunting, especially if you're unprepared. To help you conquer this formidable foe, we've put together a comprehensive Bone Spear Necromancer build guide. This guide is designed to maximize your damage output and increase your chances of defeating Lilith with ease. Whether you're a console user or on PC, our step-by-step instructions will walk you through the gear, skills, and strategies needed for a successful encounter.


Build Planner:


Diablo 4 Necromancer Bone Spear Build Guide for Lilith Boss Fight Guides


Gear Setup

  • Unique Deathless Visage (Helm): Look for max essence value to increase your maximum damage.
  • Protector Aspect (Chest): This creates a barrier upon hitting elite bosses, making it essential for dealing maximum damage to Lilith.
  • Serration Aspect (Gloves): Prioritize affixes like Critical Structures, Lucky Hit, Bone Spear Ranks, and Critical Strike Damage. Lucky Hit is preferred for essence regeneration.
  • Temerity Unique (Pants): This creates a barrier upon using a potion and synergizes with the Conceited Aspect for increased damage output.
  • Wind Striker Aspect (Boots): Enhances movement speed on Critical Strikes. Focus on affixes like Ranks of Corps, additional damage, intelligence, and all stats.
  • Splintering Aspect (Weapon - Two-Handed Sword): Prioritize Great Strike, Critical Strike, and intelligence for additional Critical Strike damage.
  • Gasping Beans Aspect (Amulet): Increases damage when enemies are hit by Corpse Tenrails. Aim for affixes like Ableton, passive Essence cost reduction, and Bone Scale damage.
  • Conceited Aspect (Rings): These rings increase damage when you have a barrier and remain stationary for 3 seconds. Look for affixes like Vulnerable Damage and Critical Strike Damage, with a priority on maximum Essence.
  • Dark Dance Aspect (Malignant Hearts): This uses life instead of essence when dealing damage above 60%.
  • Barber (Amulet): Control the burst of damage to prevent Lilith from flying or creating voids during the second phase. Experiment with the timing to find the right balance.



Use Resource Flask for an additional 50 essence, greatly boosting your damage potential.


Engaging Lilith - Step by Step


- Phase 1

  • Use Blood Mist.
  • Consume corpses three times to stack Essence.
  • Head to the platform and wait for the Blood Mist cooldown.
  • While waiting, proceed to the first location near the triangle platform.
  • Cast Blood Mist again and consume one corpse to have four in your status bar.
  • Cast Temerity to create a barrier.
  • Move to the next position indicated on the map as Lilith descends.
  • Stand beneath your corpse so that Conceited Aspect takes effect.
  • Cast one Corpse Explosion and one Corpse Dips.
  • Begin using Bone Spear when you have five corpses in your status bar (for additional damage from Corpse Tenrails).
  • After Lilith's defeat, use basic skills to destroy Blood Boils and wait for the second phase.


- Phase 2

  • Once Lilith's left wing is visible, cast Barrier, Moonstorm, Corpse Tenrails, and consume corpses.
  • Begin using Bone Spear. With proper gear, you can usually defeat her with six to seven Bone Spears.
  • When Lilith's health is low, wait for all platforms to be destroyed.
  • While waiting, regenerate essence using basic skills.
  • In the center, cast Bone Spear immediately to prevent Lilith from using Final Blows.
  • Finish her off with the added damage while in Virtual.


Tips and Considerations

  • Experiment with the Barber's timing to avoid Lilith's dangerous animations during the second phase.
  • Ensure you have enough corpses before entering Phase 2.
  • Pay attention to Lilith's location on the map to prevent surprises.
  • Avoid moving when using Bone Spear to maintain the Conceited Aspect's effect.
  • On controllers, move straight to prevent unintended side attacks.
  • Focus on consistent positioning and execution for cleaner kills.



This Bone Spear Necromancer build and strategic approach provides an effective way to take down Lilith in Diablo 4. By optimizing gear and mastering the steps outlined, you can ensure a swift and successful battle against this formidable foe. Experiment with the build and tailor it to your playstyle for even better results. Good luck in your adventures in Sanctuary!

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