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Runescape AFK Gold-Making Methods for Mid-Tier Skilling

In this guide, we will explore a couple of AFK Gold-making methods for mid-tier skilling in Runescape. These methods allow you to relax and make a decent amount of Runescape GP over time. We'll focus on mining in this article and cover two different spots: the Living Rock Caverns and the SuperGlass Make spell. Whether you're looking to boost your wealth or simply AFK while multitasking, these methods have you covered.


Runescape AFK Gold-Making Methods for Mid-Tier Skilling


Method 1: Living Rock Caverns - 120k Mining XP per hour

Living Rock Caverns, once a bustling hub for training smithing and mining, offers an AFK-friendly method for mining concentrated gold. This method provides a balance of XP and GP, making it suitable for players aiming to maximize both their skills and profits.


To make this method purely AFK, use Juju Potions and Gold Stone Spirits to keep your stamina high, allowing you to mine for extended periods with minimal interaction. With this setup, you can achieve approximately 120k Mining XP per hour.


- Requirements

  • Level 80 Mining
  • Full Magic Golem Outfit
  • Gold Stone Spirit
  • Juju Potion (Perfect Plus or Perfect Mining)
  • Lava Titan Pouch (Mining boost)
  • Graceful Outfit or Porter items (optional)


- Getting There

You can use a Max Skill teleport to reach the Living Rock Caverns or travel to Edgeville and make your way to the caverns through the monastery.


- GP Profit

The profitability of this method depends on the current price of gold ore. At the time of writing, gold ore is around 8083 GP each, resulting in a potential profit of around 3 million GP per hour. Keep an eye on the market for fluctuations in gold ore prices.


Method 2: Soft Clay Mining in Ithell Hour - 3 million GP per hour

Mining soft clay in the Ithell area during Ithell hour can be a lucrative and semi-AFK Gold-making method. With the Bracelet of Clay, you can double the amount of soft clay mined per hour. This method is especially suitable for Ironman accounts seeking soft clay for various purposes.


During Ithell hour, you'll have a 50% chance for each soft clay you mine to be sent directly to your bank. This feature saves you even more charges on your Grace of the Elves amulet and further enhances your profitability. You can expect to earn approximately 4.5 million GP per hour.


- Requirements

  • Plague's End quest completion
  • Bracelet of Clay
  • Grace of the Elves
  • Premier Artifact (optional)


Method 3: SuperGlass Make Spell - 16 million GP per hour

The SuperGlass Make spell on the Lunar spellbook is a unique Gold-making method. It allows you to convert buckets of sand and soda ash into molten glass with a chance to create additional glass for each cast. This method is highly profitable and can yield up to 16 million GP per hour.


To perform this method, use the Elemental Battle Staff to cover elemental rune costs, making it cost-effective. You'll also need Astral Runes, sand, and soda ash. The key advantage is that the spell increases the amount of glass you make compared to the resources used, making it incredibly lucrative.


- Requirements

  • Lunar Diplomacy quest completion
  • Elemental Battle Staff
  • Astral Runes
  • Buckets of Sand
  • Soda Ash



These three AFK Gold-making methods cater to various skill levels and playstyles. Whether you prefer mining concentrated gold in the Living Rock Caverns, mining soft clay during Ithell hour, or using the SuperGlass Make spell, these methods offer a combination of experience and profit. Choose the one that suits your goals and enjoy watching your GP stack grow in Runescape. 

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