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RuneScape Thok's Smashing Boss Event Maximizing Your PvM Experience Guides

The Thok's Smashing Boss Event has arrived in RuneScape, offering exciting rewards and buffs for PvM enthusiasts. With benefits like free Elder overloads, reduced death costs, double Reaper points, and more, this event promises to be a boon for adventurers seeking to enhance their gameplay. In this guide, we'll explore the best ways to make the most of this event by tackling various bosses, making Runescape Gold, and advancing your account.


RuneScape Thok


Taking on the Challenge: The Raxio Experience

One boss you shouldn't miss during the Thok's Smashing Boss Event is Raxio, the necromancy-only boss. While Raxio can be punishing to learn, the recent death skull nerf has made it more accessible, with fewer players attempting it. The reduced competition means better profits, and Raxio's drops are not as rare as you might think. Tips for success include mastering the challenging Phase 4 lighting phase, utilizing reflect abilities, and managing vulnerability bombs to maximize your damage output.


Conquering the Kiln and Zulrah

Kiln and Zulrah are must-try bosses during this event, especially if you haven't unlocked their respective capes yet. Failing these bosses can be time-consuming, but with the event's overload buff, you can focus on your prayer and health management. Unlocking the capes grants powerful abilities like Death's Scythe, Death's Shot, and Omnipower, making them essential for boosting your DPS. If you're feeling confident, attempt the hard mode versions for even greater rewards.


Elite Dungeons 3: A Lucrative Option

Elite Dungeons 3 is an excellent choice for consistent Gold-making. The Blackstone hearts it drops are in high demand for the Undead Slayer ability, which will likely become more valuable with the release of the next undead-themed boss. Currently selling for 800-900k, you can earn 20-30 of them per hour with some luck. Additionally, consider the potential hit cap increase, which could make Eldritch crossbows highly sought after. Hold onto your crossbow pieces for future profit.


Exploring Other Bosses and Unique Drops

Several other bosses can also be profitable during the event:

  • Seren Godbow (SGB) and Greater Ricochet at Raksha: SGB may see an increase in price due to the hit cap update. Greater Ricochet is now more potent, making Raksha an attractive choice.
  • Grimoire Pages: Combine the new hit cap with grimoires for enhanced power, potentially increasing the value of grimoire pages.
  • Dagannoth Kings: Upgrade rings for improved DPS. The Rings' prices are likely to rise, making this a worthwhile investment.
  • Zamorak's undercity: Collect scrolls for ring upgrades, contributing to your profit.


Maximizing Reaper Points

Don't overlook the value of Reaper points. Accumulate points to purchase valuable items, such as hydraxes, which might drop in price after the event. Alternatively, consider saving points for future updates or completing your Trim Comp requirements. Solo Nex is a reliable source of Reaper points.



The Thok's Smashing Boss Event in RuneScape presents a golden opportunity to elevate your PvM game. Whether you're after money, unique drops, or Reaper points, there's something for every adventurer. Take advantage of the event's limited time frame to enhance your skills, profit, and overall gaming experience. Embrace the challenge and reap the rewards during this exciting event in Gielinor!

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