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New World Expansion: What Are The Most Effective Armor Perks For Damage Reduction In PVP?

With the New World expansion on the horizon, players are eagerly anticipating the introduction of a plethora of new armor perks designed to reduce damage in various ways. The expansion has raised numerous questions about which perks are now considered optimal, what should be prioritized, and how to make the most effective armor choices for different playstyles. In this guide, we will analyze the newly introduced armor perks, delve into the intricate calculations behind damage reduction, and provide you with insights on the best-in-slot (BiS) armor perks for PvP in the New World expansion.



New World Expansion: What Are The Most Effective Armor Perks For Damage Reduction In PVP?


Base Damage Modifiers

Before we dive into the new armor perks, it's crucial to grasp the concept of base damage modifiers. These modifiers play a pivotal role in determining the actual damage you take. Some modifiers increase your base damage, while others decrease it. The expansion introduces a multitude of perks that amplify base damage, pushing it to new heights.


Conversely, there are also perks that reduce base damage. To establish a baseline, we'll assume an average reduction of around 30 base damage, though it can vary significantly depending on your opponent and circumstances. Additionally, we'll explore extreme scenarios with up to 100 base damage reduction and 100 fortify to assess the maximum potential damage mitigation.


Armor Perks for Different Weight Classes

In the New World expansion, all gear, regardless of weight class, has balanced values of physical and elemental armor, simplifying calculations. We'll evaluate the Effective Health (EHP) for each weight class to understand the survivability offered by various armor perks.


Light Armor:

  • Default EHP: 24,000
  • EHP with Choking Fortification: 25,000
  • EHP with Physical Aversion: 24,700
  • EHP with Elemental Aversion: 24,900
  • EHP with Grid Ward: 26,350
  • EHP with Enchanted Ward: 25,000
  • EHP with Conditioning: 25,000
  • EHP with Health perk: 26,000


The standout here is the Health perk, offering consistent benefits against all types of damage. However, it's important to note that the developers may consider nerfing Health perks in the future due to their universal effectiveness.


Medium Armor

  • Default EHP: 29,500
  • EHP with Choking Fortification: 30,500
  • EHP with Physical Aversion: 30,000
  • EHP with Elemental Aversion: 31,500
  • EHP with Grid Ward: 32,500
  • EHP with Enchanted Ward: 31,500
  • EHP with Conditioning: 31,500
  • EHP with Health perk: 32,200


In medium armor, Health remains a strong choice, but Choking Fortification gains value due to the increased armor pool.


Heavy Armor:

  • Default EHP: 34,000
  • EHP with Choking Fortification: 35,800
  • EHP with Physical Aversion: 35,200
  • EHP with Elemental Aversion: 35,600
  • EHP with Grid Ward: 37,600
  • EHP with Enchanted Ward: 36,400
  • EHP with Conditioning: 36,400
  • EHP with Health perk: 36,200


Once again, Health stands out as a reliable option, but Choking Fortification and Grid Ward offer impressive EHP in heavy armor.


Effect of Increased Base Damage and Fortify

To understand how these perks perform under extreme conditions, we'll consider scenarios with 100 extra base damage and 100 fortify. Grid Ward remains effective, but the gap narrows as base damage increases. Fortify reduces the relative value of perks like Choking Fortification.


Shirking Heals

Shirking Heals, often dismissed previously, now shows promise. Its effectiveness varies with armor weight, providing up to 2,450 extra EHP every five seconds in light armor, 3,100 in medium, and 3,640 in heavy. While its uptime may be flawed, it's worth considering, especially when combined with other perks.


BiS Perks for Different Armor Weights

  • Light Armor: Health and Enchanted Ward are top picks. Grid Ward may have situational use.
  • Medium Armor: Health is still essential while Choking Fortification gains value. Enchanted Ward is versatile.
  • Heavy Armor: Health remains strong, Choking Fortification shines, and Grid Ward is viable for tanky builds.



In the New World expansion, there's no one-size-fits-all solution for armor perks. Your choice should depend on your playstyle, preferred weight class, and the specific threats you expect to face. Keep an eye on potential perk adjustments and evolving meta, as the game's balance may change over time. Be prepared to adapt your armor perks to staying competitive in PvP combat in the ever-evolving world of Aeternum.

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