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What Are the Key Highlights of the New World Expansion?

The New World expansion has brought a wealth of new features and changes to the game, and players have been eager to explore the possibilities during the PTR phase. In this guide, we'll delve into the elements that the expansion has undoubtedly gotten right. From the introduction of mounts, a fresh and dynamic zone in Elysian Wilds, and the challenging new expedition known as The Savage Divide, to game-changing artifacts, the introduction of the flail as a new weapon, crafting improvements, and weapon perk changes, we'll dissect each aspect to understand why they've resonated with the New World community. 



What Are the Key Highlights of the New World Expansion?



One of the most significant and appreciated additions in the expansion is the introduction of mounts. Some players may have initially questioned the need for mounts in New World, but after using them extensively, they fit perfectly into the game's world. Mounts provide players with a sense of freedom and convenience, making navigation across the expansive world much more enjoyable.

  • Mounts enhance the gameplay by providing quick movement options.
  • Mounts seamlessly integrate into other aspects of the game, such as using them in Outpost Rush (OPR).
  • The responsiveness and speed of mounts strike a balance that feels just right.
  • Auto walk on roads adds a convenient touch to mount functionality.
  • Mount decorations are accessible, reducing gating for players.


New Zone

Elysian Wilds, the new zone introduced in the expansion, offers a refreshing change of scenery compared to the desert-like Brimstone Sands. This zone is characterized by its condensed environment, verticality, and numerous points of interest. While it may only take about 10 minutes to traverse the zone, its density and exploration opportunities make it a compelling addition.

  • Elysian Wilds offers a unique, condensed environment with plenty to explore.
  • Side quests add depth and engagement to the zone.
  • The incorporation of characters from the Ultra Slides adds a nice touch to the storytelling.


New Expedition

The Savage Divide, a new expedition introduced in the expansion, initially appeared less challenging in story mode. However, once mutations were accessible, it proved to be a highly challenging experience. It stands as one of the most challenging expeditions, promising an exciting adventure for players.

  • The Savage Divide provides a significant challenge, especially at higher difficulties.
  • Ranged PvE builds are favored in this expedition due to mechanics.
  • The expansion introduces a refreshing dynamic to expedition gameplay.


Ward, Bane, and Resilient Removal

The removal of Ward, Bane, and Resilient adds more flexibility to gear choices for players. This change allows players to participate in expeditions without worrying excessively about optimal gear, fostering a more accessible and enjoyable experience.

  • The removal of Ward, Bane, and Resilient simplifies gear choices.
  • It encourages players to hop into expeditions with their available gear.



Artifacts are a significant addition to the game, offering unique playstyles and shaking up the meta. While balancing is still a work in progress, the introduction of artifacts adds a new layer of depth to both PvP and PvE gameplay.

  • Artifacts introduce exciting and unique playstyles.
  • They have the potential to reshape the game's meta.
  • Balancing will continue to refine their impact on gameplay.


New Weapon

The flail, as a new weapon, offers a fun and unique set of tools for players. Its design allows for different playstyles, making it an intriguing addition to both PvP and PvE scenarios.

  • The flail provides unique gameplay options and interesting effects.
  • It has the potential to impact the weapon meta in both PvP and PvE.


Crafting Changes

The expansion brings several changes to crafting, including the introduction of Prismatic Scour crafting and Dark Matter crafting at the Gypsum Kiln. These changes make crafting more rewarding and offer players greater control over their gear.

  • Prismatic Scour crafting allows players to craft their desired gear.
  • Dark Matter crafting enables players to reroll the third perk on named gear.
  • Crafting changes diversify the ways players can obtain their desired gear.


Equip Load Rework

The rework of equip load brings significant changes to mobility, making dodges smoother and more effective. This rework opens up new possibilities for different playstyles, offering more balance between light and heavy builds.

  • Changes to equip load affect mobility and dodges.
  • Smoother dodges and quicker recovery after melee attacks enhance gameplay.


Weapon Perk Changes

The expansion brings various weapon perk changes, offering more diversity and options for players. These changes can reshape the weapon meta, making multiple skill trees viable for each weapon.

  • Weapon perk changes diversify weapon choices and playstyles.
  • The Great Axe receives a mini-rework, potentially expanding its viability.



The New World expansion introduces a plethora of exciting changes and additions that enhance the overall gaming experience. From mounts to new zones, expeditions, artifacts, crafting, and weapon changes, it's clear that the expansion is poised to have a significant impact on the game. While there may be areas for improvement and balance adjustments, the expansion has undoubtedly brought a breath of fresh air to New World, making it a thrilling time for both new and veteran players alike.

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