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ESO Dragonknight Guide: All Tips and Tricks For New Players

Welcome to our ESO Dragonknight Latest Tips and Tricks For Beginners. In this guide we'll dive deep into the unique features of the Dragonknight, explore their skills and morphs across the Ardent Flame, Earthen Heart, and Draconic Power skill lines, and dissect the essential passives that define their strengths. This will give you valuable insights into where this class stands in the ever-evolving world of ESO. 



ESO Dragonknight Guide: All Tips and Tricks For New Players



Let's kick things off with a general overview of the Dragonknight class and what sets it apart from the rest. The Dragonknight is a class renowned for its exceptional resource sustain, primarily thanks to the Battle Roar passive found in the Earthen Heart skill line. This passive grants you resources whenever you use an ultimate ability, making the Dragonknight all about generating ultimate power for sustained healing. No other class offers this unique resource mechanic.


Moreover, Dragonknights focus heavily on damage over time (DoT) effects or dot pressure for DPS, making them formidable adversaries in PvE. If you can master the intricacies of Dragonknight DPS, you can achieve some of the highest damage numbers. Additionally, Dragonknights are known for their resilience on the battlefield, courtesy of their passives and class skills. They can replenish stamina on demand by activating specific abilities, boost their block mitigation, and enhance their healing capabilities.


Ranking | 2023

As of 2023, Dragonknights hold the title of the second-best class, considering both endgame PvE and PvP. Let's break down the rankings:


Situation Tier Comments
PvP Stamina S Unmatched DoT pressure and survivability, challenging to defeat in both burst and sustained pressure.
PvP Magicka S Excellent in dueling, open-world skirmishes, and small-group PvP, with strong resource sustain and burst healing.
PvE DPS Stamina B High damage potential but challenging to master; lacks self-healing.
PvE DPS Magicka S Highest DPS class with strong self-healing capabilities.
Healer C Weakest in healing capabilities compared to other classes; not particularly unique.
Tank S Unparalleled resource sustain, crowd control, and survivability; a top choice for endgame tanking.


Pros and Cons

Dragonknight class is a versatile class that offers players the opportunity to wield fire and earth-based abilities while also excelling in melee combat. Like any class in ESO, it has its own set of pros and cons:

  • + Versatile playstyle suitable for tanking, damage, or support roles.
  • + Strong AoE damage abilities for group content.
  • + Effective crowd control with immobilization skills.
  • + Good resource sustain options for stamina and magicka.
  • + Highly resilient when built as tanks.
  • - Limited mobility and difficulty in escaping or chasing enemies.
  • - Resource management challenges balancing stamina and magicka.
  • - Some complex rotations for optimized damage output.
  • - Melee-oriented abilities with limited ranged options.


Ardent Flame Skills

Think of the Ardent Flame skill line as your source for damage over time and sustained damage pressure. Here's a breakdown of the key skills:


Ultimate: Dragonknight Standard
  • Base: Deals flame damage over an extended duration and applies Major Defile to enemies, reducing their incoming healing. You can also activate a synergy for massive damage and immobilization.
  • Shifting Standard: Allows you to recast the ultimate, making it suitable for PvP to maintain constant flame damage and Major Defile.
  • Standard of Might: Offers increased damage dealt and damage reduction, ideal for stationary PvE DPS and even leveling.
Lava Whip
  • Molten Whip: Increases the damage of your next Molten Whip and your weapon and spell damage when you have three stacks of Seething Fury.
  • Flame Lash: Deals increased damage to off-balance or immobilized enemies and provides significant healing, making it great for survivability.
Searing Strike
  • Venomous Claw: Converts it into a stamina ability, dealing poison damage that increases over time and instantly applies a poison status effect.
  • Burning Embers: Heals you based on the percentage of damage done over time and procs the burning status effect, providing sustained healing.
Fiery Breath
  • Noxious Breath: Converts it into a stamina ability, deals poison damage, and applies Major Breach to enemies, reducing their resistances.
  • Engulfing Flames: Increases the damage of all flame attacks based on your weapon and spell damage, benefiting your group's fire damage in trials.
Fiery Grip
  • Empowering Chains: Acts as a gap closer, primarily used in PvP.
  • Unrelenting Grip: Pulls mobs to you, refunding magic if it can't pull them, making it excellent for controlling groups of enemies.
  • Flames of Oblivion: Launches three fireballs instead of one, providing consistent damage over time.
  • Cauterize: Heals allies instead of damaging enemies and increases the healing radius.


Ardent Flame Passives

  • Kindling: Increases your weapon critical rating by 657 for each Ardent Flame ability slotted.
  • Searing Heat: Your Flame Lash ability heals you for 33% of the damage done if the target is off-balance. This is excellent for survival.
  • World in Ruin: Reduces the cost of your burning and poison abilities by 8%. Great for sustaining your damage rotation.
  • Combustion: When you deal direct damage with a single-target Ardent Flame ability, you have a 10% chance to heal for 730 Health and restore 730 Stamina. The chance is doubled if the ability targets an off-balance enemy.


Earthen Heart Skills

The Earthen Heart skill line is all about buffs and resource sustain. Let's explore the crucial skills and their morphs:


Ultimate: Magma Armor
  • Magma Shell: Limits incoming damage to 3% of your max health and deals flame damage to nearby enemies, offering outstanding survivability.
  • Molten Armament: Increases your damage from heavy attacks, ideal for specific PvP builds focused on heavy attacks.
  • Obsidian Shard: Converts it into a magic-based ability that also heals you or two allies after dealing damage.
  • Stone Giant: Staggers enemies, making them take bonus damage from all attacks, primarily useful for PvE tanking.
Dark Talons
  • Burning Talons: Deals increased damage over time, useful for CC-focused tanking builds.
  • Choking Talons: Afflicts enemies with immobilization, reducing the damage they deal, essential for controlling trash mobs in PvE content.
Dragon's Blood
  • Green Dragon's Blood: Provides major endurance and minor vitality buffs, enhancing your tankiness.
  • Coagulating Blood: Converts it into a stamina-based ability, offering a burst heal based on your missing health.
Molten Weapons
  • Molten Armaments: Increases your heavy attack damage, benefiting certain PvP builds.
  • Igneous Weapons: Provides bonus weapon damage to your group, crucial for boosting the damage output of your party in trials.
  • Fossilize: Stuns the enemy for a longer duration and provides crowd control utility.
  • Shattering Rocks: Converts it into a stamina-based ability, ideal for PvP control builds.


Earthen Heart Passives

  • Rugged: Increases your healing received by 12%.
  • Battle Roar: This is the bread and butter of resource sustain for Dragonknights. When you activate an Earthen Heart ability, you restore 990 Stamina, Magicka, and Health. Essential for long fights.
  • Mountain's Blessing: Reduces the cost of your ultimate abilities by 15%, enabling you to use your ultimates more frequently.
  • Helping Hands: Reduces the stamina cost of your abilities by 3% for each Earthen Heart ability slotted. This further boosts your resource management.


Draconic Power Skills

The Draconic Power skill line focuses on defensive capabilities and self-healing. Let's check out the important skills and morphs:


Ultimate: Dragon Leap
  • Take Flight: Deals damage to nearby enemies on landing and applies a snare, providing crowd control.
  • Ferocious Leap: Converts it into a stamina-based ability, dealing poison damage over time.
Spiked Armor
  • Hardened Armor: Provides a significant damage shield in addition to the armor and spell resistance buffs.
  • Volatile Armor: Deals damage to nearby enemies when hit and provides a small bonus to your critical damage.
Dark Scales
  • Reflective Scale: Reflects incoming projectiles, offering unique defensive utility.
  • Dragon Fire Scale: Converts it into a stamina-based ability, dealing flame damage to attackers.
Dragon Blood
  • Green Dragon Blood: Offers major endurance and minor vitality buffs, enhancing your survivability.
  • Coagulating Blood: Converts it into a stamina-based ability, providing a burst heal based on your missing health.
Protective Scale
  • Dragon Fire Scale: Deals flame damage to attackers when they hit you.
  • Protective Plate: Converts it into a stamina-based ability, granting a bonus to your physical resistance.
  • Deep Breath: Converts it into a stamina-based ability, dealing poison damage to enemies and healing you.
  • Draw Essence: Converts it into a healing ability, allowing you to pull in healing orbs from a distance.


Draconic Power Passives

  • Iron Skin: Increases your block mitigation by 1500 for each Draconic Power ability slotted, making you a tanky powerhouse.
  • Burning Heart: Increases the healing done by your healing abilities by 5% while a Draconic Power ability is active. Helpful for healing yourself or your group.
  • Elder Dragon: Reduces the cost of your ultimate abilities by 5% for each Draconic Power ability slotted, synergizing well with Mountain's Blessing in the Earthen Heart skill line.
  • Scaled Armor: Provides a 5% reduction in the cost of blocking for each Draconic Power ability slotted, making blocking more sustainable.



In total, the Dragonknight is a versatile class in Elder Scrolls Online, excelling in a variety of roles such as DPS, tanking, and PvP. Their unique resource sustain mechanics and serious DoT damage make them a formidable choice for both solo and group content. Whether you prefer to breathe fire on your enemies or shield your allies with the power of dragons, the Dragonknight class has something for everyone.


Remember that ESO constantly evolves, with balance changes and updates affecting class performance. Always stay up-to-date with patch notes and adapt your Dragonknight build accordingly. Additionally, remember to customize your character with the right gear, champion points, and skills to unlock the potential of your Dragonknight truly.

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