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RuneScape 3 Ancient Awakening Quest and Boss Preview

In this RuneScape 3 guide, we're going to delve into the exciting new content that's on the horizon. Jagex has announced the upcoming quest, Ancient Awakening, which is set to be a pivotal event leading to a new PvM boss. Join us as we dissect the available information and discuss what's in store for RuneScape 3 players.


RuneScape 3 Ancient Awakening Quest and Boss Preview


Ancient Awakening Quest Overview

The Ancient Awakening questline introduces players to a character known as Zam, who takes us to the mysterious Isle of Ungale. This quest is scheduled to launch on October 9th and continues the storyline from Fort for in Three.


Is the Boss Included?

While the quest debuts in October, it's unclear if the new boss will also be released simultaneously. The official roadmap indicates that the new boss will arrive in November, so there's still some mystery surrounding the release schedule.


Uncovering the Secrets of Ungale

The quest revolves around exploring Ungale, an island shrouded in mystery for centuries. Players will work alongside key characters like Bill, Astor, and the Raptor to confront the challenges this enigmatic island holds. Additionally, a new bonus bench is introduced to help prepare for the upcoming boss encounter in November.


The Backstory

The quest's backstory involves a previous discovery of a Dragon King's tomb and a cryptic map. However, the Majaratism Oracle destroyed part of the map, leading to a series of repairs. It's revealed that the map points to the Lunar Sea, with a previously undiscovered landmass—Ungale. The island has a fearsome protector that even the Fremennik feared approaching.


Accessibility and Quest Difficulty

Ungale will become accessible after completing the quest. However, players should prepare for tough combat, with a recommended combat level of at least 85. Rest assured, you'll have the support of Bill, Astor, and the Raptor during the quest.


Quest Rewards

Completing Ancient Awakening brings some impressive rewards. Players will gain access to the Bottomless Workbench in the Town Hall, which can be expanded through three tiers. The rewards include:

  • Quest Point
  • Necromancy Lamp
  • Prismatic XP Lamp
  • Two Children of Mah keys
  • Ability to build all three tiers of the workbench


Post-Quest Content

After finishing the quest, players can return to the island for additional combat experiences. This content is designed for combat levels around 120, offering new cosmetics like the Raptor's outfit, color variants of the Duke and Duchess titles, and Astor's torches as overrides.



To embark on the Ancient Awakening quest, players must have completed the previous quest in the series, Dead and Buried. Additionally, a level 50 in the Necromancy skill is required.


Starting Location

The quest kicks off in the Varrock palace, making it easily accessible for players.



The Ancient Awakening questline in RuneScape 3 is set to be an exciting addition to the game. With its intriguing story, challenging combat, and impressive rewards, it's a must-undertake adventure. Keep an eye out for updates and prepare for the upcoming boss encounter, which promises even more thrilling gameplay.

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