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WoW 11.0 Expansion Leak: Potential Themes, Storylines and Features

Excitement is building among World of Warcraft players as a massive leak has unveiled details about the highly-anticipated 11.0 expansion. This leak isn't based on speculation or predictions but comes from datamined information, suggesting a continuation of existing storylines and the introduction of new elements. In this guide, we'll dive deep into the leaked information and explore the potential themes, storylines, and features of the upcoming expansion.



WoW 11.0 Expansion Leak: Potential Themes, Storylines and Features


The Potential Expansion Leak

Before we dive into the details, remember that most leaks in the gaming community turn out to be fan theories or wishful thinking. However, there are some exciting developments related to in-game achievements recently data-mined, which hint at the possible themes and setting of the next Warcraft expansion. Keep in mind that this information may contain spoilers, so proceed with caution if you prefer a spoiler-free experience.

  • Achievements Clues: WoWhead, a reputable source for World of Warcraft news, has privately confirmed the existence of certain in-game achievements. These achievements include Safe Survey Bot, Storm Rider, Squally Little Frostwing, and Heroic Edition of Algarian Storm Rider. The last achievement is particularly intriguing and might provide clues about the expansion.
  • Algarian Storm Rider: The name Algarian Storm Rider is significant because it might hint at a new mount. In promotional material leading up to BlizzCon, an image shows a WoW character riding a mount resembling Earthy Elementals. While the model for Earthy Elementals has been used before, players have never had the opportunity to ride one. This uniqueness adds intrigue to the mount's potential role in the upcoming expansion.
  • Lore Connections: To unravel the meaning behind Algarian, we can look to the lore. An observation report found in the Uldaman dungeon mentions the Titans observing creatures known as Earthen. These Earthen eventually became the Dwarves we know today. There's a reference to a region called Kaz Algar, which connects to Dwarves and Titans. This suggests that Algarian could be related to a distant group of Dwarves in Azeroth.
  • Storm Rider Theme: While there aren't many references to Storm Riders in the game, Wildhammer Dwarves are known for their affinity with storm elements, particularly lightning. They are skilled Griffin Riders, which could explain the Storm Rider part of the achievement. Recent additions of Dwarven-themed items and references further support this theory.
  • Possible Expansion Themes: While the leaks hint at Dwarven involvement, it's essential to consider other potential expansion themes, such as the unresolved storylines of Reticron and the Void, the conflict between Titans and Dragons, and the looming threat of the giant sword embedded in Azeroth.


Classic+ Leak

Apart from the potential WoW 11.0 expansion, another exciting leak pertains to a Classic Plus experience in World of Warcraft Classic. This concept suggests expanding the original Classic WoW experience without following the traditional TBC or WotLK paths. Here are the key points:

  • Classic Plus Concept: Classic Plus has been a fan-favorite idea since the release of Classic WoW. Players have longed for more content that retains the classic design and spirit. This leak suggests that Blizzard might be exploring this concept.
  • Chris Metzen's Return: The leak, posted before the official announcement, predicted the return of Chris Metzen as the Executive Creative Director for the WoW universe. This has fueled speculation that other parts of the leak could be true as well.
  • Classic Plus Features: The leak mentions a level cap increase to 70, new playable races like High Elves and Ogres for the Alliance and Horde, and the reuse of assets from The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm to create new content while maintaining the classic aesthetic.
  • Scourge-Themed Raid: The leak hints at the first raid being Scourge-themed, similar to Naxxramas. This could introduce new challenges to Classic players.


The Mastermind Behind the Predictions

Before diving into the juicy details of the 11.0 expansion, let's give credit where it's due. There's a seasoned WoW aficionado who has successfully predicted the last three expansions: Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and Shadowlands. Now, he's back with his 11.0 prediction, and history has shown his predictions are on point. His method? Identifying WoW's pattern of revisiting past storylines, and this time, it's the Elemental Storyline from Cataclysm and the Old God Storyline from Mists of Pandaria that's taking center stage.


Clues from Recent Discoveries

Recent leaks and discoveries have further fueled the anticipation for the 11.0 expansion. It all started with the pre-orders for 11.0, which included rewards like new toys and a Ysera murloc for BlizzCon promotions. But the real intrigue lies in a new item – the HEROIC Edition: Algarian Stormrider, which strongly hints at the expansion's theme. Let's dissect the name and what it means.


Algarian and Stormrider

  • Algarian: This term likely refers to Khaz Algar, a concept introduced back in the Uldaman instance journals during Dragonflight. Khaz Algar represents a sector known as AR-938, where titan keepers dispatched earthen to address an issue. These earthen gained free will and evolved into dwarves, even adopting a culture remarkably similar to modern dwarves. Recent updates to dwarven guards and siege engines, along with the introduction of frost dwarves, suggest a deeper connection to this sector. It might even lead to the introduction of a new allied race.
  • Stormrider: A Stormrider is most likely a dwarven gryphon rider. The term is backed by references like "Stormriders Stormhammers," which speaks of their mastery over the storm's power. This mastery of elemental forces points to a potential elemental theme in the upcoming expansion.


The Elemental Connection

The elemental theme becomes even more apparent when you consider the theory that these earthen were dispatched to address an issue related to Azeroth's elemental powers. Could they have turned to native elemental magics in their mission? Recent lore developments, including Avaloren rebellion against the titans and the empowerment of Dragon Aspects through Vyranoth the elemental dragon, strongly hint at a conflict involving elemental forces. Furthermore, the gryphons' advanced flying animations align with this theory, as they now have a gryphon rider, potentially a dwarf, datamined.


Expanding the Scope

While this information points toward a dwarf and elemental-themed expansion, Blizzard has hinted at its intention to explore multiple themes within a single expansion. This means the expansion could incorporate various storylines and themes, possibly including elements like the underground, mechanical, and void-related hints we've seen. The awakening of the Children of the First Flesh and the void's connection to the Old Gods also suggest an expansive storyline.



In total, the 11.0 expansion seems to be heading in the direction of an epic showdown involving Azeroth's elemental powers, Old Gods, and the void, all while the titans return to the fray. The Khaz'Algar dwarves hold key knowledge, and the stormriders bring mastery over elemental forces to the forefront. The stage is set for a massive conflict, and we can't wait to embark on this new adventure.


Keep your eyes peeled for BlizzCon announcements, as this leak strongly indicates that the official unveiling of the 11.0 expansion is just around the corner. Azeroth's destiny awaits, and it promises to be an unforgettable journey for World of Warcraft players.

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