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ESO Templar Class Guide: Tips & Tricks | Getting Started For Beginners

Welcome back, gang! Today, we're diving deep into the ultimate ESO Templar class guide. This guide is tailored to help both new and returning players understand what makes the Templar unique, how and why you should use its skills and morphs, and most importantly, its passives. We'll also give on the ranking of the Templar in the current state of the game in 2023. Plus, We'll provide sample builds, relevant gear, and a bunch of gameplay tips for all your Templar needs. 



ESO Templar Class Guide: Tips & Tricks | Getting Started For Beginners


What is the Templar Class in ESO?

The Templar class in Elder Scrolls Online is known for its simplicity and versatility. Its primary focus is on melee combat and healing, making it a favorite choice for players who enjoy the cleric or paladin archetype from other RPGs and MMOs.


Unique Features

  • Simple Gameplay: Templars are known for their straightforward playstyle. Their primary spam-able ability heals based on the damage dealt, allowing players to be aggressive in both single-target and group fights.
  • Melee Focused: Templars excel in melee combat, making them formidable in close-quarter battles. Their simplicity of play makes them a favorite choice for players who enjoy getting up close and personal with their enemies.
  • Burst Healing: Templars possess one of the strongest burst healing abilities, Breath of Life. What sets it apart is that it doesn't require precise aiming, making it unique among healing skills in ESO.
  • Survivability: Templars have access to Living Dark, a skill that provides a healing-over-time effect every half-second when taking damage. This makes them exceptionally durable in both PvE and PvP scenarios.
  • Versatility: Templars can excel in various roles, including DPS, healing, and PvP combat. While they may not be the top choice for endgame tanking, they can still perform admirably in this role.


Templar Class Rankings

Now let's discuss how the Templar class ranks in different aspects of the game.

Role Tier Description
PvP Stamplar S Templars excel in PvP as Stamina-based characters due to high mobility, burst damage, and cleansing abilities. They have top-notch survivability, and upcoming skill hybridization will enhance their viability.
PvP Magplar S In PvP, Magicka-based Templars are formidable, with skills like Living Dark, Extended Ritual, and Puncturing Sweeps. They have an aggressive, powerful, and straightforward melee playstyle.
PvE DPS Stamplar B While not top-tier for PvE DPS, Stamina Templars offer a simple rotation relying on abilities like Biting Jabs. They may not match the damage output of other Stamina builds, but they're straightforward.
PvE DPS A Magicka Templars shine in endgame trials and dungeons with strong damage-over-time abilities. They excel in this role but require practice to master their melee playstyle effectively.
Healer A Templars make excellent healers, capable of single-target and group healing. Their burst healing may not be the absolute best, but their resource sustain and damage amplification buffs make them strong healers overall.
Tanking C Templars struggle as tanks in endgame content due to a lack of utility and crowd-control abilities compared to other tank classes. They offer survivability but fall short in meeting the broader demands of endgame tanking.


Templar Skill Lines

Now, let's break down the Templar skill lines, their skills, morphs, and passives, and explain how and why you should use these abilities.


Aedric Spear Skill Line

  • Radial Sweep (Ultimate): This low-cost ultimate deals significant magic damage in an AoE, making it great for leveling. Choose between Empowering Sweeps for a stamina-based build or Crescent Sweeps for massive damage, particularly when multiple enemies are in your path.
  • Puncturing Strikes: This is your bread and butter melee ability. Morph it into Biting Jabs for physical damage and high single-target damage or Puncturing Sweeps for magic damage and self-healing.
  • Piercing Javelin: Use this as a stunning ability. Choose between Aurora Javelin for additional damage based on the spear's distance or Binding Javelin for a longer stun duration.
  • Toppling Charge: This is your gap-closer. Opt for Explosive Charge for more damage and an AoE interrupt or Toppling Charge to set enemies off balance and gain resource sustain.
  • Spear Shards: This ranged ability deals damage, provides a synergy for resource recovery, and has two morphs. Luminous Shards grants both Magicka and Stamina, while Blazing Spear deals more damage over time.
  • Sun Shield: This ability grants a shield that absorbs damage, scaling with your max health. Choose between "Radiant Ward" for reduced cost and strengthened shield when hit or Blazing Shield for damage to enemies upon shield expiration.


Dawn's Wrath Skill Line

  • Nova (Ultimate): This ultimate deals significant damage and reduces enemy damage. Opt for Solar Prison for a damage-dealing synergy or Solar Disturbance for reduced cost and the Major Maim debuff.
  • Sun Fire: This ranged damage-over-time ability has two morphs. Reflective Light deals AoE damage, while Dark Flare adds a Major Defile debuff to the target.
  • Solar Flare: Choose between Dark Flare for damage and a Major Defile debuff or Solar Barrage for damage and increased light and heavy attack damage.
  • Backlash: This unique ability soaks up damage and releases it back to the enemy. Purifying Light adds a healing effect, while Power of the Light converts it into a stamina ability and debuffs the enemy's resistance.
  • Eclipse: This ability immobilizes and stuns enemies. Solar Prison increases damage and duration, while Unstable Core deals damage to attackers and nearby enemies when triggered.
  • Radial Sweep: This is your execute ability. Radiant Glory provides self-healing based on damage inflicted, while Radiant Oppression deals increased damage to enemies below 50% health.


Restoring Light Skill Line

  • Rite of Passage (Ultimate): This ultimate provides invulnerability for a short time. Choose Remembrance for Major Protection or Practice Incantation for reduced cost and Major Vitality.
  • Rushed Ceremony: This is your burst heal. Breath of Life heals two nearby allies, while Rushed Ritual increases healing and reduces cost but only heals one ally.
  • Healing Ritual: This is your AoE heal. Ritual of Rebirth provides additional healing over time, while Hasty Prayer has a shorter cast time.
  • Restoring Aura: This is a versatile ability that provides resource sustain. Choose between Repentance for stamina and health recovery or Restoring Aura for magicka and stamina recovery.
  • Cleansing Ritual: Use this ability to cleanse negative effects from yourself and allies. Purifying Ritual removes more negative effects, while Extended Ritual increases the duration of the healing effect.
  • Focused Healing: This passive ability increases healing done by your Restoring Light abilities, making it a must-have for healers.


Templar Passives

Now, let's delve into the Templar passives, which are crucial for maximizing the class's potential in various roles.


Aedric Spear Passives:

  • Piercing Spear: Increases your critical strike rating with spear abilities.
  • Spear Wall: Reduces the cost of blocking with a one-handed weapon and shield.
  • Empowering Sweep: Increases your weapon damage for a short duration after activating Radial Sweep.
  • Burning Light: Provides a chance to deal additional damage when using a spear ability.


Dawn's Wrath Passives:

  • Enduring Rays: Increases the duration of your Dawn's Wrath abilities.
  • Prism: Reduces the cost of Dawn's Wrath abilities.
  • Illuminate: Increases your spell critical rating with Dawn's Wrath abilities.
  • Restoring Spirit: Heals you when you activate a Dawn's Wrath ability.


Restoring Light Passives:

  • Mending: Increases your healing done with Restoring Light abilities.
  • Focused Healing: Increases your healing done with Restoring Light abilities.
  • Light Weaver: Reduces the magicka cost of your Restoring Light abilities.
  • Master Ritualist: Reduces the cast time of your resurrection abilities.


Race Passives:

Depending on your chosen race, you'll have racial passives that can further enhance your Templar's performance. Be sure to choose a race that complements your chosen role (e.g., High Elf for Magicka DPS, Nord for Tanking, or Orc for Stamina DPS).


Armor Passives:

Passives related to your chosen armor type (Light, Medium, or Heavy) can boost your resource management, damage mitigation, and other important aspects of your Templar's build.


Weapon Passives:

Weapon passives will vary depending on your weapon choices. For instance, if you use one-handed weapons and shields, the passives in this line can provide additional benefits for blocking and weapon damage.


Guild Passives:

If you join a guild like the Fighters Guild or the Mages Guild, you'll gain access to various passives that can benefit your Templar in combat or provide utility.


Undaunted Passives:

Joining the Undaunted and participating in dungeon content will unlock Undaunted passives, which can enhance your resource management and dungeon performance.


Templar Builds

Now that we've covered the skills and passives, let's explore some sample Templar builds for different roles:


Magicka DPS Templar Build

  • Role: DPS
  • Main Weapon: Destruction Staff (Fire)
  • Secondary Weapon: Restoration Staff
  • Armor Type: Light
  • Mundus Stone: The Mage (for increased magicka)
  • Skills: Puncturing Sweeps, Reflective Light, Dark Flare, Inner Light, Harness Magicka, Solar Prison (Ultimate)
  • Gear: Julianos (Crafted), Mother's Sorrow (Overland), and Zaan (Monster Set)


Stamina DPS Templar Build

  • Role: DPS
  • Main Weapon: Dual Wield (Axes or Swords)
  • Secondary Weapon: Bow
  • Armor Type: Medium
  • Mundus Stone: The Warrior (for increased weapon damage)
  • Skills: Biting Jabs, Power of the Light, Rending Slashes, Rearming Trap, Resolving Vigor, Crescent Sweeps (Ultimate)
  • Gear: Hundings Rage (Crafted), Briarheart (Overland), and Slimecraw (Monster Set)


Healer Templar Build

  • Role: Healer
  • Main Weapon: Restoration Staff
  • Secondary Weapon: Destruction Staff (for DPS)
  • Armor Type: Light
  • Mundus Stone: The Atronach (for increased magicka recovery)
  • Skills: Breath of Life, Ritual of Retribution, Extended Ritual, Energy Orb, Channeled Focus, Rite of Passage (Ultimate)
  • Gear: Spell Power Cure (Trial Set), Olorime's Sanctuary (Trial Set), Earthgore (Monster Set)


Tank Templar Build

  • Role: Tank
  • Main Weapon: One-Handed Weapon and Shield
  • Secondary Weapon: Destruction Staff (for utility)
  • Armor Type: Heavy
  • Mundus Stone: The Lord (for increased health)
  • Skills: Pierce Armor, Heroic Slash, Channeled Focus, Repentance, Igneous Shield, Nova (Ultimate)
  • Gear: Ebon Armory (Trial Set), Torug's Pact (Crafted), Lord Warden (Monster Set)


Gameplay Tips

  • Maintain your resource management: Use Restoring Aura for magicka and stamina recovery, and slot relevant potions or food/drink for your build.
  • Keep your healing abilities up: In a healing role, maintain Ritual of Retribution or Extended Ritual to provide healing over time.
  • Block and interrupt: As a tank or DPS, use your one-handed weapon and shield to block heavy attacks and interrupt dangerous enemy abilities.
  • Utilize synergies: In group play, be aware of synergy opportunities from your abilities. These can provide powerful effects to your allies.
  • Coordinate with your group: Communication is key in group content. Work with your teammates to ensure proper positioning and effective use of your abilities.
  • Experiment with different rotations and playstyles: Don't be afraid to try out different skill combinations and gear setups to find what works best for your playstyle and role.


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In summary, the Templar class in ESO offers a versatile and straightforward gameplay experience, making it a popular choice for players who enjoy both melee combat and healing roles. With a variety of skills, morphs, passives, and gear options, Templars can excel in various roles, including DPS, healing, and tanking. Whether you prefer to wield a staff or a sword and shield, there's a Templar build that suits your playstyle.

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