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Diablo 4 Season 2 Classes Rankings with Leveling, Speed, Casuals, Builds

In this guide, we'll delve into the Season 2 class tier list for Diablo 4. We'll thoroughly analyze each class, taking into account factors like leveling efficiency, endgame speed, survivability, and suitability for casual players. Remember, the most important rule is to play whatever class you enjoy the most. Let's begin by understanding the changes in Season 2 and why class rankings have shifted.


Diablo 4 Season 2 Classes Rankings with Leveling, Speed, Casuals, Builds


Season 2 Changes

Before we delve into the tier list, it's essential to grasp the significant changes introduced in Season 2. This season brought numerous updates, perhaps more than any other season to date. Key changes include alterations to uniques items, legendary powers, resistances, armor, damage calculations, Paragon, skills, damage over time (DoTs), minions, and item power levels. Here are some critical changes to note:

  • Uniques received substantial buffs, and new legendaries were added.
  • The rampaging werebeast ability, particularly for Druids, underwent a significant nerf.
  • Changes in resistances and armor mechanics shifted how damage mitigation works.
  • Damage, crit, and vulnerability calculations are now additive, resulting in nerfs for these stats.
  • Overpower received a buff.
  • DoTs have become more potent due to changes in damage calculations.
  • The addition of vampiric powers enhances survivability, especially for classes with minions or companions.
  • Item power levels increased from 820 to 925.
  • Blizzard conducted extensive rebalancing to ensure that the average build performs better than before.


Class Rankings

We evaluate classes based on five categories: leveling, speed, endgame, survivability, and casual play. Let's discuss each category for each class.


- Barbarian

  • Leveling: Barbarians struggle with leveling efficiency. While some builds like Upheaval and Hoda perform decently, overall, they fall behind other classes.
  • Speed: Barbarians perform well in the endgame with Whirlwind and bleed builds. However, they lag behind due to shout management.
  • Survivability: Barbarians boast high survivability, thanks to fortification, but their limited range can be a disadvantage.
  • Casuals: Barbarians are not ideal for casual players due to complex build requirements and weaker leveling.


- Top Barbarian Builds

  • Whirlwind with a bleed build
  • Ren rupture build
  • Upheaval build


- Sorcerer

  • Leveling: Sorcerers excel in leveling with potent skills like Firewall and Chain Lightning.
  • Speed: In the endgame, Sorcerers are fast, with teleportation skills and decent AoE damage.
  • Survivability: Sorcerers maintain survivability through defensive skills, making them a safe choice.
  • Casuals: Sorcerers are beginner-friendly due to versatile builds and low gear requirements.


- Top Sorcerer Builds

  • Blizzard build
  • Firewall build
  • Arlash build
  • Chain lightning build
  • Hydra build


- Druid

  • Leveling: Druids struggle while leveling, lacking strong early-game options.
  • Speed: In the endgame, Druids shine with high mobility and AoE capabilities.
  • Survivability: Druids have good survivability, but their limited range in some builds may pose challenges.
  • Casuals: Casual players may find it challenging to level Druids due to delayed access to powerful legendary powers.


- Top Druid Builds

  • Werewolf tornado build
  • Pulverized build
  • Stormclaw build


- Necromancer

  • Leveling: Necromancers are top-tier for leveling, thanks to Blood Surge's early-game dominance.
  • Speed: Necromancers are fast and versatile in the endgame, excelling with corpse explosion and overpower.
  • Survivability: Necromancers have strong survivability, especially when minions and fortification are utilized.
  • Casuals: Necromancers are excellent for casual players due to strong leveling options and versatile builds.


- Top Necromancer Builds

  • Corpse explosion build
  • Minion build
  • Blood Lance build
  • Infinus build


- Rogue

  • Leveling: Rogues perform well during leveling with various build options.
  • Speed: Rogues are the fastest in the endgame, dominating with Twisting Blades and ranged builds.
  • Survivability: Rogues rely on dodging and mobility for survivability, making them vulnerable in certain situations.
  • Casuals: Rogues are suitable for casual players due to their versatility and effectiveness from the beginning.


- Top Rogue Builds

  • Twisting blades build
  • Ranged builds (various)



While class rankings in Season 2 have seen shifts, Rogues remain at the top, excelling in various aspects. Necromancers offer a great leveling experience, and Sorcerers provide a balance between speed and survivability. Druids may struggle in leveling, while Barbarians face challenges in the endgame and for casual players. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on theory crafting, and the actual experience may vary. Ultimately, choose a class that suits your playstyle and enjoy your Diablo 4 journey.

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