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New World Season 3 Best PVP Armor Perks: Light, Medium and Heavy Builds

When it comes to maximizing your effectiveness in New World's intense PVP battles, selecting the right armor perks is crucial. In this guide, we'll break down the best PVP armor perks for light, medium, and heavy builds in Season 3. Learn which perks are essential, when to use them, and which artifacts complement your chosen playstyle.


New World Season 3 Best PVP Armor Perks: Light, Medium and Heavy Builds


Light Armor Perks

  • Health: The cornerstone of any build, Health is the best-in-slot perk for both PVE and PVP, providing constant survivability.
  • Sharing Heels: An excellent choice for solo players, this perk ensures that you stay topped up on health. However, if you have a dedicated healer in your group, you can skip this one.
  • Enchanted Ward: For light armor wearers, this perk provides consistent protection. It's the top choice if you're not using Sharing Heels.
  • Optional Perk: The final slot is flexible. You can opt for a damage boost like Fire Harnessing or Invigorated, depending on your playstyle. Most damage dealers prefer the former.


Medium and Heavy Armor Perks

Medium and heavy armor users have similar requirements:

  • Health: Like light armor, health is essential to ensure your survivability in PVP scenarios.
  • Sharing Heels: This perk remains a priority for maintaining health, making it a top choice for medium and heavy builds as well.
  • Sharing Fortification: Unlike light armor, this perk shines for medium and heavy armor users as it scales with your armor value, reducing incoming damage effectively. It's a better choice than Enchanted Ward for high-armor builds.
  • Optional Perk: The last slot can be tailored to your preferences. Consider Grit Ward for heavy and medium players who utilize the Grit attribute, but in most cases, Sharing Fortification is superior.


Artifacts for Light Armor

For light armor users, consider the following artifacts:

  • Attunement Ladder Pants
  • Nimble Coat
  • Feather Weight


Artifacts for Medium Armor

Medium armor wearers can benefit from these artifacts:

  • Freedom Tumbler
  • Feather Weight
  • Nimble Cloak


Artifacts for Heavy Armor

Heavy armor users should look into these artifacts:

  • Freedom
  • Jin Hat Wrap (provides a medium armor piece's stats with added benefits)


Choosing the right artifacts that complement your playstyle is vital. The Freedom artifact, for instance, offers great mobility in exchange for some armor. The Jin Hat Wrap provides unique benefits by reducing damage from various debuffs. Be sure to tailor your choices to your specific build and playstyle.



By following this guide and selecting the best PVP armor perks for your build, you'll be well-prepared to dominate in New World's intense Season 3 PVP battles. Whether you favor light, medium, or heavy armor, these choices will give you the edge you need to come out on top.

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