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Runescape Antifire Potion Gold-Making Comprehensive Guides

Welcome, fellow Runescape players, to another in-depth guide where we delve into a lucrative Gold-making opportunity. Today, we're discussing a method that's tied to the impending release of a new boss and is closely reminiscent of the VF boss from 07. As this new boss is a dragon, there's a surge in demand for antifire potions, especially super antifire potions. This guide will help you understand how to profit from this opportunity.


Runescape Antifire Potion Gold-Making Comprehensive Guides


The Basics of Antifire Potions

Let's start with the basics. Regular antifire potions are currently available at the Grand Exchange for around 6.2k coins and can be sold for roughly 12k Runescape coins. This provides a decent margin for flipping, around 3.7k per potion.


Super Antifire Potions

Moving on to the more profitable option, super antifire potions, which are even more valuable, with a price tag of approximately 16k coins for an unfinished potion. The completed super antifire potion can fetch around 23k coins, yielding a smaller margin compared to regular antifire potions but still quite profitable.


Key Ingredients

Before we dive deeper into the Gold-making methods, let's make sure you have all the necessary ingredients. You'll need:

  • Unfinished potions (e.g., Antifire)
  • Dragon scale dust
  • Phoenix feathers
  • Profit Breakdown

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of making a profit from antifire potions. Assuming you buy antifire potions for 15k, the cost to make one potion is 15k coins. With dragon scale dust and other ingredients, your expenses will add up.


However, the most crucial ingredient here is the dragon scale dust. It's non-negotiable. While collecting it might be time-consuming, it's worth it. With an unfinished potion costing 7k coins, you can make a regular antifire potion for around 99.4k coins. Even if you sell it at the lower end, you'll still profit around 3k coins per potion, and selling at the higher end can yield nearly 7k coins per potion.


Maximizing Your Profits

Here's where you can truly capitalize on your profits:

  • Portable Wells: These are essential as they can double the number of potions you make. Make sure to have the Dungeoneering scroll for the scroll of efficiency.
  • Botanist's Mask: This mask will help you create more potions efficiently.
  • God's Book Pages: Using these can trigger your portable well more often.


The Farming Angle

If you're into farming, you can further boost your profits. By growing herbs, super growth potions, and utilizing items like the Dwarven tools, you can enhance your herb collection. Especially with the expected bonus XP weekend, herbs like ranarr and lantadyme may see increased demand, allowing you to profit even more.


Your Profit Per Potion

By following these strategies, you can make a profit of 7k coins per antifire potion. With the potential to create around 2k potions per hour, you can amass a substantial 14 million coins in profit, and that's without considering the additional boosts from portable wells, botanist's masks, or God's book pages.


Going the Extra Mile

To maximize your profits, you can also gather Phoenix feathers in the desert, which can add 9k in value to your antifire potion, bringing your total profit per dose to around 8k coins. Moreover, if you turn regular antifire potions into super antifire bracket 3 potions, you can add another 7k to your profit.



In summary, this method provides an excellent way to train Herblore and make significant profits, especially if you've stocked up on Phoenix feathers. You can create up to 2k antifire potions per hour and potentially make 23k profit per potion. This strategy is an ideal way to prepare for the upcoming boss release, ensuring you have the resources and funds needed for your adventure.

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