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Diablo 4 Season 2 Class Leveling and EndGame Tier List Rankings

With the launch of Diablo 4 Season 2 just hours away, we're here to discuss the classes that are expected to shine in this season. After the somewhat rocky launch of Diablo 4, Season 2 promises to address various issues and inject new life into the game with fresh content and rebalancing. In this guide, we'll help you determine which class might be the best fit for your Diablo 4 journey in Season 2.


Diablo 4 Season 2 Class Leveling and EndGame Tier List Rankings


Class Evaluation Criteria

To determine the best class for Season 2, we'll assess them across three key categories:

  • Leveling Experience (Level 1-60): How well does the class perform during the initial stages of the game, from character creation to level 60?
  • Mid-Game Content (Early Nightmare Dungeons and Open World): How efficiently can the class clear content in the mid-game, including early nightmare dungeons and open-world challenges?
  • True End Game (Higher Tier Nightmare Dungeon Pushing and Season 2 Bosses): How does the class fare in the most challenging content of Season 2, including higher-tier nightmare dungeon runs and potential Season 2 boss fights?

Keep in mind that this assessment is based on class performance in Season 1 and the available patch notes for Season 2. Results may vary, and it's essential to choose a class that aligns with your playstyle and preferences.


Tier D: Barbarian - A Limited Choice

The Barbarian takes the fifth spot in our ranking due to its limited options for content. While the classic Whirlwind build remains a top-tier choice, the Barbarian relies heavily on shouts, which dominate the skill bar. This limits the diversity of gameplay and leaves little room for experimentation.

Leveling as a Barbarian can be challenging, as the class heavily depends on gear, making it a chore to equip compared to other classes. This can be frustrating during the early stages of the game.

In terms of pace, Whirlwind Barbarians excel at mob clearing but suffer in single-target situations. The class lacks versatility, forcing players to choose between mob clearing and boss killing. Improved respecing or a loadout system could alleviate this issue.

However, once geared and specialized for specific content, Barbarians shine, making them a potent choice.


Tier C: Sorcerer - Uncertain Potential

Sorcerers occupy the fourth spot in our ranking, primarily due to uncertainty in their endgame performance. Season 1 saw numerous improvements and changes to Sorcerer abilities, and Season 2 introduces a new resistance system that may benefit them. The introduction of vampire powers adds further intrigue to their potential.

Sorcerers excel in leveling and mid-game content, offering excellent mobility and clearing capabilities. The chain lightning build remains a solid choice for leveling.

The real question lies in Sorcerer's endgame potential. Blizzard, Fire Wall, and Ice Shards are promising, but whether they can compete with other endgame builds remains uncertain. Season 2 might bring more variety and options to Sorcerer endgame builds.


Tier B: Druid - Early Struggles, Late Dominance

Druids secure the third position in our ranking, excelling in mid and late-game content while facing challenges during early leveling. Early on, Druids struggle to find effective leveling builds, requiring specific aspects and uniques to make the class viable.

However, once past the initial hurdles, Druids become powerhouses. They offer fast, consistent mob clearing and are well-suited for early nightmare dungeons. In Season 2, the introduction of target farming may alleviate some of the issues Druids face during early leveling.

In the late game, Druids shine with options like Pulverize, Stormclaw, and other unique-dependent builds, making them formidable contenders for pushing higher-tier nightmare dungeons.


Tier A: Necromancer - A Versatile Choice

Necromancers claim the second spot in our ranking, offering a versatile and powerful gameplay experience. Despite the nerf to the bone spear build, Necromancers remain a top contender for Season 2.

For leveling, Necromancers have solid options like the blood surge build, requiring minimal gear to perform exceptionally well. Their pace is excellent, with the potential for multiple builds to excel in open-world content and early nightmare dungeons.

In the endgame, Necromancers present a range of viable options, including blood builds, minion builds, and shadow builds. While their mobility might be lacking, their damage output and survivability make them formidable contenders in Season 2.


Tier S: Rogue - The Ultimate Choice

Rogues claim the top spot in our ranking for Diablo 4 Season 2. Their well-balanced performance across all categories, excellent mobility, and variety of top-tier builds make them the ultimate choice for many players.

During leveling, Rogues stand out with their early access to combo points, agility, and mobility skills like Shadow Step and Dash. They offer competitive pacing, making the journey from level 1 to 60 a breeze.

In the mid-game, Rogues maintain their momentum with efficient mob clearing and single-target capabilities. Their damage avoidance mechanisms, although requiring higher skill levels, compensate for their lack of raw tankiness.

Rogues dominate the endgame with options like twisting blades, penetrating shots, barrage, and more. Their balance and versatility across various builds make them a consistent choice for higher-tier nightmare dungeons and Season 2 boss fights.


In conclusion, while all classes have their strengths and weaknesses, Rogue stands out as the most well-rounded choice for Diablo 4 Season 2. However, remember that enjoyment and playstyle should be your ultimate guide when selecting a class. Season 2 brings exciting changes, and we look forward to seeing how each class performs in the game's evolving landscape. Enjoy your Season 2 adventure in Diablo 4!

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