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Diablo 4 Season 2 The DeathSpeaker's Pendant Necromancer Build

Are you ready to harness the full potential of the DeathSpeaker's Pendant in Diablo 4's Season 2? This build has been a work in progress, and now, it's time to unleash its true potential. In this guide, we will dive into the details of what makes this build shine, offering you a unique playstyle and tremendous power.


Build Planner:


Diablo 4 Season 2 The DeathSpeaker


The Overpowering Changes

Let's begin with a fundamental change in how Overpower works. In the past, it had many hidden mechanics that made it hard to predict its damage output. However, Blizzard has made significant changes. Overpower now works off the base damage rather than some obscure calculation, which makes it easier to understand and utilize.


The crucial twist here is how the DeathSpeaker's Pendant interacts with Overpower. This pendant introduces a damage value of its own, separate from your weapon's base damage. This means that Overpower's damage, as well as the Blood Nova from your minions, still relies on some of the old mechanics, even if you use a one-handed weapon. The best part? The damage penalty associated with a one-handed weapon does not affect the Blood Novas copied from your minions.


The Amulet's Impact

Season 2 has made the DeathSpeaker's Pendant one of the most common unique items for Necromancers. This amulet's arrival has breathed new life into the Blood Surge and Blood Nova skills, which were already considered exceptional leveling tools up to level 50 or 60. This build thrives on this synergy and goes even further.


The Minion Revolution

Minions in Diablo 4 have seen significant changes in Season 2. Previously, they struggled to survive without significant investment in their survivability stats. However, now, they are built to withstand hits up to 30% of their life, which greatly improves their longevity.


Moreover, if you collect Blood Orbs, your minions will heal for a portion of your maximum life. Given that minions typically have relatively low life pools, stacking life on your character becomes crucial. This allows your minions to heal almost their entire life pool from these orbs. As a result, your minions should thrive, letting you focus on spamming Blood Surge.


Why It Works

This build may seem complex, but the synergy of all these changes and mechanics ensures its effectiveness. Blizzard has reduced the power of various aspects of the game, including monster health. However, the damage of the DeathSpeaker's Pendant's Blood Surge has been increased by a remarkable 33%.

With this build, you'll be creating a unique Necromancer character that excels at Blood Surge and Blood Nova while simultaneously utilizing the newfound strengths of your minions for added utility and survivability.


How It Works

In practice, this build relies on several key components

  • Hemorrhage as a Basic Skill: Hemorrhage becomes your base skill for generating Blood Orbs and Essence, a critical resource for the build.
  • Overpower and Overwhelming Blood: Overpower forms the backbone of this build. Dealing damage with Blood Surge Nova while above 80% life stacks Overwhelming Blood. When you have five stacks, your next Blood Surge Overpower becomes a massive source of damage, positioning itself where your minions are.
  • Minion Focus: While minions play a role in this build, the focus is on their utility and survivability rather than scaling their damage.
  • Thorns for Added Damage: With high healing and life, Thorns damage provides an extra damage source, especially valuable in fights.
  • Curses and Other Support Skills: Skills like Decrepify, Corpse Tendrils, and Corpse Lances provide support and utility, further enhancing your character's capabilities.
  • Unique Blood Orb Mechanism: Coral's 35% chance to drop a blood orb on damaging enemies enhances your resource management, and the other passive skills amplify your Blood Surge damage.
  • Bone Storm and Barrier: Bone Storm provides DR and a barrier that preserves your life, further bolstering your survivability.
  • Movement Speed and Attack Speed: Several skills and glyphs maximize movement speed, which converts into valuable attack speed, turning your character into an unstoppable force.


Paragon Points

The Paragon point allocation is essential for optimizing your character's power. You can use the Paragon points to enhance your character's key stats, fortify, and more, making your character even more formidable.



This DeathSpeaker's Pendant build is the result of extensive experimentation and theorycrafting. With Season 2 changes and a deep understanding of how the DeathSpeaker's Pendant interacts with Overpower, this build has the potential to be a game-changer. We hope this guide serves you well in your Diablo 4 journey. 

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