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RuneScape 3 Gold-Making Methods in God Wars Dungeon

Imagine encountering a fellow RuneScape player decked out in impressive gear and raking in millions of Runescape GP through unusual Gold-making methods. Well, you can too! In this guide, I'll share some remarkable RuneScape Gold-making techniques that most players overlook. My RuneScape bank was in dire straits after contributing to the Gielinor Games prize pool, but I've tested over 100 unusual Gold-making methods to rebuild it. Today, we're going to kick things off by teleporting to the God Wars Dungeon using the Gol Hilt teleport. This enables us to skip the tiresome run from Trollheim's summit. Furthermore, we have an Eternal fire lit here to prevent any damage or cold drain.


RuneScape 3 Gold-Making Methods in God Wars Dungeon


Mythril Grapple Collection

Once we're inside the God Wars Dungeon, we head south to the Armadyl section. The gear I'm wearing relates to a god, so I won't be attacked. We use our Rune crossbow and Mythril grapple to swing over and reach a crate. Did you know that this crate always contains a Mythril grapple, provided you don't already have one? All you need to do is drop the grapple you find, grab another, drop it, and repeat until 29 grapples lie on the floor. Equip one of them, then pick up the other 28. I use a crafting cape for quick access to a bank where I can deposit them. Then, I teleport back to Godor with the Gol's Hilt and repeat the process.


Profit from Mythril Grapples

Why am I collecting these grapples, you ask? The price says it all - 1.6k GP per grapple, and we're collecting them at lightning speed. In just one hour, you can make substantial Gold. I've also found an efficient way to search and drop the grapples rapidly by angling my camera so the crate is next to my inventory, then holding Shift to grab and drop the grapples at incredible speed. It takes just 16 seconds to collect 29 grapples and another 16 seconds to pick them all up. Teleporting to a bank, depositing everything, and running back to the crate takes less than a minute. I managed to gather 979 grapples in an hour, nearly 1,000! These grapples may not sell instantly, but over time, they can fetch you significant profits.


Red Barrels in the Legends' Quest Cave

Have you ever seen this room before? You enter it during the Legends' Quest, but there's something unique here - red barrels. Clicking on a barrel smashes it open, revealing random loot. Moreover, there's a chance that one of 16 monsters will appear and attack you. These creatures drop various items, including weaponry, runes, herbs, potions, food, materials, and more. The barrels have no limit; you can open as many as you like. However, there's a chance of taking damage or temporarily losing attack levels when smashing barrels. These barrels remain a mystery, but they could have been a lifeline for adventurers during the quest.


Profit from Red Barrels

To test this unusual Gold-making method, I donned overpowered gear and went through various obstacles in the cave, ultimately reaching the red barrels. After one hour, I had collected a fascinating assortment of loot, including runes, food, herbs, potions, weapons, and more. The loot was worth 57,988 GP in total. Although not the most efficient method, it's certainly unusual and profitable.


Uba's Javelin Store

In Ape Atoll, there's a store called Uba Po's Javelin Store, where Uba sells javelins. We'll focus on three types: Mithril, Adamant, and Rune. The twist here is that we sell javelins to the store instead of buying from it. By buying these javelins from the Grand Exchange and selling them to Uba's shop, you can make a significant profit. After an hour of trading, I earned 2,620,000 GP. Keep in mind that you'll need to wait for the javelins to buy and for the shop to restock, but it's a highly profitable method.


Toad Crunchies Crafting

Toad Crunchies are an intriguing Gold-making opportunity. They require Eel leaves, Gnome spice, Toad's legs, and a Crunchy tray to craft. You can either buy these ingredients from Hudo's shop or collect Toad's legs from the swamp outside the Grand Tree. Crafting Toad Crunchies can earn you a substantial profit. I tested two methods: making Toad Crunchies from scratch and buying ingredients from the Grand Exchange. The latter is more efficient and can yield around 1.16 million GP per hour.


Bolts of Cloth Collection

In the Woodcutting Guild's Sawmill, you can buy bolts of cloth from the shop. These bolts consistently sell for a good price on the Grand Exchange. What's more, they have a fixed buying price at the shop, which means you can purchase them without a price increase. By collecting these bolts and selling them on the Grand Exchange, you can earn a substantial profit. With the new discovery of a deposit box nearby, the collection process has become even faster. However, be mindful of market fluctuations, as prices may vary.



These unusual Gold-making methods in RuneScape offer unique ways to fill your coffers. From collecting Mythril grapples to crafting Toad Crunchies, there are plenty of opportunities to make millions of GP. Keep an eye on the market, and you'll find that these methods can be both profitable and enjoyable. Happy Gold-making in RuneScape!

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